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I recently took a travel position with this company and they sent me out in the boonies, to a town that was 90 minutes away from a Walmart, etc. They wanted me to stay in a run down rat trap hotel and I refused. They finally put me up in a trailer (better than nothing), but made me pay the deposit, pet deposit and anything esle that went with it. I asked repeatedly for copies of my check stubs which to date some 3 months later I have not received. Each week my check would vary even though I worked the same hours. The hospital they sent me to was horrible, it was a lawsuit waiting to happen, incompetent nurses, incompetent doctors. Heaven forbid if you spoke up about the incompetencies of anything. Worst experience of my life. The hospital fired me for "taking" a free meal home from the cafeteria, which I didn't even take, I left it behind. I was so thankful to get out of that contract, but afterwards, the recruiter refused to take my calls to place me elsewhere, leaving me stranded in a town with 2 dogs and no money.

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  • Ci
      16th of Feb, 2011

    I agree. I'm about to file a lawsuit as when I was in GUAM IN JUNE, as a Medical Coder, they did a lot of fraud and Trustaff never paid me any money for my work. They are a joke and should be shut down. They also don't pay government taxes like they supposed to. Pam Oliver, Brent Loring, or and Jeff are a BIG JOKE!! They lie and if you go overseas they make sure you won't get unemployment benefits. They are violating the law of reporting taxes and other EEOC violations. Get an attorney quick!!

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  • Li
      23rd of Jan, 2016

    I was contracted in new york state and the was placed in their housing... I ended up working for housing and in order to make something i left the housing and was homeless for 5 days. I worked the night shift and slept in the library... I told another agency but they did nothing and hospital... Well ... Know one cares... Know i thought it was me and with my financial problems they brought me to california. I was here and i did not start immediately my orientation put back and it was there fault... Then give me a bonus and taxe it and then this friday i recieve 600 dollares and then they charge me for housing making my account overdrawn... This agencies needs to be closed...Immediately... I will have no choice but to break my contract.. I dont know anyone here and afraid ofbeing homeless in oakland

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  • Jo
      14th of Mar, 2018

    First of all, to the person who said she didn't get check stubs: go on ADP and pull up any and every pay stub you need.
    When you accept the per diem pay for housing and incidentals, tax free money, you agree to find your own housing. If you do some internet shopping and make phone calls before you go you will be able to find adequate housing ready to move in when you get there. You usually have to negotiate short term contracts with rental people but is do-able.
    As for not getting paychecks that is completely erroneous. How can you work for a hospital, clock in and send your timesheet to your company and not receive a paycheck???? Totally illegal!!!
    As a matter of fact I recently had issues with the "correct" timesheet one week. I got my check from Trustaff but then had to correct the error by sending in the right timesheet so Trustaff could get their money from the facility.
    Travel nursing requires some finesse. You have to be a good communicator, first with your recruiter, with your facility personnel and the nursing staff you work with. You MUST complete ALL the requirements in a timely fashion; including drug testing, fingerprinting, TB testing, Physicians statements and any other vaccines required. You must take and pass all the tests they ask you to take and, quite frankly, jump through all hoops they want you to. I have traveled across the company off and on for almost twenty years. It isn't easy and can be frustrating sometimes.
    There are liars in our world and when someone tells you or a company offers you ridiculous and ludircous amounts of money...beware! But the tax free money is awesome. I file taxes on less than half the money I make in a year.
    I worked ten years for American Mobile and have been with Trustaff for almost three years. Not paradise but what is. Take responsibility for your carreer and go see America.

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  • Jo
      14th of Mar, 2018

    AND when in Rome do as the Romans do...unless it compromises your standard of care then stand up for yourself and get the heck out of Dodge. And make sure your standards of care are the gold standard. Ask questions but take accountability for doing your job and giving your best to patient, families, fellow co-workers and the facility where you are working.
    Okay, I'm getting off my soapbox now but SERIOUSLY People?

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