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UGggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh... I #IN hate USPS, they are the biggest [censored]s to mankind... Guess what, I sold someone a textbook on ebay and get this, I mailed the goddamn thing on august 26th, and the book is still not there... For # sake... how hard is it to send someone a book in a timely manner... Cripes... this is crap... I will NEVER utilize their godawful services again. Stupid # government employees. They need to hire people with cognitive delay like downs or autism, seriously those people would do a better job than those average #tard postal workers... So now I can't make a good transaction on ebay, and I lost a customer because of the laziness and terrible work ethic among those [censored] usps employees. OMG, just the thought of sending a package in a timely manner is just toooo hard. IDIOTS!!!

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      Feb 28, 2010

    you are totally right. I live near chicago, il and a friend from pheonix, arizona sent me a package priority mail on a monday morning promising 3-5 days. It has been 7 days. tomorrow is Monday.There is obviously important things in there for it to be sent priority mail. If it is not here by then, I am going down there and raising all hell. It is unreal. Its funny they promise it by a certain time but don't guarantee it. United States Postal Service is UNBELIEVABLE!!!

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