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I use this bank all the time to withdraw money for my employees. I was having issues with the atm so the clerk said try using our cash advance system. I gave them my I.D and bank card. The lady said she ran my card and it declined. She didn't even ask me for my pin. A man and a woman was talking and I could hear him say did you ask for the pin. The only thing they did to help was walk over and say it was declined again. you could clear as day tell they felt I was trying to scam them. I even gave my I.D and my name was on the bank card. I feel so disrespected especially because I always use this bank to withdraw money because us bank does not charge me. As they handed me my card back I went back to the atm and tried again and I was able to withdraw money with no issue the second time. I went back to the desk and asked them for the slip that said the card was declined and you could see the guilt look all over there face from them thinking I was lying. I am a general manager and to be treated that way is humiliating. Especially when they had smirks on their faces. no one offered an apology or anything.

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      Mar 15, 2019

    When a card is run for a cash advance, there is no PIN required. A teller, or for that matter a store clerk or a waiter at a restaurant, should never, ever ask you for your PIN. There was no reason for the teller to ask you for a PIN. Just because others in line made a comment about asking for a PIN does not make it factually correct. Did you request the same dollar amount from the teller that you ended up getting from the ATM? This seems like an issue that you should ask your bank (the card issuer) about. Were you polite and calm when speaking with the tellers?

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