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Unified Services / They are cleverer than it seems!

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First off, this company called me and an indian guy that i could barely understand, started off by reciting all of my information. He knew my full name, address, and telephone number. Then after the whole speech about the "free vacation" and the "1000 online shopping vouchers", they were trying to talk me into giving them my account number.

People beware, because if a company was really giving away a huge prize like this worth a good amount of money... trust me... they would fork over the 1.95 for shipping and handling. It was just mind boggling to me, all the tactics they tried to use to get me to give them my account number. Then he proceeded to ask me the check number i would use as well as the account number and ASSURED me that there was no possible way even if he tried that my bank would let a third party have access to my accounts.

The guy kept telling me to look on my bank statement right away and give him my account numbers immediately. And when i asked well why can't i send you a money order , he insisted that money orders were not safe... Ok guy... I'm not an idiot! But a blank check, and my account number are safe... right! While I'm at it why don't i give you my credit card numbers and social security numbers too!!! The nerve of these as***les!!!

I knew it was a scam right when they wanted something that personal so i went a long just to mess with them and i was telling them that I didn't have a checking account but I had a savings account with my large inheritance in it. Oh gosh it was hilarious because he sounded so determined and excited to get this account number after that.

So i gave them a false account number... and told him that I was looking forward to going on my vacation. It was gross, the guy was even trying to flirt with me, telling me i sounded so sweet and beautiful and asked if i was single. That to which i just laughed out loud. And thought, "Are you serious??"

This is just total ### that they are doing this to innocent people, who don't know any better. They really do put up a good argument and its hard not to get sucked into it. Like the saying goes "If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!"

The only reason i was on the phone so long at first was to figure out how I was entered into this random drawing and also how did they have ALL my mailing and billing information??? Did they recite anyone else's complete mailing information??? That is just weird and it makes me really nervous now!!!

I hope these guys can be stopped, I wanted to write this blog just let people be aware that this company is a COMPLETE FRAUD and scam... and hopefully they will be stopped soon. They have no right to do this to people!

Oh yeah and all the numbers they gave me for customer service are either recordings in which you can't get in touch with them or it is a phone number that can't be called or traced back! They are clever and it seems they have been doing this for a while and have a LARGE RING going on here!!!


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D  10th of May, 2007 by 
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We discovered your complaint posted on 5/9/2007 regarding our services. We would appreciate the opportunity to respond to your complaint.

While indeed we do contact individuals via phone about our amazing package which includes a free Internet Shopping Spree and complimentary 2 day, 3 night vacation. Additionally, we offer three fantastic trial services including a very affordable calling card, inexpensive high-speed dial-up Internet service, and the amazing Ultra Thermo Boost 2000 dietary supplement.

The terms of our offer are clear and understandable and we take every precaution to ensure that the individuals we call understand the terms of our services. While these steps are taken, occasional mistakes do occur. We work diligently to correct these mistakes and ensure that our customers are happy. I believe you will find the same when you read our responses to customer complaints on this website.

Your comments regarding the nature of our business are simply wrong. We operate legally and are part of no such "ring." Additionally, though we do receive a few complaints (what company doesn't?) we have thousands of satisfied customers, many of whom have thanked us for the products we provide.

While you won't be receiving calls from us any longer, we do believe that if you had tried our services, you would agree that, dollar for dollar, they are indeed a great deal.


Jared (Badge #1096)
Quality Control,
Unified Services
A  23rd of May, 2007 by 
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Yes... I too received this call 3 times, and they did know my name, address, phone number, and even the bank routing number. I don't know where they got all the info, but I absolutely did not give them my account number, so I really really hope that they can't get it somehow. I knew it was a scam just because what the guy was offering made no sense to me at all, yet he was so determined... he wouldn't let up at all. He was pretty rude, actually. When I told him I would not give him the number, and that I did not want the prize, and to please stop calling me, he replied "no... I can't stop calling you until I get this information so we can send you your prize." Can you believe the nerve of these people!? Telling me they will not stop calling me until I give them my account info? Seriously?
A  26th of May, 2007 by 
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I wonder if there is a common thread here. How many among those who have been contacted by Unified Services use Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) such as Vonage or others? Soon after I signed up with Vonage, I started getting these calls. They are very persistent and do not take "No!" for an answer. They call back even after I tell them that my number is registered on the National Do Not Call Registry, tell them not to call me again and hang up! They will probably operate for only a couple weeks, disband and start up some place else.
A  11th of Jun, 2007 by 
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Omg, I got this exact call no longer than 5min ago. I almost fell for it too. He said his name was Richard Ray (ID#8807). I told him i wasn't at home and he said that they could only call once because i was randomly selected. They knew my address, name, and everything. Thank you for this site.
A  13th of Jun, 2007 by 
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They knew my name, address and phone number too it. I want to know what company they got it from so to prevent anyone else from getting my info too.
A  23rd of Jun, 2007 by 
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I also have received 4 of these calls in 3 days. I have not given them time to give the whole spill! Now as far as the comment from the person supposingly form the company:

Jared (Badge #1096)
Quality Control,
Unified Services

Why is there no contact information left for you or your company. If you were legitiment and it is such a wonderful deal then wouldn't it have only made since to leave contact information for anyone that might actually have an interest? For all of you others that agree with us on this-take info and contact attorney general to investigate before our innocent senior citizens are taken advantage of and wiped out. Caller id said 1-866-766-9616 to get on the no call list press 2 but off course mail box full and unable to leave info!
A  27th of Jun, 2007 by 
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My son has been receiving calls for at least a week from this phone number asking for one of his friends. He's requested they stop calling but I don't expect that to happen after reading some of the information above. If anyone has been successful in stopping these calls, please let us know. Thanks!
A  28th of Jun, 2007 by 
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I've received this call a few times. From what i know the owner of the companys name is lala wang and she operates under a few phone numbers out of florida. Google 866 766 9616 and its the first hit. Next time they call you, tell them they are in direct violation of several federal trade laws and you will be reporting them to the ftc and the bbb. Conatct your local offices and report them like i did and they will be shut down. The ftc cant do much about fraud from nigeria but they sure can nail these people. We need atleast 100 complaints in the next few days. Everyone who was harrassed by this call and are already on the national do not call list start reporting.

A  6th of Jul, 2007 by 
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Just got a call from 1-866-766-9616 but they hung up on me guess I was fortunate!
A  6th of Jul, 2007 by 
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I got a call the last few days. This time I told them they were violating several laws and wanted to know where they got my information. They do not know how to handle that and tried to hang up. I finally was passed to a "floor supervisor" who wanted my personal information to file a grievance. I am not that stupid! Finally he gave me the number for 866-904-7796, which is customer service.

These guys have got to be stopped. Everyone call your FTC and State Agencies to complain!
N  14th of Jul, 2007 by 
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From what I can tell they got this information a while back. I was called this evening and they had my information from where I lived two years ago. I was "one of the lucky ones in my state" who was chosen to receive this prize, except I don't live in that state anymore and whats more my cell number corresponds to neither of the last two states I have lived in. There is no way that someone calling my Colorado phone line to tell me that I won a prize in Deleware and I haven't lived there for two years. Oh yeah, just so everyone can have a laugh, this guys name is Steve Nash, so I jokingly ask him if he plays basketball and he starts stuttering.
A  23rd of Jul, 2007 by 
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Been receiving the calls over the last 2 weeks. Never answered it. I googled to find this place and another one. Then they called this morning, and my dad got frustrated and answered it. Now they called back 5 times in the last hour. I keep answering it, to see how far they get. The first 4 have been hang ups. The last one, they asked for me in person. I said he wasn't here.

The funny thing is, how come they know my name? I'm not the name on the phone bill. I think it has to be a connection to the internet of some sorts.
A  30th of Jul, 2007 by 
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I got the call today July 30. I listened to his offer to see what the catch was. Even after I told him that under no circumstances would I give my bank information to anyone, he kept insisting that he was honest and I could trust him.
he said that his name was Daniel, he had a very thick accent , his company is located in Las Vagas, and the number is 866 904-7796. He even asked if I believed in God whom I haven't seen then I could believe him (whom i haven't seen).

He never told me what products his company marketed. My call was the same offer as the others listed: free 2 week vacation for me and my loved one, up to $1,000shopping on line, all for $1.95 shipping cost for the information packet as to how to claim the freebees.
A  8th of Aug, 2007 by 
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I have received non-stop phone calls from his company for the past week. Have refused to answer the number because I didn't know who it was, but when I tried to call the number back it said that the toll free number I was trying to reach couldn't be dialed from my area. I figured it must have been from when I filled out a survey online or something. But they are super obnoxious. What's the phone number to take your phone number of the solicited calls list???

Advise smb!
A  8th of Aug, 2007 by 
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Some guy named peter called me and offered me 1,000 dollar shopping spree and a free vacation, and at first i was like this is bullsh** but then he started to make me believe, i started getting sucked in, but then he asked for my checking account # and i told him thats personal and he kept trying to get it so i called my bank and they said its a scam, another thing is that this guy peter switched me over to his "Manager" so don't let them pull this on you!!! I also don't like the fact that they know where i live!
A  22nd of Aug, 2007 by 
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I also got the call today and when they asked my bank account number I knew it was a scam. When I asked to proved their identity and told them that it look like scam he started abusing and threatening me and then hangup.
A  3rd of Sep, 2007 by 
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I also just received this phone call from Unified Services. They called me on my cell phone (sprint) and had all of my personal information. The woman on the phone dodged the questions I had about how they received my information or how I was entered into this contest. She then transferred me to her supervisor. I told this woman that I wanted to verify her company and would call back, she also said that there were registered with the Better Business Bureau. She said "how would we have an 800 number if we weren't registered". When I refused to give her the info until I was able to verify it she said that my offer had been revoked and they were going to offer the package to someone else.
A  6th of Sep, 2007 by 
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I, too got a call at work on my cell phone telling me that my "lucky" phone number had been picked and that I had won a shopping spree and free vacation. The lady insisted she needed my bank account # and I told her I was at work and that she'd have to call me back in 30 min. I googled unified services on the net and it let me know it was a scam. I waited for the Indian woman , oh who by the way was named alisha james, that's a common indian name let me tell you. I told her that I knew it was a scam and that if she ever tried to contact me again and take my hard earned money out of my checking account I would find a way to trace her call find out where she was at and come over there and rip her fu$#@ng head off. After that she hung up and has not called back since. Thanks to all you guys I caught these people before it was too late.
A  18th of Sep, 2007 by 
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Found this board while I was on the phone with the "indian" accent guy so I had some fun with him. I've already had to change my account numbers recently because of these a$$holes so I knew the numbers they had were invalid. Don't give these parisites anything except this advice "get a job like the rest of us you human infectious waste".
A  3rd of Oct, 2007 by 
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I also do agree with all the complaint against Unified Services. A fraud check of $149.80 was drawn in the name of Unified Services from my bank without any authorized signature. Some 'Desert Bank' was mentioned in that fraud check. I immediately contacted my bank and to my luck they identified this fraud company. My bank has credited me the whole amount after the check fraud claim but I had to close that account. Unified Services used my routing number and checking account number. Beware of this fraud company and never give your account number to them even if they threatens..Is there anything we can do to freeze the bank account of the company 'UNIFIED SERVICES' ?

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