Went to UDF June 20th at 9:30 pm with my family. (6yr old and 3yr old) I was 3rd in line and there were at least 10 or more people behind me. The store manager came to help and started taking all the people behind me instead of taking the next in line. At first, I was annoyed, didn't say anything. Then a lady pointed my family out to him telling him I was next and he brushed her off, and said no, you are. She came by me apologized and said she tried. I told the girl who waited on me that they really should take the next in line next time. She apologized for the wait kind of rudely and I left. I went from being third in line to the last.

What frustrates me is this SAME manager had a flat in the dead of freezing winter and he was stranded, my husband picked him up and drove him to work. I went back in just to make a simple suggestion that it really would be best to listen to a customer and take the next in line. All I got out was the word "Sir..." he freaked out yelling and screaming that he has been at work since 4:30 am and works 101 hours a week and he just wants to go home to his wife who is 30 minutes away. He said I was being ridiculous. He would not stop screaming.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Florence, KYI kept telling him to stop yelling and he wouldn't. Everyone was staring. I then reminded him that he needs to be kind to people and pointed out that it was my husband who drove him to work when he was stranded in the freezing. He rudely said, "don't you think I don't do that for people?" Nothing would calm him down. He then rudely said that since it was my husband, next time I guess you can just go to the front of the line. I told him I was not asking to go to the front of the line. I just thought they should go in order, ask who is next, or at least listen to a customer who told him I was next. He just kept yelling about being overworked and wanting his wife.
Our family spends an average of $500 a month at this UDF. Not anymore. We will NOT visit a UDF again because of this manager. He never even apologized, just kept screaming at the top of his lungs. I wrote corporate and am awaiting a response. I told them they need to review the store cameras because I am not exaggerating. Someone needs to put him in check. I realize everyone has bad days, but this was unprofessional, uncalled for and RUDE. He yelled like a maniac in front of all these families with children.

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