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Unified Tribe / Unified Tribe fakes their live shows. Not a real band!!!!

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Unified Tribe is not a real band!!!it is all fake<br />
<br />
Listen, this group is not really a band. They use the front of being a band but they are really a cult. I spent close to a decade in this supposed band and we all worked our ### off to be good enough for Magic and we were never really good enough for him . Whenever we played a show it would not be the live band that you would be hearing. We always had tracks playing louder than our mics and our instruments and some peoples mics were not even on. Ya, just like Milli Vanilli. No matter how hard we practiced there were still tracks playing our parts. We had this dangling carrot in front of us that if we kept practicing and busting our butts that eventually we would be allowed to play live. Not only did playing live never happen but the years and years of promising we would make it big never happened either. Now I realize that all of this was a part of his con on holding us down because there were some of us that were getting better than Magic at our musicianship and stage presence. After shows people would say, "Meriah, Starr, Harmony or Falcon should do more of their own songs." This would piss of Magic to no end and his reason was that he was the one doing all the work. B.S. That man sat on his ### every day creating drama and would take up to a year and half to put together 1 album. Most of the time his women were doing half of the work for him on top of working day jobs. Since he only wanted all eyes on him he very rarely allowed the true talented ones in the group take the spotlight. He frequently put us down in making us believe that the reason we were not a success was because we weren't working hard enough. <br />
<br />
OK, our daily schedule was work a 9-5 job usually over 40 hours a week to supply Magic and Starr with enough money and pay all of the bills. We all literally gave our paychecks to Starr or Harmony and they would put it to what they felt was fit. Most of the time it was for new instruments and clothes for Starr and New recording equipment for Magic. We would practically have to beg and give a months notice if we needed new clothes, shoes, eye care, dental care and health care. When we wern't working we were practicing and rehearsing or working on the business, we hardly ever had time to relax or reflect and would be made to feel lazy if we did try to relax. We were lucky if we got to bed before 1:00am and got up early in the morning to do it all over again while Starr and Magic did close to nothing every day. This was a true dictatorship and just like any dictatorship he ran it with fear having us chasing our tails and falsely getting us to believe that all of this hard work and militancy was for our own spiritual growth. We were really trained robot slaves. We couldn't even express our own thoughts or feelings without an hour long meeting breaking the individual down after questioning Magic's constant hippocracy. He would tell us all to do one thing and then he would do whatever he pleased. So with fear, guilt and brainwashing he took our paychecks, had sex with whatever women he wanted whether she was married or in a relationship or not. He used all of us to feed his sickness and I can't imagine that any of that has changed. He might just be changing up his con a bit to try to prove us all wrong but i know he is just a master illusion artist and intelligent con man and will do anything possible to keep his scam a float.<br />
<br />
Anyhow I really just want to correct these comments on them just being a band or commodity that is falling victim to a couple of xmembers and as they like to put groupies. Trust me these people do not have groupies and they are no were near victims of anything. They had this all coming, finally the truth is coming out about what the Unified Tribe is all about and they deserve to have to face the truth. This is a fake group, for instance I know Jessie can't play a lick of her saxaphone. Magic will put in sax tracks and she will pretend she is playing them. Magic was able to play his instruments and sing but because he was such a perfectionist he would put together all the tracks for the machines that would play for us during shows. All he cares about is image, he just wanted young and pretty faces up on stage pretending they could play to make him look good. Then he would spend a good portion of shows talking his spiritual and self help B.S. and I would hear so many comments that people hated that he would go off on his long lectures. People would say that was the one part of the show they hated. This shows what he really wants to do, he wants as many people as possible buying into him being some kind of great guru so he can have as much Sex, money and power as he can get.<br />
<br />
So before you say they are a commodity and great musicians, check yourself because they are not a real band at all. Just a group of people trying to help a this sick man realize his delusions of being a spiritual guru or master. People would always say 'Wow you guys sound just like your albums on stage.' Yes we did because the tracks were what you were hearing not us!!!<br /> Plus the music is just overproduced crap and sounds just like it did from the 80's. Even if this group does make it big that doesn't change the fact that they are a destructive cult. In fact I hope they do make it big because they will fall even harder when the truth gets out about them in the media!!! So bring it on Tribe, your names will be smeared in the mud just like you have done with all of us.
<br />pe
WAKE UP PEOPLE... Most everything about this group is an illusion.

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  • Tr
      29th of Apr, 2009
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    Wow..I suspected this as I knew them from the days of one from the tribe could ever date a person one on one without involving all 12 members...everyone was invited to the "house" to be with the "family" and if you didn't agree to hang with the'd never see the individual person much. I saw the members working a lot of low level jobs in food care industry--but didn't really see Magic or Starr working --and they were always rehearsing but had no gigs--in AUstin!! The capitol city for live music where anyone and his brother with a decent tune can get a regular gig. So what were they always rehearsing for--and since they rarely played live gigs...why were they rehearsing. A local muscian friend of mine said, "Well, if that have to practice that hard to be ready for one gig a year..that says a lot about who they are not as musicians."

    I"m sure there is a lot of bad blood between members who have left and those who remain...putting all that aside, it just doesn't make sense that within a short few years..almost 50% of the group's membership changed...and most of the young bloods left..that says a lot about leadership on any level no matter what was happening.

    Also karma...when they tried to play Urban Music Festival in Austin, it hailed and cancelled the April!!! Anyone knows it is never cold in April in Central even the universe shows up to say..something is not right with the tribe.

  • Co
      30th of Apr, 2009
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    Bravo my friend. It is really good to hear an outside opinion. Thank you for helping us on our campaign to stop the Tribe. I knew there was alot of speculation in Austin about the group, however it is nice to hear that people were seeing what was really happening. Magic lives in a fantasy world where everyone loves him and thinks everything he does is great. He pulled the whole us versus the word thing thing with people outside the group and talked horribly about people who were supposedly our friends but it was very clear he was just using everyone. He honestly thinks he is superior to people on the outside of the Tribe. He just thought everyone was too stupid to figure out the illusion.

    Yes we would truly practice for 8 months for one show, it was ridiculous. On top of that when we were in the rehearsal studio Magic wouldn't even allow us to play the songs through without the machines. This was very unfortunate because we were so hungry to get better. he was terrified that other people in the building would hear that we were not as good as the track machine playing over all of our levels. We could never hear ourselves to hear how to improve as a group and as individuals, it was really really frustrating. The truth is if we were even a month of practicing without the machines we would have gotten it but he was just so scared of losing his fake image.

    He would always get so nervous before every show just like every day, just more amplified, he would be a spastic nutcase ordering us around like a bunch of idiot kids. We would all bust our ### setting up while he just watched us and barked orders, even with set up there would be alot of drama, if someone made one small mistake they would be in a crap load of trouble. However I realize he was truly nervous of the machines quitting during the shows. There was a couple times the machines went out for parts of songs at a couple of venues and it sounded horrible. I am pretty sure that people in the audience had a good idea of what was up. They just didn't have the gutts to say anything, understandably. it is impossible for him to take any kind of criticism, he is wildly narcissistic.
    Thank you for your honesty and if you know anyone else that used to know us and now see the forest for the trees please ask them to support our campaign and write theire own thoughts in these forums. Magic and Starr need to be stopped because not only are they frauds but they have stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from people. The worst of it was his horrible brainwashing, the intense emotional abuse and breaking us down sessions. Worst yet the sexual abuse where he brainwashed the girls into allowing him to have his way with them.

    Please Research and google David Koresh, Magic is much like this cult leader from Waco Texas. Since David believed he was a prophet he believed that it was holy to have sex with his female followers. David didn't care if the woman was under age, married or involved with someone else. With those of us that were in relationships the man would have to just except it and get over it while helping to talk their girl into doing it. After intense brainwashing from Magic and Starr somehow they would turn things upsidown into a place that by him sleeping with all the girls we would be closer to each other as a group and raise to higher spritual levels. I know it sounds ridiculous to hear how grown, intelligent adults allowed themselves to fall into this but this just shows how brilliant he and his wife are, they have this down to a science. We got sucked into the illusion they have and thought it was all wonderful and our dreams would come true. by the time we would figure out things were pretty bad he would terrify us out of leaving by saying horrible things would happen if one did leave. Well i am happy to say that all of us x-members have a wonderful close relationship and support each other through deprogramming and healing from the destruction of the group, also all of his fear mongering of course didn't come true, we are all doing very very well in life.

    We are now feeling very passionate to stop the Tribe before they hurt others and their families. Every day felt like a prison where we were walking on pins and needles hoping we were pleasing him and trying to stay out of trouble with him. It was horrible and still is, he has new victims now and The Tribe needs to be shut down. Magic and Starr need to face up to the horrible things they have done to so many people and their families over the last 3 decades. They need a big piece of humble pie and for their house of illusion and cards to fall down around them. I honestly believe that them losing everything and having to find a way to support themselves would be the only time they would wake up to how horrible they were to everyone

    Thank you again for your support on our campaign

  • Om
      30th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have no personal experience of this cult at all. However I have been following the "progress" of a different cult and I recognize a lot of the themes here, even weirdness about about "magic semen"; this is an old and well known trick that has been historically been played by "tantric masters" (in reality predatory serial sexual abusers who attempt to cloak their proclivities in quasi-mystical trash in order to get the kind of sex they want from the people they want it from).

    I just wanted to send a supportive message to those of you who have found the immense strength and courage that it must have taken to disentangle yourselves and to take the first steps in fighting back.

    You may wish to post about your experiences on the Rick Ross cult awareness forum, you can find this from google, where experienced people discuss cults. I think it likely that you will gain support there.

    People like Magic Mendez must be stopped. This will never happen until his victims are prepared to come forward and make their voices heard.

    The first step is the most difficult and it seems that a few of you have made that important fist step.

    I honestly wish you every success in the important task that you now face.

  • Ka
      1st of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I guess I wonder if the tribe is so bad...and members have been leaving over a two year period, what happened that inspires the sudden revelation at this point...the month they finally launch their new CD? I don't discount the validity of what is shared or the people's experiences with this group (as I feel what is shared is correct), but I just wonder what inspired the sudden "coming clean" of what the tribe is about...and why the information isn't being taken to local police or even the press, who loves such stories, "Cult rock band leader has forced sex with young woman..." So, credibility for the campaign would go a lot further if the people claiming all this stuff would take it to some avenues that are less anonymous and step out of the light to reveal themselves. After all, Magic doesn't have the money or power to hurt those who have left..not like other cults where the leaders actually do have people that will visit ex-members and physically threaten them.

    In the end, people have to make their own choices and also take responsibility for their choices...if you live in a cult for 10 years that is not just about Magic having power and abusing it...that is about the victim giving over power and his or her life to get suckered in to the it only took a few times encountering the tribe to see what was up with them. So maybe instead of a campaign against Mendez done anonymously, the effort needs to be more public to give true credibility and also the effort should go more toward healing the very thing that caused you all to join the tribe and fall for it--for true healing involves taking some responsibility for the power you give over to others to hurt you.

  • Co
      1st of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I appreciate your comment however you truly don't understand this group, money has nothing to do with it. Magic uses brilliant cult methods to brainwash, emotionally, mentally and sexually abuse his followers. Not only has this hurt the members but this has also effected the members families. There are investors who have been robbed out of hundreds of thousands of dollars from these people and the time has come to expose them

    The coming out has nothing to do with their CD release, we could care less about their business. All of the xmembers, families and investors have decided to come together and bring justice to this situation and it has to start some time so questioning why we are doing what we are doing is ridiculous.

    Also those of us who were members have taken responsibility for the fact that we had years of our lives taken away from us by this cult. However this doesn't stop us from wanting to stop them from hurting others.

    Trust me we have many plans for the future and everything you have said most of us have been putting together for a while. However we will not expose our plan of action, you will just have to wait and see.

    Thank you

  • Ka
      1st of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Well that's good you all have a plan to do something to increase credibility--because the people that are prone to being brainwashed will listen to Magic explain away anonymous posts as "groupie" bad blood or past members bad blood. That's the really sad but true part.

    To really make a difference in helping reaching those who are most vulnerable to this type of cultish scam and lifestyle, you have to be willing to bring to a more open forum than anonymous posts...and yeah, that makes perfect sense to keep your plan action low key until you are ready to implement--of course, you've already given the tribe a heads up just by these posts so just not sure how effective future efforts will really be because the nature of cultish leaders is that they know how to do the "spin" thing well.

    Hopefully more people who have had experience with the group directly but from the outside will step up and speak out to bolster your credibility--and affirm that there are indeed power in number, not in the number of the tribe as Magic used to tell members, but in the numbers of people who are awake, aware and conscious--and who can see them for what they truly are. Now that is more power to you all who have been liberated and may continued healing come to your paths.

  • Ma
      7th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Im not sure what rock you people crawled out from under but Magic Mendez is a musical geniuse and has some of the finest musicians in his group "Unified Tribe".
    You claim that they are fake and what people hear are just tracks? I've personally seen them perform in their home, in a church and in their studio and they sounded amazing. Where do they hide the tracks you speak of? In their back pocket?
    These are all very good musicians some are great musicians and the vocals are the most beautiful sounding group of voices I've heard in a long time.
    To Magic and Unified Tribe I'd like to apologize to all of you for the haters that are trying to hurt you. The public see's them as just that...HATERS.
    God Bless you.

  • Co
      20th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Yes Magic is a good musician and yes they can play acoustically. Again unless you have walked in our shoes you have no right to attack those have been hurt by this very very sick man. They frequently do have tracks playing during live shows, it wouldn't matter how talented someone was Magic was such a control freak that he wouldn't allow people to be heard live. The only things you hear live are vocals of him, Starr, Harmony, jessie and Merrilly. I am sure for the church show they did a very nice acoustic set for you and yes they are talented. This does not change the fact that alot of their shows were fake. this doesn't change the fact that Magic is a sick, narcissistic has been cult leader. This doesn't change all of the evil and HORRIBLE things he has done to hundreds of people. If you had any idea of what this man has done you would be sickened and appalled. Have you ever heard of Jim Jones or David Koresh. These men are very charismatic and great at messing with heart strings. He is brilliant Mary, you had better watch yourself, if you get to involved you will become one of us. He is a sick man and his followers at this point are either to terrified to leave or they are living in the illusion themselves. Even if you have known them for a year you have no leg to stand on in comparison to the years that most of us have known this sick man. When you realize how sick he is you are going to feel horrible for sticking up for this sick, abusive rapist and criminal.

  • Di
      11th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have never been associated with this Tribe but I knew Magic a few years ago and I can say this much. He talks the talk but does not walk the walk. His philosophy of stand together or fall apart is not at all what he lives by. He will not stand with a brother. He is a two-faced coward and when the chips are down is out only for himself. I know this from personal experience.
    He will stand by and allow injustice instead of speaking out if there is the slightest risk of any kind involved to him or his interests. This is in direct contradiction to his stated philosophy which he shouts from the rooftops.
    Magic is a real phony, and I support and defend the honest and brave people willing to endure risk and embarrassment in order to do the right thing in trying to spare others the grief they themselves have experienced. That is what a REAL unified tribe will do . . . and that is what all REAL Brothers and Sisters can do for each other.
    We CAN stand together against sickness, predation, and injustice and the only leader required is in the heart and spirit of each one of us.
    May Courage and Clarity prevail.


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