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Order one of their hair products two months ago, got a phone call from a manager of tv shop claiming to refuse my order and promised to send me refund which may take up to 14 days. I said ok and waited for nearly 2 months! I kept on ringing to chase up and always put on hold or left messages for the mangers to call back which they never did. Only recently I got a parcel notice from the post, collected and signed for it (with nothing indicate it is from the tv shop on the box) only to open it and found out they sent me the goods. I rang again said I didn't want the goods anymore and you had promised to refund to me however now they said because I signed the package I would be liable to pay for the shipment back to wait for the refund?!!! It has absolutely no sense nor customer service. They lied and not act to their words. Do not buy from them!!!

Feb 10, 2015
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  • Vi
      Aug 29, 2018
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    These guys at the Tv Shop are liers and predators.A really sick friend ordered a walking machine from them and within a few hours decided against it so called and said she didnt want it.She stopped the credit card and told them not to send it.The lier told her to ring at 8.30 on the Monday which she did and they told her to call back in an hour. They hadnt sent it at all until during that hour they told her to wait.It arrived and and now these thieves want money from her to send it back which doesnt add up to me.I see they have a lot of complaints with the NZ Commerce Commision.Which I will be doing as well.LETS ALL DO THIS AND PUT THE LIERS AND THIEVES OUT OF BUSSINESS.

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  • Ru
      Nov 20, 2018

    I bought 3 items from tv shop Nz and after 3 weeks I spoke to one of the staff who agreed to give me a further discount and advised me that I need to continue using the product for few months in order to get better results but when I rung them back I get told a staff will be in touch within 24 hrs but no one ever calls back and when you try to get back to them I was told the same thing again that one of the staffs will get back to you in 24 hrs and it keeps going on cycle and I noticed they have already taken a deduction from the card number they took in the begining for sending the product on trial, just be warned and be careful not to buy any product from tv shop .

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  • Vi
      Oct 02, 2019

    @Rukshar Ali same thing happened to me. I phoned immediately after receiving the wrong items and was told someone would phone me back within 24hrs to arrange replacement of incorrect delivery item. Days later after not hearing from them I had to phone again and again. Eventually someone phoned and advised that they would not be doing the replacement of items and that if I returned the incorrect ones at my cost they may charge a re packing fee too.

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  • Ch
      Jan 03, 2019

    My husband and I are returning customers after purchasing a few items which we had no problems with until we purchased the Instachill in 2018 before Christmas. We were so wrapped with the purchase as we didn't have an air cooling system in our open lounge and kitchen area which can be very hot in the summer months. After seeing the ad on tv for this product we were extremely excited as it had great reviews and seemed to do what what we were looking for which was instantly cool an area completely( as an AC unit would normally do but more cost effective). Upon receiving the unit we opened it the very next day. We followed the instructions on the booklet before use and we were not only disappointed but we were annoyed because the unit not only felt like it was blowing out normal cool air as a fan would do, it just didn't chill down. We thought we would try it in a smaller room to see what the difference was after a 3hour period and the outcome was still no different, the room and hallway were the same temperature, no chilly air, as it said on the advert from many people so we rang the customer care team to arrange a return. The man apologized and said to try placing iced water in the unit to see if that worked instead and if it did, they would take $100 off the existing price for the troubles. Not only did that sound suspicious i thought it was a sad way to influence me into keeping the item, nowhere in the advert did it say to fill the unit with ice cold water at any time, it even went on to say in the booklet provided that some units can be faulty which seemed like the most logical explanation because it didn't perform the way it said it did on the advert. After i spoke to the man about possibly trying the ice water in the unit, i changed my mind and rang back to sort out details of how to return the item, i was told from the lady that she was not able to give me the details at that time and was told that another Service person would make contact with me within 24-48 hours which did not happen, now it was during the Christmas period so i would have understood if i had to wait until working hours but the lady said i would be contacted because it was urgent i spoke to someone as i only had 30 days to return this item. I had made contact with the office today, 1 week after i was told 24-48 hours i would be called and still got an unsatisfactory reply and apology, now i have to send the item back at my own cost and i am not a wealthy person, i am a beneficiary with a young child, i am annoyed i have to pay for an item that did not do what it said it was supposed to. Not only did i get the muck around after i explained i was not happy, the man tried to make me keep the item and change the conditions of use for it and bribe me with a discount, the item didn't go so why would i want to pay nearly $500 for an item that did exactly what a cheap fan would do? After speaking with a man today, and expressing my frustration about the excuses and muck around i received, he red me the terms and conditions of returned items and it was at that moment i realized it was at my own cost to send the item back, and even though he extended my money back guarantee time, i felt the least they could do was pay for the item to be shipped back because i did not receive what i ordered. Now i am angry, he sent me an email with the return details and terms and also sent me another email asking if i change my mind and choose to keep it, or pass it onto a friend they will take $150 off the price? Why would i want to give this unit to someone else or keep it if it doesn't perform as it says on tv? NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!

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  • Vi
      Oct 02, 2019

    Similar thing happened to me... I have purchased many things in the past but I CERTAINLY WILL NOT BE DEALING WITH THEM IN THE FUTURE

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  • Be
      Oct 02, 2019

    They are just So Terrible Lairs very bad customer behavior and just dont deal with them the commerce commission should ban their business.The trouble is they call from all countries around the world the same as the phone scammers. Related Who knows Maybe!!!

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