Two Men and a Truckworst move ever

Fletcher, NC

Last Saturday, I had Two Men and a Truck signed up to move me. It was a complicated move because my mother recently passed away so I was basically moving two houses into one. The woman I spoke with on the phone initially was very nice and very professional. I told her that it was a lot of stuff, that I had packed it all myself and that, particularly, there were a lot of large heavy plants.

The movers came to my house, looked around and told me that they couldn't move my stuff: it was too dirty. Huh. I might not be the best housekeeper in the world but we're really not talking boxes dipped in raw sewage here. We're talking mostly liquor store boxes, all packed and taped up. Half of the boxes had been sitting in the garage so, yes, they were dusty but they were sealed. They said that they didn't want to move used boxes in their truck. They said that my futon mattress, which has an old water stain on it, might be a biohazard in their truck. They said that since I have dogs, there was animal dander on the boxes and therefore they wouldn't move anything. I couldn't believe it.

Since I had no choice whatsoever, I told them to go on and do the other half of the move. They went over to my mother's house, which is immaculately clean and animal free. Well. They refused to move most of those boxes as well, since they were also used boxes. Then they refused to move the plants.

When they got to my new house, they were surly, uncooperative and rude. We specifically asked them to put some things that were going to my daughter's house towards the front of the garage. They buried them in the back - in fact, I had to hire different movers to come and rearrange the garage for me. They refused to move the couch into the living room, claiming that it wouldn't go through the door. Interestingly enough, some friends of mine moved it through the door that night with no trouble at all.

I've never had an experience like this before. They were completely terrible and I will never, ever hire them again or recommend them to anyone. Get the word out and do not use this company.

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