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Vacation Promotions / ABSOLUTE FRAUD

1 San Ramon, CA, United States

I did not realize initially what I was getting into.
We underwent almost all of the things mentioned by many of the complainants have reported.
They initially approached as being the 'RCI'. Being a member of RCI, I immediately said 'YES' to the offer as it was a great one and approved the payment.

Once I received the package, I saw that there was no reference of RCI. I immediately called RCI to verify and got the reply that they never had such a package. It was already quite late by then as my 30 days were over. I started to have the feeling that maybe I had heard it all wrong.
Therefore, we decided to take the vacation. The famous lady named THERESA was the point of contact and appeared to be so sweet and totally unaware of any wrong doings. She assured me of so many more discounts once I was in Florida. Luckily, I did not fall for them as there was none. She even offered me to get the cheapest airfare, best rates for shows and what not, however, when it came to arranging for them no information came through.

Then started the process of reservations - all dates provided by her were wrong and crappy. After repeated reminders and innumerable phone calls got to get a few of them in order. Everytime, I had to keep calling till the last moment to get the bookings confirmed. Either the dates provided were wrong or the names appeared misspelt and what not. Finally I also had to pay for a couple of nights out of my pocket. Till the last moment, Ms. Theresa kept mentioning that it was not a problem and she will arrange for extension and finally she did not even come on the phone. She made someone else say that sorry those extra days cannot be arranged for and I will have to pay for it from my own pocket. I was fuming but at the same time had no other option.

I have read most of the fraud reports and learnt the lesson that before saying 'YES' to anything I should always go online and check for such frauds/scams.

Also, as per the initial documents recieved, there was a mention of attending a single presentation for the whole stay, but when I received the papers, there was a requirement of attending a presentation at every location that we were scheduled for. We went to five locations in 17 days and had to attend 5 presentations (the most gruelling experience) ever. When I mentioned about this before getting my air tickets booked, I was told (again my the hoarse voice of Ms. Theresa) that - Oh!!! there must have been some mistake, we will rectify it once you are here - nothing to worry. However, when we checked in at every location we were specifically reminded about attending these gruelling presentations - without which we would not be allowed for the free stay there and would have to pay on our own - so the modus operandi of these fraudsters was very clear i.e. trap them and put them in a situation from where there is no return.

If you do get trapped in any of these presentations - don't ever say 'YES' to any of them as what they are selling there is available at 1/20th of the price that they are offering there - DO NOT BE DUPED.

Further, all the places where they made us stay, the living conditions are not at all up to the standard, leave aside vacation resorts. They promise you a stay in nice places in all the locations but the conditions are far from satisfactory.
I am putting up my experience so that others can learn from this and stay away from the 'TRAP'.
Will definitely write about these fraudsters to all other places and complaint boards.
Hope this will be helpful for many of you.


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