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Contract to provide personal training at Fitness Connection gym Baytown, TX is provided by Ultra Body Fitness (UBT). UBT has a sleazy little contract clause "minimum 30-day advance notice" to terminate contract or else the contract renovates. No notices are sent, no emails, no calls, the gym does not warn, the trainers do not warn. Six months later or a year later…BOOM you get hit with automatic renewal. You have to send a cancelation letter (certified) and if it does not get there in the required time, you pay. My contract was up 4/6/12. My cancelation letter arrived 3/14/12. I was hooked with an unwanted renewal. You must cancel before your last payment is due. In my case, they had to receive my cancel notice on or before 3/6/12. What a joke, trying to squeeze a few dollars from the customers. Try to stop payment. They hit you with late fees, processing fees; re-submit fees, until they feel its time to sell the debt to a collection agency. My $240.00 could easily turn into $400-500 dollars. With no other option available I paid the "renewal fee" as stated in their invoice. Do not sign on this clause. They will tell you it is there to protect you from rate increases. Do not believe them…if they had benign intentions the money would be returned once the customer indicated they are not interested in a renewal, without road blocks. Regrettably, they are hoping you forget so they can stiff you with a renewal. Bad predatory and aggressive merchant practice!


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  • Ba
      3rd of Jul, 2012

    On April 19th, I received a free assessment from Ultra Body Fitness, which came with joining Fitness Connection. The trainer tried to sale me on some personal training sessions. I believe 4 sessions per month for 12 months at the cost of $160. I wasn't interested so he brought in his manager, Ivan, who acted like a sleazy car salesman. "Why are you?" (Um, hmm. Let me think.) "Just think, after working with us you'll walk down the street and men will look at you." (Thanks for calling me fat and ugly.) "I don't know why, but I like you. I know I don't know you, but I like you."

    Anyway. Already that put me off, but I was able to get Ivan to give me a nice deal so I signed the contract for 3 months and scheduled my first appointment for June 8th, 2012. (Which is when I had the extra cash for a personal trainer.) June 8th came and I called Ultra Body Fitness to schedule my first appointment. The guy working the phone had no idea about me or my situation and said he needed to check with Ivan but he would call me back. On June 9th, I called again and was finally able to schedule an appointment. Of course I show up at 8 p.m. and it turns out I was never scheduled. So now one of the managers for the personal trainers has to train me. And he is irate with Ivan because he's beyond that now. He's too good train people now. It's below him. But, he works my chubby butt for less than 45 minutes and then schedules me with another trainer for the next week.

    Unfortunately, there was a death in my family so I called to reschedule as I would be out of town that day at the funeral. Naturally when I call they have no record of my appointment. They need to check with Ivan and will call me back, they said. More naturally, they never do. I let it go for a few days because of other concerns. But the next Monday I call to set up an appointment. The earliest one is Friday. Setting up that appointment was a hassle too. So, it sucked that I had to cancel because I couldn't get off work. But that's on me, right? I asked to reschedule, and they were supposed to call me back. Never did. So I found myself calling Ultra Body Fitness that Monday to set up an appointment. I get Ivan again. He has the brains of dirty socks and it takes him 10 minutes to figure out how to schedule me. During that time I'm on hold. Then somebody picks up - 10 minutes later - and it's the receptionist. Wanting to know my reason for calling.

    R. U. Serious?

    Finally, the receptionist schedules me a meeting for the following day. That Tuesday I show up to the gym ready to get my personal training session at 8 p.m. - as scheduled - and I find out Ivan no longer works there. Instead someone named Malik does. And he has me fill out paperwork (which I had filled out the very time so I was confused), until I mention that I've already signed a contract and I need to be trained. You know, measured and weighed and plugged into the Web site, and given a food plan and workout routine. He had no idea about all of that and he scrambled to find me a personal trainer. There were none available. He said for me to do the elipitical for 10-15 mintues while he found a trainer for me. 32 minutes later I'm infuriated. It's now 8:45 and I've had enough with this BS. So I hunted Malik down and he swore up and down he would schedule me with a personal trainer the very next day. That Ultra Body Fitness was going to turn things around now that Ivan was gone. In fact, he was going to call me first thing in the morning. He put me in his book. I could expect his call on Wednesday at around noon.

    Wednesday, July 3rd, 2012 now. At by 4:30 p.m. I still hadn't received a phone call from Malik, so I called him. He said he'd just gotten in and was having a meeting with personal trainers to schedule me with one of them and he promised to call me asap. By 9:27 p.m. I was upset and called the gym. Malik left at 8 p.m. for the day.

    So yeah. Tomorrow I plan to cancel my bank card so they can't charge for me the 2nd month. I'm going to send off a cancellation notice to Ultra Body Fitness. I will cuss Malik out until he either refunds my $189 from the first month or gives me the 5 personal training sessions I paid for. But as for you reader: Avoid this hot mess of a business at all costs.

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  • Js
      8th of Oct, 2015

    I have the very same problems as this person.

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  • Jm
      26th of Jan, 2016

    Same issue here. Scammed out of $220 that I never received service before because I didn't send the letter 30 days prior to my last session. Which was never explained to me even though it was in tiny writing on the contract. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM!

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  • Vi
      10th of Feb, 2016

    very unethical and money driven is how they do business. BEWARE AND TRY OTHER CLUBS. STAY AWAY FROM THEM !!!

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  • Um
      1st of Apr, 2016

    I signed up for my training sessions at the end of February... And was hesitant so the manager offered me 3 additional training sessions at no extra cost per mth... Mind you, these are 30 min training sessions so they are rushed. I have completed a full month and haven't gotten my 3 extra sessions... They never have time or because they are technically not getting paid to train me, it's an issue for them. I had some unexpected financial issues arise and the monthly payments of the training sessions was going to put me in a tremendous bind. I called and talked to the manager who is shored me that they would do everything they could to help me out, but also stated that in the contract that I signed, it says that early termination will result in a payment of half of what is owed on your contract. As of right now, that's more than $600 and with my financial instability that would hurt me more than help me. This was never explained to me when I signed the contract and it was also never explained to me that I would have to call over and over and try to schedule my sessions not to mention that my trainer had me scheduled for a certain time on a certain day only to find out that he scheduled somebody else in that timeslot so I had to reschedule this was never explained to me when I signed the contract and it was also never explained to me that I would have to call over and over and try to schedule my sessions...not to mention that my trainer had me scheduled for a certain time on a certain day only to find out that he scheduled somebody else in that timeslot so I had to reschedule. I like the facility, and I do enjoy going there however I would just like to continue paying my monthly membership fees use the facilities and not have to deal with the personal training st I like the facility, and I do enjoy going there however I would just like to continue paying my monthly membership fees use the facilities and not have to deal with the personal train staff.

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  • Va
      16th of Jun, 2016

    They are a mess. They ask you to come for a free assessment and then encourage you to join them. They offer everything, a trainer, flexibility. Their training is terrible. My tendons broke. The trainer does not do any assessment. Once the agreement is signed their attitude changes. They are not approachable. They just got my signatures and never explained anything. To cancel I have to pay 50% of money I owe. what a ridiculous rule. They are just trying to steel money. Do not sign up.

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  • Ev
      24th of Jun, 2016
    Best Best Advice

    Yes, yes and yes! I have had a month go by and haven't been able to get scheduled in to see a trainer. When I signed up, I told the manager that I have a tight schedule and cannot accommodate anyone else's schedule. She promised me with her life that they would provide me with someone. I called their main office to complain and see if I could break the contract. The contract is unbreakable and to make matters worse, they called the manager and the trainer at my gym. As a result, they harassed me via text all day long until I was forced to block their number from my phone. I have opened up a BBB complaint and if that doesn't work, I will take it further. They need to be held accountable. I personally think more people should stand up to them legally. I paid for a service that I never received. That is NOT part of the contract!

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  • Ti
      28th of Dec, 2016

    This company is a complete joke. The trainers lie so much to get money. Every two weeks a trainer quits and the assign you one without notice. Bill you if you are 1 day late because they don't have a grace period. Death in the family or unexpected life Chang event? They still don't care and bill you more. I was lied to and told if I move I can find UBF at any gym. That was a lie. I'm still paying but is losing money because I can't cancel even though I no longer stay close to a location.

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  • Kd
      5th of Jan, 2017

    I went in for a free workout, after they kept going and going about signing up for a few months. I told them several times I dont think it is a good idea to much money. The manager that signed me up promised that if i signed up for the 3month package that he would give me two free extra work outs a week. After a few weeks he stopped answering calls and showing up to work. So finally right before my 3 months was up I went into his office and he had me sign a paper saying I no longer wanted to extend my contract. Now when you sign the original contract and I quote "All notices of cancellation must be in writing, signed by the client and sent to the seller by either of the following: 1) registered mail to UBF, Inc.; or 2) personally deliver to the location of enrollment." so we signed and personally deliver to the location of enrollment. well the manager at the time must of never submited it and was later fired for many other reasons. 6 months later we get a call saying we have over 15 sessions and have been getting pulled out every month. needless to say we were shocked and very upset. We contacted the location that we signed up at, the main office, and the main office manager. All very rude and short terms said it was our fault that they dont have proof and will not give our money back. They said it was not there fault that that manager had not turned in the letter. They are taking advantage of people, and doing everything they can to take peoples money. Sad thing is we know many people that are getting used like this. Whats even worse is all the trainers good and bad know this is happening.

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  • Kd
      6th of Jan, 2017

    The company in florida contacted us today to solve the problem. Thankful that she was very helpful and able to get to the point of what had happened. In the end they did they right thing

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  • Ti
      23rd of Feb, 2017

    This company is nothing more than scam. Stay away and do not sign anything, they are liars!!!

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  • Cy
      16th of Aug, 2017

    SAAAAAMMMEEEEE!!! I signed up on November 2016, I've only had 2 training sessions this whole time, IT'S ABOUT TO BE A YEAR SINCE I SIGNED UP! A. WHOLE. FLIPPEN. YEAR! Anyways, when Ivan signed me up he said I was on a 6-month contract and would go month to month after that... Well, guess what! The sleazy /SCUMmy/good for nothing Ivan signed me up for a 12 month contract, that's my bad for not looking at the contract details, but I know what he said he was so pushy for me to start on the spot, which I was hesitant to start in the first place, I knew I didn't have the resources to pay $180 a month for supposedly 8 training sessions a month, which by the way guys, guess what?? No one knew about the deal Ivan set up for me. Anywho, you can't cancel your card so that they won't bill you anymore, they send your [censor] to collections if they can't bill you. NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. I've worked too hard to have something like this ruin my credit, so here I am months later working two jobs to be able to afford my rent and this gym bill. My intentions were to cancel after my "6-month+ contract because I knew I was about to change my living situation around that time. I had called corporate once to see if anyone would have some sort of sympathy when my car had been part of hail damage and I was also in a motorcycle accident and needed money to repair my bike, nah. no sympathy what so ever. I ended up crying from the frustration and all I got was a "miss would you like to call back when you're done crying?" I wasn't even mad, I was just calmly explaining my situation. listen I'm a petite 23-year-old girl, Ivan hussled me and UBF did nothing to help fix the issue, I definitely feel like I was taken for granted. The bad thing here is that customers don't have a chance to look at reviews because they don't tell you upfront that they are not employed by fitness connection and they do all they can to sign you up on the spot. They don't give you a chance to think about it and read reviews, or else, trust me they would be out of business if they gave us that chance and didn't pressure us to sign up. Oh-well I guess... I wish Ivan and UBF nothing but the worst in life, I hope the BBB comes for you all, I don't think anything would make me happier than watching this company burn to the ground or go into bankruptcy, that's all just wishful thinking, I just feel sorry for all the people this has happened to and will keep happening to.

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  • Kr
      29th of Aug, 2017

    I had the same thing happen to me, Cynthia! I was "promised" a GREAT deal if I signed up asap, I would only be charged a $10.00 per month membership fee, and if I started personal training with UBF right away (this was in April 2017), and put down $275.00, for 6 months worth of PT sessions, then UBF would match the other 6 months! awesome right??? NOPE...It did not go down like that... 1) Fitness Connection has been double billing my account since May, and the UBF manager at the North Austin location, and when I called them about it, I spoke to a very rude person who offered to order and mail me my service agreement, and after 10 days later I had to call them back ONLY to find out, I can't cancel over the phone, and contracts are only sent at the beginning of each month... Sigh...2) just like everyone else, the manager worked me out ONCE, after taking my money, and never explained to me the fees/ cancellation process. Then assigned me to another trainer, and although he and I worked well together, we had very hard time scheduling a weekly/ reoccurring appointment for PT sessions, (which I needed)... I only saw him 4 times between April & May . Over the next few months, I had A LOT of personal things going on, and when I was ready to get back in the gym...I get an email from UBF stating that I owe them $775.00 for PT services! What the dookie is going on??? I called UBF's customer service line, and the representative asked me, didn't you get our emails? I asked why didn't they send me any notifications through the mail? My personal inbox gets full very fast. The rep said, you signed a contract, and you owe the charges even if you did not use your PT services. You may NOT pay off your balance at this time, since your UBF account has gone into default, you must pay the ENTIRE 11-MTH BALANCE OF $2, 035.00 asap! I am stressed to the max about this. I just wanted to work out, but NOW, I have to pay UBF or they;re going to ruin my good credit... I'm so disgusted that things like this happen to good people.

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  • Me
      4th of Oct, 2017

    @Kristin Payte I have tried getting out of contract but was denied. I considered canceling my card, but was not sure how it would affect my credit. Has UBF hit your credit?

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