United Recovery Systems / Double Dipping

1 TX, United States

The rep charged my bank account for a final pymt on a credit card after I distinctly said that the funds would not be available until the last working day of the month. When he called to tell me that the payment didn't go through it was already after the time that I gave him so I told him to go ahead and run my account again. He swore to me that due to company policy and procedures that he could only run the account once. We argued for over 20 minutes as to why I felt like he should run it again. I finally gave up and he told me the best way to handle the situation was to do a western union quick collect. I complained stating that I shouldn't have to inconvenience myself due to him not willing to give. The next day I went to my bank, withdrew the money and paid 7.00 to do the quick collect. Once I did that I tried calling the my rep back to give him the confirmation number, while I was on hold I looked at my bank account to see that they did indeed run my bank account after he was so sure that they couldn't! Now I've double paid on what was suppose to be my final payment. After being hung up on 3 times, being put on hold for 20 to 30 minutes at a time, my rep's manager gets on the phone and tells me that she can only wire me the money back to my checking account. I'm not rich thus the reason I was turned over to the agency. I needed that money put back in ASAP like the same day to avoid being charged NSF charges from my bank as I had other payments coming out the day she said that she'd have the money back in there. About an hour after speaking with her the rep calls me back and tells me that the wire has been done and that I wouldn't be charged the transfer fee. Well...I certainly hope not. I explained to him that none of this wouldn't happened had he not scewed up, he has the nerve to act confused and think he did nothing wrong. Plus the money was not in my account the next door, nor was it in my pending actions to show up the day after that. I honestly feel like a company like this harrasses a person until they get what they want and then could care less after the fact. I was harrassed on a daily basis until I was able to solidify an arrangement. Now I'm getting the run around over money that they know does not belong to them. I feel like I should be compensated for the hour missed of work from where they needed a copy of the cleared check from my bank, the 45 cell phone minutes they made me waste by putting me on hold, the $4 a gallon gas they made waste, and the fact that I had to hear "Queen of Hearts" and "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" for what seemed like 100 times! I've filed a complaint with the BBB in hopes of getting some heat put on them and the way that they practice business. I worked at a bank for almost 6 years and I know that policies and procedures can be bent.


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