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1 London, England, Greater London, United Kingdom Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 44 207 832 3331

I placed an order with on the 3rd June 2008 and gave them my debit card details online. This was for a DVD package which was supposed to be delivered within 7 days of placing the online order. I have received an email update everyday from the company stating that the goods are still out of stock and I have called the company several times. emails bounce back and nobody picks up the phone so I am assuming they are a hoax company. I have just checked with my bank and it would appear that this company haven't made any charge to my card so maybe they are just a crap company rather than a hoax company, however eitehr way, I think they need to be investistgated as alot of time has been wasted trying to ascertain what is going on with my order. I have now cancelled my online order and hope that my card doesn't get charged at a later date.

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  • Be
      2nd of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes - Also see!
    Denmark complaints. It's the same company. I ordered a DVD box set yesterday, but after reading many complaints of the two companies ( and I canceled my order. I can't get in contact with any of the companies today, therefore I closed my credit card to prevent them to abuse my credit card.

  • Jo
      8th of Aug, 2007
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    I brought dvds from all my favorite shows last month now i am from Australia and spent $780.00. I got one dvd and you should see it its a copy it was broken the dvds have writing all over it and i am trying to contact them but the web site wont work now. I just want to cancel the rest of the order and get my money back. Now i have to cancel my creditcard. I cant believe i got sucked into it.

  • Ke
      6th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes - Fraud & cheating!
    United States

    I ordered something one month ago, after promises of the product. They don't respond to your emails. They respond to live chat but it is just empty promises.


  • Jo
      9th of Oct, 2007
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    TV addicts are a bunch of crooks. I've ordered DVD's from them in May 2007 and I'm still waiting. Is there somewhere we could lodge a complaint against them?

  • Li
      10th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    I orderd Gargoyles DVD set on Nov.11 2007 still to this day no product price $71.00. I have cancelled this orderd threw the bank. Thank you all for your information. I could never get anyone on the phone or email. I hope someone get these people to stop this fraud.

  • Ch
      18th of Dec, 2007
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    I too have been suckered!! My total order was $78. I was charged $85 on my card, and it's been three weeks and no dvds!! I call ("call us 24/7") and I'm told to leave a message!!!! How are these crooks still in business!!!!! Why won't someone shut these M****r[censored]rs down!!!

  • Sy
      9th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes - Terrible service!
    United Kingdom

    I ordered the complete series of COVER UP from on 28 december2007. the company has already taken payment from my bank. they first acknowledged receiving my order and promised that i will receive it as soon as possible. Then i received emails asking me to supply my order number, but when i do so i receive no reply. This has been going since december 2007.

  • Ra
      12th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes - DVD's paid for not received!
    Australian Capital Territory

    I paid for full season of Crossing Jordan and Judging Amy but have not received the goods from TVAddicts.TVShow company.As I work for a Federal Government Department, I shall be taking this matter to the Fraud Section for a full investigation. I have sent this company an email stating this fact and shall await their reply.

  • Jo
      12th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    Hi. I ordered the full seasons of That 70s Show for a total of 118.52. I ordered them a little before christmas and it was going to be a late christmas present for my wife. They took the money out of my bank account on 12/26/07 and it is now 02/12/08 and I still have not recieved my dvds. I got an email right after I ordered them saying the Canada Post was going to be sending it and along with a tracking number. I tried to go on the Canada Post website and search for my package to find out when I should expect it and it said it was unable to find my tracking number in the system. And that the information may not be available if the item was recently mailed and the systems are updated daily. I tried to go on their website and talk to someone on their live chat thing and they told me that the Canada Post was behind schedule and would hurry the process as much as possible and told me that the Canada Post was going to be updating their system and I should try to search for it again. I tried to search for it again and again and still I got the same message as before. I then have emailed them about four times asking them why I haven't recieved them and gave them the tracking order for the Canada Post and the order number for the dvds. I only got two responses to my four emails. The first one told me that by their records it shows it was shipped out and that basically I need to try to locate my package using my tracking number on the Canada Post website and delivery takes about 2-4 weeks. But it's been way more than 2-4 weeks. The second email basically told me I didn't include a lot of information so they couldn't help me. But they responded to one of the emails I was not too happy on and didn't feel like writing the order number or tracking number again. I did find out by looking at other website that people have commented on that is the same people who do So alot of people are getting scammed out of this. Some people said they have recieved emails stating to call 1-877-7-TV-SHOW for comments and customer service. I haven't called the number yet just because I don't want them collecting my phone number or something just in case. Some people have called and said that they either don't get an answer or it says there is no one available to take their call and their hours are from 10am eastern - 2am eastern. What is going on? I'm very upset about this and I want something to be done about this. I've printed out all the emails I had and my bank account information when they took it out. I hope someone can figure something out soon.

  • Mi
      16th of Feb, 2008
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  • Ge
      19th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes - rip off
    United States

    This company has kept us on the hook for 3 months. They promised to deliver but nothing ever showed up. They even charged our card - which we had to get taken off. Don't buy ANYTHING from this company.

  • Cm
      24th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    Ordered the full season of Spencer for Hire in December. It is now February and I have not received the item and i have neither received a reply/response to my emails nor my phone calls.
    I too got an email right after I ordered saying that my order had been shipped through the Canada Post along with a tracking number. I too tried to go on the Canada Post website and search for my package to find out when I should expect it and it said it was unable to find my tracking number in the system.
    I have since forwarded another email to the company, TvAddicts, requesting a refund. No response has been received to date. This is disgusting!!

  • Ki
      6th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    We ordered the Scrubs series on 08/09/07 for $130.00 plus $29.00 shipping. I consider that a sizable amount. We received the set but out of 17 DVD's only one plays. We contacted them right away and were told that they would replace the set. That was 7 months ago. After many attempts at sending emails and making phone calls we still have not been able to contact them. The emails come back as "undeliverable" and when we call by phone get a recording... "this number is temporarily unavailable please try again in a few hours". They should have said months because that is how long it has been. After all of the complaints I have read about this company something should be done.

  • Pa
      7th of Mar, 2008
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    I ordered "Rescue 8" DVD's from DVD Avenue TV, for $89.16 back in August of 2007.
    They sent me a cartoon "Courage the cowardly dog", I contacted DVD Avenue for an exchange.
    I have not received my correct order, I have sent many e-mail and made phone calls.
    They no longer have a working phone, and the live chat line is no longer working.
    I have compained to the "BBB" and my state attorney general with no results.
    Is there anyone out there that can tell me what I can do to resolve this problem.


  • Tm
      18th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    Ordered dvd's on 12/5/07. Not yet rec'd. Placed numerous calls. Sent numerous emails. Only one response. Gave me trk # for Canada Post which clearly states it is not in their system.

  • To
      25th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes - Fraud and harassment!
    United States
    Phone: 800-787-1219

    They also call themselves:

    1-800-787-1219 will get through but you will get no where with them. File a complaint with the Florida BBB as that appears to be where the call center is. Encourage others to do the same and post back on Complaints board often.

  • Se
      1st of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    I place my order on january, and at this time i haven't recived anything. the thing is, What can we do about it???
    Ii have click on the link that they put on the e-mail to cancel and refund my order, try to call by phone and no ones available.

    Any sugestions?

  • Co
      28th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have a serious complaint, and I am not sure who is receiving this.
    The complaints I see in the complaint site are noteworthy. However, I simply cannot find an email address for to complain directly.

    Also, I was pretty amazed to not find my country listed in their menu of countries in their online order form. I am from Canada.
    There were some pretty obscure places in that list, and Canada, although the second largest political landmass on the planet, was somehow missed by this company. And, the online order form would not allow me to manually enter my country's name.

    I had intentions of purchasing a television series from but if they aren't aware that a country the size of Canada even exists, I suppose they'd find it impossible to ship any merchandise there anyway.

    Cory Ollikka

  • Tv
      28th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    As a big fan of the brilliant legal drama, "The Practice", I searched the net to find its DVD releave, to no avail, as of 28/4/2008, except of Vol. One.

    I heard a full release of all the episodes of David. E. Kelly's "The Practice" may not be possible due to
    problems with intellectual property rights issues with the authors of the music used in the drama.

    However, I stumbled upon a site - Quite surprisingly, the site was advertizing there are as many as THREE sets of "The Practice", including ALL the episodes. Immediately, I felt something fishy, for a couple of hours long internet search repeatedly confirmed to me that there is no other DVD released, except for Vol. One. So I wondered what this is all about.

    Especially so, since the site does have NO email address, not to mention any phone number.
    I was thinking; if something goes awry, there must be no recourse for a prospective customer to
    turn to. This site struck me as quite eerie and weird in that it doesn't publicize any information
    about themselves.

    Thus, I dissuaded myself from making a hasty order at site; I searched more about the site itself. And! I realized lots of innocent buyers are making complaints about this site.

    There must be something to be done with this site: whether that site is functioning at all, or whether that site is fradulent or phantom.

    I wouldn't buy anything on that site at least until I can secure an email address of theirs and a phone number of theirs, all of which MUST be working.

    I only hope the site is not fraudulent, and every complaint can be addressed fully.

    *** Until then, I would like all the other prospective customers to be wary and make
    yourself keep posted about the true identity of the site, called .

  • De
      12th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Fascinating. Try connecting to either to either or or -- the sites no longer exists.

    SOMEone has been reading here.

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