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Ultimate Warranty / Ultimate Warranty corporation is a huge scam!

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Do not buy a After Market Auto Warranty from Ultimate Warranty Corporation. I purchased a After Market Auto Warranty from Ultimate Warranty Corporation and I have had nothing but problems. Ultimate warranty was supposed to give me an auto warranty with no deductible. This was in my contract, No deductible. They made a mistake on their end as a result they charged me an extra $50 for any claim. They did not honor their contract and continued to charge me a deductible until I threatened lawsuit and contacted the regional sale rep for Ultimate Warranty Corporation.

The second experience I had with them was worse. Ultimate warranty only replaces your parts with parts from a JUNK YARD. They do not use automotive parts form dealers or ever after market retailers. Only Auto Parts form the JUNK YARD. Read the words carefully. Under the parts section of the contract, it reads they will use recycled parts! It also stats that they use parts that are of equal kind and quality to those used by most automotive repair shops! What repair shop suggests using junk yard parts? My mechanic was outraged.

Filling claims with this company takes days and getting ones Car repaired takes weeks. Their contract implies that you will get a rental if your car is in the shop for more than 8 hours. They will not honor this. They have worded the contract carefully in order to never have to provide you with a rental car. They do this by wording the contract to read the repair hours must add up to be 8 hours. Most repairs do not take this long, but given that it takes Ultimate Warranty Corporation 3 days to approve a claim and another week to ship your auto part from a junk yard you will be out of a car for a week.

If they feel the need they will send out an inspector to second guess your mechanics work. They do this to try and get out of paying any claim. Their customer car sucks. You sit on hold for hours. If you try to make a complaint they will send you to a manager. One manager just hung upon me! If you get the claims department on the phone do not let them “call you back” they will not!

Over all Ultimate Warranty Corporation is a huge Scam. Do not purchase any of their automotive warranty products. If they offer any other products, Home Warranties, Product Warranties, Road Side Assistance Programs not do business with Ultimate Warranty Company. I filled a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.


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D  17th of Jul, 2007 by 
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I have had 2 warranties through Ultimate and I have had nothing but great experiences. I was broke down in the middle of the night one time and the roadside service was there in 15 minutes. They paid my claim by credit card to the dealer and I was on my way.

Sorry you had a bad experience but it seems like you are venting more than anything. I only came across this article because I was googling for the ultimate warranty website.

Buyers just so you know I would buy another Ultimate Warranty if I was able to afford another car.
A  23rd of Oct, 2007 by 
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Hey guys, it looks like we all have had it with Ultimate Warranty. If the company does not pay for a claim within 60 days it is a breach of contract (check the fine print). I believe we should all ban together to form a class action lawsuit against Ultimate Warranty. I know there are contract litigation attorneys and paralegals patrolling complaint sites and I hope they can contact us about possibly forming a class against Ultimate Warranty to pay us the full price for our contract plus any owed repair expenses. I bought my warranty through National Auto Warranty company and all they do is try to shift the blame to Ultimate. That company sold the policy and they bear a share of the blame and expenses.

I was able to get fax numbers for each department in Ultimate Warranty and faxed them demand letters. I also contacted the Ohio Insurance Commission and filed a complaint as well as the BBB in Cleveland. I filed another complaint with the AG in my own state as well.

If you guys agree and if any attorneys or paralegals specializing in contract litigation are interested, we should seriously think about a class action against Ultimate Warranty before they try to file for bankruptcy or some other move.
A  29th of Oct, 2007 by 
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For all of the folks that are holding a contract with Ultimate... Start looking into it...They are no longer the company holding the claims. They are going out according to the Cleveland BBB... Capital Insurance is taking over the assets and they will make the choice of how, who and when the money goes out.
A  31st of Oct, 2007 by 
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I have had the same problems. Its been over two months since my shop has gotten the authorization to perform the work. I have tried to find the contact info. for Captial Assurance Insurance but haven't found anything on-line. Anyone have contact info for them? If so please post it and for the record I am in on the suit if it happens!
A  31st of Oct, 2007 by 
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I just spoke with a customer service rep via their 800 number (spent about 20 min on hold prior). You could tell she was busy/rushing just by talking but she got my claim info that had been submitted and handed up to a claims manager who thought he would be able to contact the dealer where my truck sits within about 10 minutes. She had stated the person who had been assigned to handle my claim was no longer working there. Anyways, I'll see what my dealer has to say this afternoon if they contacted them.

Obviously, UW has been having a difficult time recently, and I guess now is their opportunity to step up and get things going right. Basically cutting off contact with their customers was obviously not a good way to go about doing things and undoubtedly caused more issues, but maybe they are getting things on track now.
N  1st of Nov, 2007 by 
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Just a follow up from my previous post. Ultimate Warranty contacted the dealer where my truck is at like they said they would and approved the claim.

I think they are trying to work through their claims now, but it doesn't excuse them for blocking out their customers and really preventing them from contacting them.

A  1st of Nov, 2007 by 
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We to have purchased a contract with Ultimate Warranty about a year ago. My husband purchased a used truck with about 81,500 miles on it. We purchased the best warranty possible for the amount of miles on our "new" vehicle. Our truck has been sitting in the Dodge garage for over 5 weeks, service repairs have been completed for over a week and my husband has lost one job, not to mention that he has a small repair shop out of our garage at home that we have had to put our "customers" on hold and don't know if we will be getting them back. We get nothing but a run around about when our claim will be paid. We have been told by reps at Ultimate that they are in the middle of being Audited and that as soon as the state releases their money they will pay our claim. Or we have the option of paying for the repairs ourselves and they will reimburse us......That is why we have a warranty so we don't have to pay for our auto repairs on major things. This time it was the rear end on his truck.....last time it was the torque convertor, front wheel bearings, tranny pump.......we ended up paying over 1400.00 out of our pocket on that one. They wouldn't pay for the total amount of labor to remove and replace these things nor would they pay for the seals on the tranny pump even though the pump was shot and the seals and gaskets had to be removed to replace the pump.
Through the process of all of this, we called the dealership that he purchased his truck from....we are not happy them either. They informed us that they no longer sell warranties from Ultimate......they had nothing but problems with their customers getting their claims paid. They never gave us or I am sure any other customer the option of another warranty from their new company, even though they knew the warranties from Ultimate they sold were bad. You can count us in on a law suit......We paid approx. $1500.00 for a warranty on a truck that we can't even drive. The repair shop is holding our truck on a mechanics lien. We have lost alot of money because of this, we are a hard working family with children. Can anyone from Ultimate explain to our children why they can't have what they "need" because their not paying has caused financial problems here.
Can anyone explain why Ultimate is out of Ohio and their funds are being held in South Carolina????? They have now updated their message to state that "GPA Risk Management is working with the State of South Carolina and Ultimate Warranty on a Rehabilitation Program, claims are being reviewed and payments will be made as soon as the state releases the money."
We will be checking into our warranty companies before we buy from here on. We will be contacting the BBB and AG in Oregon on this also.
A  1st of Nov, 2007 by 
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I recently quit as a rep for Ultimate Warranty... I wish you all the best of luck in getting refunds, claims paid and other issues resolved.

I left in August as I could see problems coming and frustrated with this service contract company.
A  2nd of Nov, 2007 by 
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We purchased an Ultimate Warranty 2 years ago. The paid out a claim about 6 months ago, with some resistance - they wanted to use junk yard parts and haggle with the mechanic, they did not cover towing per the contract (we paid over $500.00 to have it towed to an authorized shop) and the rental coverage is not enough to cover the costs of renting the most basic sub compact, but they did pay for the needed repairs.

Our car is in the shop again, and this time we have to pay for the repairs because Ultimate's funds are frozen. We are out another $500.00 plus the $1800.00 we paid for the warranty.

I agree with Eric - it is time to file suit against UW and push them to honor their contracts.
A  5th of Nov, 2007 by 
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Bewared!!! My garage has been trying for days to get an approval for wiper motor... been on hold for hours at a time . When finally got through the person answering the phone in "Atlanta" said they were "out of money" it was tied up in South Carolina and didn't know when it would be released. The shop has tried over and over to get through again with no one answering just being put on hold for an hour and then dropped. . THIS is totally absurd. From what I''m reading today and my experience, it sounds like a class action needs to happen.
A  7th of Nov, 2007 by 
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I too am having problem with this company. I've had the warranty for 2 yrs and never had a problem until this week. My suv is in the shop and repairs are over $2000. I need to have the car repaired so the money is coming out of my pocket. Like several of you said, we need to file a complaint with better business bureau and anybody else that can help all of us get our money back. Does anybody know how to go about this? I have never had to do something like this before and am at a loss!
A  8th of Nov, 2007 by 
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Well as a car sales person and policy holder this makes me sick, I have never been so pissed in my whole life. I paid the same as everybody else and cant get my car fixed. I have a lot of customers out there with this warranty and just found out what they are dealing with, I have tried all the store contact #s we have and get the same thing, nothing, if theres anybody has any ideas Im up for it.
A  9th of Nov, 2007 by 
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I bought this warranty 2 years ago and have only filed one other claim with them. I had no problem on the first one. However, I've been dealing with the same issues as everyone else this week. I've had to sit on hold for up 1 hour at a time to talk to them because obviously the shop working on the car can't sit on hold forever waiting to talk to a claims rep. After finally getting through I was told like everyone else that I would have to pay up front and then be re-impressed for payment. Who knows how long that will take? Not using OEM parts, haggling over labor rates etc. I was told they sent an after market starter but after reading about this company I think they mean junkyard by after market. Count me in on litigation if it comes to it.
A  9th of Nov, 2007 by 
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My wife and I have had a warranty through Ultimate for 3 years and didn't have to use it until this year. (It isn't supposed to expire until 2008) In March when we had to finally use it to get the transmission rebuilt it took 3 weeks for the work to be authorized and completed and they wouldn't cover a rental. After the work was finally authorized the shop we had taken it to had the work done within the day. In June the front drive shaft went out and we dealt with the same problem again... 2 1/2 weeks to get authorized before the shop could start work on it, once again..no rental covered. In September we had additional problems that amounted to $1000 in work and the company authorized $590 worth of the work (we have the authorization # and everything). And again it took 3 weeks and no rental was covered. The work was completed and 2 months later we got a call from the shop saying that Ultimate refuses to pay for what they authorized. I called the company and after hours on hold and many transfers was informed that the company that does the underwriting for Ultimate put a freeze on all claims and they are refusing to pay because Ultimate broke their contract with them to go to a different underwriting company. When asked if the clm will ever get paid the rep told us NOT LIKELY. Meanwhile we had to shell out the money to the shop that the warranty company said they would cover and did not. If there is anybody that has any information on any lawsuits going regarding this company I would appreciate any info you can give me.
A  10th of Nov, 2007 by 
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I will say that you all are getting snowed by them, if you believe that they have a company in Atlanta answering their phones. Their office is still open, they have a handfull of employees still there. Capital Assurance RRG is owned by Ultimate Warranty Corp. they are fighting to get the money they had in the state of South Carolina released, if the state does not release the money and Capital Assurance RRG closes, then the state of South Carolina is forced to handle the claims. You may be getting told that someone else is handling the claims, this is because the newer contracts that they had sold recently with in the past couple years or so. Their newest contracts (that they still sell) are insured by Assurant (http://www.assurant.com/inc/assurant/index.html). I suggest everyone contact their state attorney generals office, along with the attorney generals office of South Carolina, and the insurance commission of the State of South Carolina. There is severe history and misleadings by this company. Older contracts that had Capital Assurance RRG listed on them, the phone number to them was to an office in PA (it just happens that a VP of the company Tony Scatena's office was located in the same area) then older contracts just had an address to Capital Assurance in South Carolina, then contracts were released with a phone number to Capital Assurance RRG. CONTACT YOUR STATES AG'S, SOUTH CAROLINA'S AG'S, THE FBI!

Oh and one of the former owners is even suing them!
A  10th of Nov, 2007 by 
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Here is a list of companies that they do or had done business with:


found this interesting too:
N  12th of Nov, 2007 by 
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Here is a link that everyone may find interesting:

A  14th of Nov, 2007 by 
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Here is a new one for everyone... Ultimate Warranty is done, Capital Assurance has agreed to Rehabilitation and State of South Carolina is holding the funds and the Director of Insurance for South Carolina is now the one releasing any funds. Go to www.doi.sc.gov and read it for yourself. It is three separate documents. We are going to be contacting a class action attorney out of California to see if they can help us on this. We are still without our vehicle and they even "lost" our original submitted claim. Even though they have our claim numbers and it just depends on who you talk to from TPA Risk Management. Our repair company has re faxed them all of our original documents and they tried to move our October claim up to November 8th. Watch them closely as they do not have any obligation to pay any claim made after October 31st.

Ultimate is done though, they have had their license as a service contract provider cancelled. Capital Assurance was owned by Ultimate, but are no longer. This is all explained in the documents on the above listed web page. We have been in constant contact with TPA - almost on a daily basis. Like all of you, we are just praying that they will come through with payment and honor our contract/warranty. Our current bill for our vehicle stands at $1207 and we were counting on our warranty to pay all but $100.00 for our deductible. Now we have to figure out how to get our truck out if they don't pay. Our service company TS&S have been wonderful on trying to work with us and they have agreed not to sell our truck for the work not paid. We will continue to work with them, but we also want justice for all we and everyone else has gone through. We are a hard working family and they have taken alot from us. We don't have the truck so they have taken about 50% of our income from us. Let's join together and see what we can do!!! Contact us and we will keep all informed on what the class action attorney's have to say.
A  16th of Nov, 2007 by 
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A  19th of Nov, 2007 by 
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I am in Nevada and I too am having the same issues. Currently my truck is sitting at the repair shop, who has done business with Ultimate in the past with great success. They are sending out an inspector who is supposedly going to see what the issue is. In order for that to happen the shop has to remove the front differential, and if the problem cannot be shown to the inspector, I am out labor for about 6 hours. They also want a $50 deductible, when my contract shows I have no deductible. Ultimate is refusing to pay the shop, only willing to reimburse me.

I have a feeling they are going to be hard to get payment out of and I will immediately go to the AG. This is fraud at a minimum and I would love to be party to any suit.

If anyone knows any business in Reno that still sells an Ultimate warranty, please let me know. I would like them to know just what a piece of trash it really is.

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