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Tuition Painters / Non-negotiable checks etc.

1 multiple King Street, Alexandria, VA, United States
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I've had an overwhelming response from all of the 08 Ds's as well as some from 07. I've been told that I'm going to be sued by the company if I continue to send out surveys and complaints such as these. The reason I was doing this was because Friday was the last straw for me. Paul has refused to pay me, my sub-contractor who is diabetic and needs insulin, has written me and/ or my sub contractors three bad checks, has ruined my reputation with all of my customers and painters, lied to me and everyone else about the S.W accounts and about training my inadequate painters and has refused to give me a copy of my contract and financial statements after several requests.

It appears that many of us are in the same boat. I deal with Paul on a frequent basis seeing that I live 5 minutes from the corporate office. I've produced $16000 for the company in the one month I was producing. I never told Paul I was going to quit but hes already terminated my access to the TP database and sent me a letter saying he intended to sue if I continue reaching out to others. I have no doubt in my mind that Paul is planning on screwing over a lot of DS's at the end of the summer just like he did last year. He has close to 40 Better Business Bureau complaints against him and many many lawsuits including an astronomical debts. I've also been informed by my attorney that Paul's Contractors license for the state of VA has expired and therefore I've been at great legal risk. IF YOU ARE A CURRENT DS THEN YOU BETTER CHECK FOR YOUR STATES LICENSING BECAUSE PAUL MAY NOT HAVE IT.

I've told Paul that he just needs to pay my sub-contractor the FULL amount owed and I will go away but Paul insists on doing things his way and possibly even taking legal action against ME! so I'm forced to protect myself. After talking to my lawyer a class action lawsuit would be VERY EASY to put together and we would be able to put that together by September. My advice to any current DS's is to shut down production and ban together with everyone. He can screw over one of us at a time but he can't screw us all over together. YOU CAN CONTACT ME IF YOU'RE A FORMER 2007 OR A FORMER 2008 DS. IF YOUR CURRENTLY STILL WORKING WITH TUITION PAINTERS, PLEASE DON'T EMAIL ME OR CALL ME. I CAN'T HELP YOU.

Anyone thinking about becoming a future DS? Please do yourself and your family a favor and STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

Thanks for reading,

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