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I enrolled with this "NASA affiliated" Florida Institute of Technology for a Master Degree, it turned out to be the best regret in my life.
I can write down a long list of my complaints. But basically what you get from online study is buy the text book (It's a common text book you can buy at Amazon. Not made by them), read the book yourself. Do exercise from the book. Read a magazine, post a comment in the messageboard. Anyone can make a school this way.

No communication. No involvement of the instructors in the discussion board. Nobody cares. The instructors mostly are not the one on the lecture videos. We don't know who they are. We don't know who the students are. Completely anonymous.

Florida Institute of Technology maybe don't want to pay the "original instructors" anymore, because they are more expensive to pay. After you had "horrors" from one instructors to another. University Alliance or FIT online (I don't know who to blame, actually?) won't allow you to choose instructors to avoid. They are sneaky and secretive about it.

These "not original instructors" are clueless of what they're doing. When there are errors on the online exam. one instructor won't even bother to contact the original professor to fix it. He was so rude. Because he knows he can.

Other professor never answer e-mail in 2 weeks. Took several complaints to get his response.
One professor omit online chatting.

There's no one to hear your complaint. No one is responsible. No one cares. not in University Alliance nor Florida Institute of Technology. All people work in University Alliance are so stuck up. Instead of improving their system, they told you to quit the school if you don't like it. Of course, after you spent several semesters and thousand of dollars, the investment you spent for Florida Tech University will be completely useless. Student who quit have everything to lose. They don't care a bit, because more students who want to "easy degrees" are enrolling.

Purely waste of money.
I don't know if Florida Institute of Technology ever existed. I only know them from the advertisement of online studies.

Can anyone ask work in NASA confirm if they're affiliated with Florida Institute of Tehcnology?
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N  5th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
Yes, FIT has a very close working relationship with NASA and the Air Force. They are a very much ligitimate univeristy in Florida and are well respected in the space community.

What it sounds like are the normal goings of getting an MBA online. This may be the "online" version of complaints when getting an MBA in-reseidence; examples are professor who dont care and teachings that are vauge.
D  19th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I'm currently enrolled in the MBA online program offered by UA @ FIT. The first 2 classes were books made by the school because it's a collection of a few chapters from a few books. I'm sure you could buy each book individually, but that would be more expensive. In later classes, you can buy individual books that are not offered exclusively through the school. Online learning isn't for everyone. Yes, sometimes it feels like I am just studying on my own, but the teachers have been more than helpful when I ask a question. I'm sorry to hear it didn't work out for you. Best of luck to you in your future studies.
A  4th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
This online program they offer is a hoax. I learned nothing and the instructors would not answer my questions, I would turn papers in and purposely make mistakes along with writing off the wall comments, to see if anyone was reading my work and I would get 100's. This is by far the worst education I have ever received. Then once I was done with 2 semsters they tell me my financial aid had been denied because they didn't get the paperwork they needed. I would then have to make payment arrangements to continue my education. How on earth can I register for class and take classes without them have my transcripts. Does anyone know what I can do? I can't afford this the only reason I took this was because I was told by them I was approved for financial aid... PLEASE BE CAREFUL...The adminstration department is the most unhelpful stupid people I have ever had the pleasure to deal with.
N  26th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have completed my first class at FIT online in the Masters of Science in Information Technology program. I have a Bachelors of Science in IT, have attended numerous ground and online courses, and have had a long career in IT. In my opinion, the FIT program through University Alliance is legit and respectable, but I can see where some students may not agree. UA is the front-end for FIT in this program, and you get the feeling that UA is supposed to completely insulate FIT from direct student contact. This I suspect only applies to the UA programs, there appears to be other online programs FIT offers that are not handled by UA, but rather directly by FIT. In the UA program I am in, hand holding is not going to happen. My instructor does hold a PhDd in the field, was the instructor on the videos, did interact with class weekly, communicated promptly, provided prompt grading, and was respectful and available. Thus far I have no complaints about the program. I think a self-disciplined person comfortable with online class interaction, and doing lots of reading, reflective thinking and writing would fare just fine. A person that prefers to learn by lecture and direct interaction with the instructor may not be so pleased. I researched several universities before deciding on FIT. I applied to FIT, Drexel University, Boston University, and Capella University, and was accepted by all, but found by comparison that FIT was the best fit for me, and so far I am pleased. With FIT, some initiative by the student is definitely necessary to head-off problems and make it a great experience, but no more so than at any of the other college experiences I have had. That's just the reality of the situation.

If my satisfaction changes in the future I will update this post accordingly. Good Luck with your college endeavor, and do give FIT a fair consideration.
N  9th of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
I am actually enrolled in the FIT or University alliance online program, and in some way, I may understand your concern. Nevertheless, all online programs are the same. FIT has been an excellent experience for me. I have met people from different part of the country, and I think the way to do friends or work with classmates depend on each person interaction. Besides it is an online experience, I manage to make real friends, who I have met. Even more, one of them helps me out to get a job in his company where he is an IT Director.
Discipline is highly demanded once you decide to study in an online environment. All the learning experiences I put into the students. By saying that I mean, you are your own professor. Teachers will lead you way to what to study or how things are done but you are the one to learn alone.
Don’t be wrong, with the statement “just read and magazine and do a posting”. Teachers demand 3 or more academic sources for your postings, and it has to be justifying with an APA citation. They take point out of your grades with you make it wrong. Although the exams are multi-choice, they are not that easy.
Yes, some professors take a little more time to answer a question, but others are really fast answering it. That really depends on how busy they might be.
University alliances personal, in the beginning of the registration I have some inconveniences, but they were really trying to help me. I won’t deny, there was a point where I was feeling frustrated with one of the personal, but I cannot judge all of them just for one person. It is the same when we go to any kind of business.
My three advisors have been more than excellent; they keep all the time in contact with me, with such a nicest and helpful attitude. (Ansley, Meshell, and Alexis Thanks a lot….).
At the time of enroll for my MBA, I was looking for information on the internet, and found this bad comment from FIT. It makes me hesitate to register with them, but I took the risk and I am glad I did not pay attention to that. The positive reputation of FIT and University alliance is well deserved, and it is a great university with a lot of prestige. It is well recognized by the NASA, and other businesses in the States.
I am in my last class to finish my Information System Management MBA, and I decided to come back here to correct that negative statement.

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