Universal Marketing Group / Employee Beware!

1 Toledo, OH, United States

I worked at UMG for several months and I would not wish the stress of it on my worst enemy. You are constantly being put down by management, if you try to explain yourself, you are sent home or fired. The atmosphere is horrible, you are hard pressed to make commission if you are not one of their favorites, because you will not get priority unless you are a young pretty girl. They do not pay you when you are in the bathroom, getting a drink, or asking them a question. They give you 15 minutes paid for every 4 hours of work break time (which means you actually have to be there for 8.25 hours in order to get your 2nd 15 minutes).
You work 11-12 hour days on the weekend and your requests off for the weekend will be denied, no matter how far in advance you request it. If you want to work there, be ready to be treated with no respect.

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