USPSentire post office

In regards to the comments about the Charles Hayes Post Office I am in full agreement about the unprofessional at this post office. Whenever, at any time you go to this post office; one window is open and there is a line out the door. The package receive window never has anyone to assist you and you have to wait in the service line at the service just to get your package. The ladies at the window are slow as hell and have to nerve to have a conversation with each other while waiting on you; which distract their service conduct. Yes they have very nasty attitudes as if they don't want to be there and if they don't; give the job to some one who is proud and glad to have a job. These employees have gotten too relax in their atmosphere and professionalism is totally out of their demeanor. I have had to write numerous of letter to the Washington, DC to the head postmaster about this location and I have had to call downtown to the main post office to file a complaint on these employees. There a peddler always in front of the door when you are trying to go into the post office. It is just ridiculous and deplorable to even be considered a post office.

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