Universal Vacation Club / Rip off

6850 Bermuda Road, Las Vegas, NV, United States
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I purchased a biennial timeshare from Villa Group (Villa del Arco) with a lot of promises. Bottom line: its a complete ripoff. We are unable to use the timeshare, unable to exchange, unable to do anything. Two years now and we are not able to use it -- either units aren't available, points can be used a certain way.. Bottom line: we are ripped off for $10, 000 and staff is totally unhelpful. They tell us that "in the contract is says you can't do this, do that, etc, etc".. Owning at Villa Group is everything you do not want a time share to be: inflexible, expensive, poor customer service, etc.. I am writing this with the hope that someone with some decision-making authority can assist, because this is the worst vacation timeshare company ever.

Jan 4, 2016

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