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We are writing about the scams on "", uship is scamming investors with fake financial records and claims of false number in there truck company directory, they state there is 215.881 thousand company on there and just in there auto transport directory they cliam 32175 active company's witch there is only 525 active company's with feedback from consumer's. Uship has started a new program called "safepay", this program allows the customer to pay the hole amount of there bid in full to uship witch now the company they accepted does not accept these booking's because most auto transport company's transport these vehicle's by a c. O. D. And this is the best way for the transport company's and the consumer's, this is the way it has been for years, the customer doe's not have to pay in full for there vehicle until it's delivered. This is in are term&condition on uship and they are voilating this, if we do not accepted these loads uship suspend's are bidding right and suspend's from there website but they don't take down are profile they leave it up for all consumer's to see that we have been suspend. Uship new "safepay' program is something they are doing to show higher revenue on there financial statement's, they show there revenue as the hole amount of the transport bid not just uship booking fee" this is falsifing financial records to he's investory's" he has been appling with new investor's with these fake number's. Uship claims to be neutral on there website and not a broker, well with safepay program they are just that broker's, the transport company can not get there money for this transport until the vehicle is delivered and the transport company's are not being asked to fill out a w-9 irs form so uship can 1099 us at the end of the year. All consumers stay clear of

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      Aug 06, 2013

    Please review and Sign My petition. It is time the DOT stepped in and got involved with Uship

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