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Unified Tribe / Unified Tribe

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As someone who was a part of this for a long time I can specifically say that I am not coming from a place of an angry groupie or sour grapes. The fact that they think they have groupies is a joke, they are a joke.

I come from a place of just wanting to warn people of them, they have destroyed many people and peoples families lives. Not just a few groupies. These people especially the leader brainwashes people to believe that they are the next best thing musically and spiritually. In truth they have been using people for their money since (Magic Mendez) the leader has been 18 years old. Over 30 years of destruction to many. I would have loved to think that the con that these people pulled on wanting to make a positive difference and make good music was true. I made the mistake in believing them and was with them for a long time and I ended up finding that my life had almost been destroyed. Fortunately I had the courage to get out and am very very happy with my life now. Going through this experience has made me so grateful for having my own freedom and life. Just like any cult they very carefully rip you away from your family without you really noticing it. Magic is textbook cultleader just like David Coresh and Jim Jones, just look up in google what the makings of a Cult is and it describes this group perfectly. They are master illusion artists and are very good at messing with peoples emotions and weaknesses to lure them into their con. They take every dime you make and basically turn you into a servant while breaking you down emotionally, mentally and spiritually to make you into another Tribe robot. If you are a woman and Magic likes what he sees you will end up being convinced to sleep with him and the women felt like this was rape. If you are a man and you bring in a women you better be willing to share or lose your women. It is disgusting.

I am coming from my heart not anger. I really want to see these people stopped because they are flat out dangerous. They have talked about suicide pacts and all of us that had the strength to leave have been subject to long meetings about who is really loyal and who would kill themselves for the group.

Trust me if you are in any way involved with this group your life will be destroyed get out and wake up while you can. If anyone is investing in this group get out ASAP. This is a losing investment and you will just be taken for a painful money losing ride.

Please hear us we are telling you the truth.


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  • Xt
      6th of Aug, 2009
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    I don't understand how Magic can be so cruel. How can a person ruin so many lives. Magic is so heartless to be so destructive to people, there lives, and families. How many more lives will be torn apart until he is stopped? He'll finally just grow old and be alone one day and have to face himself with all the terrible things he has done to people. Well, Harmony might stay until the end with Magic. Then Harmony will realize the truth of it all and she'll see how she's wasted her life, for what, for nothing.
    Magic has left a trail of distruction and pain, that must be why he can't seem to sleep at night. I truly believe what goes around comes around. Magic Mendez of Unified Tribe will very soon get his day.

  • Da
      12th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I saw the couple of shows you did when you were living in Austin and they were MUCH better. THe talent is gone, what happened to the people that were so talented. Even your wife, Starr is gone. They must have seen that the group was destined to play venues for free just to try to resurrect some interest. Too bad! Time for retirement?

    austin, Texas

  • Xt
      12th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Unified Tribe will never make it without the old members. The real talent is gone. Magic Mendez is a dirty old fat man and nobody wants to see him jumping all over the stage.

    Right on with the statement that Unified Tribe will only play venues for free, Unified Tribe will never get payed again for there music. Soon Unified Tribe won't be able to play for free because word is getting out about the truth of Magic Mendez.

    Stay Away from Unified Tribe, Harmony, Magic Mendez, Jessie, Kathy, and Merrily. They're the biggest thieves I've ever met.

  • Xt
      12th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    So many many people are speaking out about how much fraud Unified Tribe and Magic Mendez is responsable for. You can find out more info on /link removed/
    Please if you know Unified Tribe, do some research on this group before you get any closer to being a victum to Unified Tribe. Many people have found out the hard way. Be the smarter one, don't get ripped off by Magic Mendez of Unified Tribe.

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