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Rc Dec 02, 2018 Oakland, CA

I applied for this position on 11/10/2018 and was hired, told to expect a phone call any time the following week. Meantime I watched as a lot of jobs pass by me. I waited from 11/12 -11/16, no call. I could not get through to talk to anyone in person. So I went to their job site and at bottom of the page, there is a "contact us" I clicked on that and was able to write an inquiry. A day later I noticed I got an automatic reply telling me someone would contact me in 3 to 5 business days. The point of seasonal is to make money for the season. One of the job offers was from UPS in Hayward that I happened to notice came from a live person that I could reply to my e-mail. I emailed this person telling them I was already hired on the 10th and explained I have not heard from them. This person replied she would let them know. This was on the 19th. I still did not hear from them, by now they should have had my e-mail address at least! They should have had all the ways there are to contact me I filled an application out and I was interviewed. Don't know why except they looked like they could use the help, so I finished the drivers help application out and had an interview the next day on the 21st. When I got there the guy doing the interviews was standing around waiting for everyone to arrive. I told him I was already hired for C.S. position. He said the position must have already been filled, instead of asking someone in HR dept. He stood there for 10-15 minutes then took us all back to sign us up for drivers helpers. A lady I found out later was from HR helping in getting us all entered the computer as employees. After I was done there and walking out, another employee from HR recognized me as their missing person. I was taken back to the office of the person who hired me and it was explained that they had to wait 3 days for the computer to clear me of the driver's helper position. It is now December 2, I've been asked to reapply for customer service position which is no longer even available, I had an application for the loader, unloader listed as a job I had applied for, I never even seen that option to be able to apply for it. I am now waiting for a second background check to be completed. I suspect when I walk in on Monday that I will be fired before I even start. The gal that has me waiting for the background check, and that I assume signed me up for loader/unloader position had mentioned several times talking to her on the phone 26th, 27th, 29, and the 30th that she was ready to move forward already she had been working on my file for a month now.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Oakland, CA That was enough said to make me cry none of this was my fault in the first place! Why didn't they have my contact information to call me that first week??? Why didn't that guy giving interviews for the driver's positions go and ask someone when I told him I had already been hired? He was an employee there! He should have known better and used to the kind of mistakes that could happen! He also knew the ladies that came to help him get us in the computer were from HR he could have mentioned it to them before I was ever entered into the computer! This facility lacks in teamwork, or just do not know what teamwork looks like. There was nothing that I could have done on my end to foul things up more or try to correct. When I tried calling her back the phone was busy or no one answered. The OPS she wanted me to click on wasn't even there! Come to find out when it finally appeared it was in the same place that the loader/unloader position was. I will be back to let you know how things go after I walk in tomorrow. So far everything I have read about this place has been the truth. I have but a lot of frustrated customers to look forward to. I will do my best to do what I am able to learn quickly on how to help. I have been frustrated also I should have already had a check-in time for my sons birthday which is today. I am only one person and see this company is in desperate need of help and proper training of its employee's. I got the big impression that these employees were thrown in their position and fear asking for help. Someone from higher up really needs to follow up on this! If you care about your company read it's reviewed and act on them, because this facility is hurting measurably. It shouldn't take a month to hire a seasonal employee no matter what mistakes were made in the beginning. UPS has delivered tears and not those of joy to my house and I didn't have a package needed to be delivered. It is too late for me to go with any of the jobs I watched pass by me, now I will be lucky to have 20 days before Xmas to make a dime. This should not ever happen to anyone trying to make money offering seasonal help to any company!!! This is a sad sad thing! I'll be back tomorrow to let you all know how this turns out. I can only hope for someone good to train me, so I can relieve the stress felt on its permanent employee's. Wish me luck. Something tells me I am really going to need it. I suspect I will be fired for writing that person again in Hayward asking who I should talk to regarding this situation. She said she would forward my message to the HR supervisor. Until tomorrow we will all find out. Only someone crazy would go there tomorrow, or someone really needing the Xmas money. Why no one from headquarters has been to this facility to help it out is beyond me? Maybe some day they will read the rankings and decide they need to do something.

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