Universal Debt Management Pte LtdFRAUD & LIES

john nalpon, director of Universal Debt Management Pte Ltd guaranteed to collect the bad debts for my company within 2 weeks for 1 case, and 2 months for
the other case. We gave him his service fee to do the case.
He told us ### stories of how he and his guys are going to collect and will get the money. He even boasted the many big companies/ clients that he has helped in Singapore and overseas.
But, it turns out that he never do the job & requested for more money for writ of summon fees etc, and said will return the money in 1 month if no success.
However, he never did the writ of summon and do not want to return us the money.
He told us that GAVAN is his trusted lawyer, and he had done many many businesses for his other clients with GAVAN. And, so we should deal the fees of GAVAN through him and so we did. But, it Turned out that it is a
FRAUD. GAVAN said they never did any business with john before. And when GAVAN ask for payment to progress the legal case, john is unwilling to pay.
And john have not yet return us the legal fee money we paid him.
He and his friends tell fake stories on how they have been trying to
recover the money.
But actually they did NOTHING.
He is always giving reasons that he is in overseas to collect other bad debts etc.
Beware, DO NOT HAVE ANY DEALINGS with hypocrite, swindler & lying john.

Dec 26, 2014

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