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I had been late og a dell finicial bill but the debit has been satisfied . Ms Johnson from United Recovery Services has called my neighbors, my employment and as harassed me beyond the point of reasonable. Every supervisor has refused to deal with this situation. They have no right to call my neighbors .

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  • Ae
      Apr 21, 2009

    It is legal in all states except for MA to skip trace and call family members and neighbors to obtain a phone number or leave a message with them to get you to call them. I suggest you pay what you owe and all your worries will be over.

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  • Cj
      Jul 23, 2009

    If your from texas contact the state attorney generals office for help. Your state has a lot of protection for consumers on the books. If they call your work state that it is a business number and personal calls are not allowed they will no longer be allowed to call that number. Also it is legal to contact other people to do what is called skip tracing. But they can only call neighbors, etc once and cannot call them again. keep a log of the number of times called a day and when. record what was said by writing it down as in most cases you cannot legally record them. the look up the fdcpa and your state laws for specific infractions that they are comm.iting and then report them

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  • Co
      Dec 09, 2009

    URS doesnt break THE LAW . . . you dont even have to pay the entire ballance . . . min monthly pymnts are accepted. Quit being upset and address the issue . . . as SOON as you take the time to set up a pymnt plan
    - T H E C A L L S W I L L S T O P - !!!

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  • Cg
      Dec 19, 2009

    My husband has been layed off from his job and my hours have been cut back tremendously, URS has called my parents, my job, and calls about 5 times daily, I have explained my situation several times and even contacted Dell finacial even before I stopped making payments to see what could be done and they said nothing, they want me to come up with money that we don't have and are extremely rude, we are trying to keep our house and pay our mortgage and all they care about is a 50.00 payment, if I had it I would pay it. We did not ask for this to happen to us, and we were not expecting it, I just think people should think and take a look and understand what if they were in the same siutation. Being extremely rude and harrassing people is not going to help my problem, we already know our problems we don't need to be harrassed about every day 5 times a day and why are they calling my parents and my job, putting them in our buisness, I think that is an invasion of privacy!!! They are a bunch of idiots!!!

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