University of South Africa [UNISA]closing time

We were driving from Oudtshoorn to George on the 13 January 2017 to register to study at Unisa. I phoned a Unisa consultant at 14:35 on this day. He told me that Unisa will be closing at 15:30 on this day. He told me that I must be there at 15:30. We arrived at Unisa at 15:30 finding that the doors were closed and the security told me that he can't let me in.
I asked him to call the supervisor of Unisa. The supervisor sent a message that she can't come. She has too much work to listen to me.
Now, we had to turn around. The trip cost me R250 and still I couldn't be help.
What happened to Batho pele principles?
My argument is that I was 15:30 there and they did let me in. The security closed the door earlier.
Why do you have people working with the community that does not know the Batho Pele principles?

I feel they could've let me in.

Jan 13, 2017

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