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Turner Ace Hardware / job loss!

1 5827 Arlington Rd.Jacksonville, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 904-734-8888

I was hired by mr. Turner on 02/26/2008 and let go 0n 03/14/2008. I was in the store looking for an item when I just happened to mention to the employee that was helping me how the company I was currently working for had not given me any hours for three weeks. As it turned out a thirteen year lawn & garden employee had just quit and mr. Turner was desperate for help. I was handed an application to fill out immediately and was doing so when mr. Turner asked if I could start right then. I replied that I would like to let my current employer know I was leaving and would the next day be ok which was agreed on. I was put in the vacated dept. That I had told mr. Turner I had not worked with since 1969 and at the time seemed to make no difference to him. I was shown what was needed to be done and was trying to get the feel of a new place and position plus learn all of the other things I was not familiar with throughout the store. I will mention I have a good knowledge of the vast majority of the other hardware sold in the store. Apparently mr. Turner could not wait and hired some one younger with more experience. He also had his store manager doug call me at home to tell me I was no longer on the schedule. He wasn't even man enough to tell me himself. So here I sit 56yrs. Old and jobless in todays economy after being hired under the premise of a full time job. I do not want to sound like I am whining but I feel used by and taken advantage of by mr. Steve turner by leading me into thinking I now had full time employment with benefits then sending me to the jobless line. This is not a very good representative of the ace hardware corp. , though I am sure they could care less.
If there is any way I could hit him where it hurts the most, and with him it would be his wallet and the reputation of his business, I would dearly love to do it.

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