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Philadelphia, United States

Thank you all for blowing the whistle on these LOW LIVES. Thank you for caring about your fellow man enough to warn us about this company. They are calling them selves US Financial Services now. I spoke with a Edwim who told me my grant was was taken in concentration and I did not gave to pay the money back no taxes or any thing he ask me what am I going to use the money for I said debt consolidation. He said all I have to do is make a one time payment of 3.98 for allowing the grant to come in my name. Who else name would it come in? I would of done it to but thank GOD my card was cancelled about a week ago and I did not have one. He ask me if I could use a family members card or a friend's card. I said no I couldn't. He said these opportunities don't come all of the time. It's a US grant its from the government. I said I don't know what to do. I said maybe my card will show up by Friday. He said if you don't have the card by Friday I am going to have to cancel your application. Soooo he is suppose to call back on Friday. Again thank you.Please Do not give people your Account info I would have had I had my card. Thank God I found this site pay attention ⚠ to the feelings that you get I am just starting to learn this. The feelings could save your life and you wallet.

May 14, 2015

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