I purchased one month's subscription (online tuition) for my daughter in the month of March 2010. After starting to take sessions I was not satisfied with the tutors and the management. After I threatened to cancel my subscription one of the customer care representative contacted me on phone and she promised me to take my account to American website. Being new to online tuition she lured me and I extended my subscription for full one year by paying all amount in advance which was $600 US. Soon everything got changed. They reduced my tutoring hours from 60 per month to 40 per month. And now at the start of this month, they have again reduced the tutoring hours from 40 hours per month to 30 hours per month. When I tried to contact them, they did not responded me.
From the last 2-3 months I am being harassed by the behaviour of and my daughter is suffering from her studies because she was totally dependent on online tuition.
Now my submission is kindly get the issue resolved or manage cancellation of the subscription and refund, because they are neither refunding nor canceling the susbcription.

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