SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / unsearched coins

1 Carlinville, IL, United States is or someone connected to them are screwing people over on selling unsearched roll of coins. Rolls that have been searched. First roll of coins I received, I was led to believe, that it was a roll of indian head pennies, the picture at bidding time showed the indian head at the end. When I received the roll it showed the rear of indian head penny at both ends. To my surprise the roll only had 49 pennies in it in which only three were indian head pennies. On second roll of pennies, I bid on what I was led to believe were a roll of unsearched wheat pennies. My surprise, some of the pennies in the middle of the roll looked new, and were not wheat pennies, but were newer pennies. On third roll, I was led to believe another unsearched roll of wheat pennies that had one wheat penny, that u can barely see the date on it. So, I paid six dollars for the roll, $8.95 for shipping, $1.99 transaction fee. So it cost me $16.94 for a roll of pennies valued at 50 cents. Their confirmation stated, how I won such a valuable treasure. I have removed myself from their web site.


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