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The only True thing about True, is the dedication they have to deceive the public and take advantage of them. Canceling, does Not work, you will be billed, month after month, the only way to prevent this is to change your credit card number. They are far more dangerous than any telemarketer, or scam artist, because the use loophole's in the the law to acquire the customer base, Which does not matter if they are minor's, the bottom line is's Bank account... safety and concern for other's be Damn.

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  • Pa
      17th of Nov, 2006
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    I cancelled my TRUE.COM account in September. Today, November 16th, I found out that TRUE billed me $49.99 on November 13th. I immediately called their billing department to resolve the issue. TRUE told me that I had accepted a free month of service which at no point during my call with them in September was offered to me. After a half hour getting transferred from one representative to another TRUE offered to refund me only $24.99. I have filed a complaint with the BBB, and I suggest anyone with the same issue to do the same.

  • Ch
      22nd of Nov, 2006
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    Exact same thing happened to me. I did free trial and called to cancel. I was told I would get a free month but I said I still didn't want to be billed. 1 month later today I was charged. Customer service said it was my fault for not calling back because they can't cancel accounts and give a free month. They gave me 24.99. I'll be filing with the BBB as well.

  • Jb
      29th of Nov, 2006
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    SO TRUE. I allowed my daughter to charge a month. We attempted to cancel and they gave us a free month. We made it clear they were not to charge my account after the free time. Today I found out they did charge it and they won't refund. Do not accept anything from them when you're trying to cancel--it's a scam!!

  • Va
      28th of Dec, 2006
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    True is a so-called 'lonely hearts' site that was tried briefly several months ago.. Before the 7-day 'trial period' cancelled out so as not to be charged the $49.99 and $ .99 for each of the following months. However True has been charging my AMEX card that amount each month since 08/24/06. After talking with them they claim I never "cancelled". Have contacted the card people and they are 'investigating while giving 'temporary credit. While this may be resolved the True company is addament that all charges are valid which they not.
    So I go on record to warn about this company that does not seem to do business in an upright way.

  • Ke
      18th of Jan, 2007
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    More of the same as above. I have contacted American Express as well as the BBB, Ohio and Texas Attorney General. I must say they have screwed with the wrong person

  • Va
      30th of Jan, 2007
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    I made the mistake of signing up for the 7 Day Free Trial at I didn't really want or need to join a dating service, but I figured I had nothing to lose.

    While signing up I thought I took careful notes about what it would take to cancel the subscription, noting even that it is not enough to cancel online. In order not to be charged, one must call them directly. The agreement page indicated that if I did not call to cancel my card would be charged on January 29, so I called early on January 29. The operator explained that it was CLEAR in the agreement that the cancellation had to have been made the day prior. Of course, I don't have a copy of the agreement right in front of me. Obviously, it had not been clear to me. I trust that they do have it in writing but requested they honor the spirit of the agreement. Clearly I was not searching for a loophole. I was not asking to avoid paying for services I'd used. They insisted there was nothing they could do, even the operator's supervisor said as much, but clearly it is not difficult to issue a credit on a credit card. After some hassling the supervisor did offer to extend my now paid-for subscription for an additional two months. I declined. The service itself is not great to begin with - certainly not better than - and I found both people I spoke with incredibly hostile. I am not accusing of breaching any written agreements, but I am accusing them of awful customer service, a mediocre dating service, and manipulative and confusing policies regarding canceling subscriptions. If you choose to join, be careful.

  • Mi
      4th of Mar, 2007
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    I can only disagree to the extent that B.Green seems to be letting them off easy. When I signed up, these things were not only not CLEAR, they were not present. The site has since been changed since then. The operator that I reached insisted both that (1) people must cancel by phone, and (2) I must have accidentally chosen to continue my service while trying to cancel it online. I didn't cancel and it wouldn't count if I did. The operator even said "I see where you tried to cancel in September." (I am writing this in March.)

    Since it was clear I keep trying to cancel for so long, I was offered: a "50% refund" for one month!

    This is an intentional scam. According to their customer support, there is no way to cancel online. Instead they are hoping you will choose a "free month" or "suspension"(!) which they will use as an excuse to keep charging you.

    Of course, you *can* cancel online. You can reach a page that says so, get a confirmation number, even a confirmation email. I did. But they will choose not to honor it. It is "our policy" that there is no such thing as cancelling online.

    The only way to "be careful" is not to join in the first place.

  • T
      20th of Mar, 2007
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    I've been trying to cancel my subscription for months. In Oct I guess I hit the "free trial" icon and didn't call to cancel within the 3 days. When I called, they basically gave me the same "I'm sorry, ma'am - here's a free month". I received the same spam emails from them as others have addressed. Recently, I made the mistake of opening an email. Under a picture was the "more photos" icon and... directly under that was the "3-day free trial icon". I clicked on the "more photos" and immediately received the "you have signed up for a free trial" spam. I know what I clicked on and it wasn't another free trial to this sight. Of course, talking to customer service was a waste of breath as they can do nothing but make empty promises about never sending you anything else. They of course do not refund your money - just give you lip service. I advised I wanted nothing more to do with this site, their solicitations, or their shoddy business practices. I was told I would never receive another email from them. We'll see.

  • Je
      6th of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    I joined at around 1 in the morning today, the not 3 day free trial. At 4 PM I canceled everything online, haven't quite called yet. But they charged me earlier today! They charged me BEFORE the free trial was done! What the hell? I'm calling them tomorrow, because their phone lines are only open till 7 central time, which is 5 over here.

  • Q
      6th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes is a repetitive perpetrator of fraud and other illegal business practices. I had never signed up for their service nor provided them with my credit card number. Nevertheless, I was charged three times by them every single month for nearly a year. They feigned innocence and ignorance each time I called to resolve the matter. I had to dispute the charges every month through my credit card company because would not cooperate. The only way I made any progress (i.e., at least someone purporting to try to resolve the problem and to refund the stolen money and stop charging me) was to report the company to the Better Business Bureau, which I wholeheartedly encourage for anyone having problems with This case currently remains open, and I remain very much in doubt that Beginnings LLC will start engaging in good faith business practices and am just waiting to see how it will commit its next act of fraud. For anyone interested, there is currently a class action suit against the company called Wong v. True Beginnings; I believe it's being tried in DC. (I would love to serve as a witness for the plaintiff class.)

  • Ex
      13th of Jan, 2008
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    The affiliates that and Herb Vest owe money to may need to filed a class action lawsuit. They better file it pretty quick too! There is another lawsuit against Herb Vest and the detective business he started and used to stalk the ex-fiancee. Teresa Koehlar vs Herb Vest and H.D. Vest Investigations,LLC, the 192nd District Court, Dallas Texas. Case# 07-10005. I wonder if all the legal problems and bills are behind the reason won't/can't paid their bills? Vest's 2 sons that bailed him out of trouble with 7.5 millions have tried for several years to get their money back, but Vest refuses and basically disowned them. My investigations have discovered Vest and his wife chartering a yacht that cost around $250,000 a week as long as a month. Yet can't paid his bills! The IRS should check's taxes for personal travel, personal legal fees and personal employees to start with on the company dime.

    Vest has stalked his ex-fiancee for years and there are documents, photos, videos, bills, invoices, and depositions to prove it. Beginning in July 2001. The documents show over 5 years of Vest stalking her even after Vest got married. The lead detective goes on in the depo to say Vest loved her and not his now wife. Vest has had as many as 7 people following at one time and as long as 3 months. Vest’s personal history of womanizing, threesomes with lesbians, and hookers are reflected in his ads. Can't hide your spots!

    Vest and his attorney have flat out lied to the courts and sent a letter to the court that it was “untrue.” Vest and his attorney claimed in the courts that Vest gave the fiancee 2 million beginning in 1996. Now Vest can decide who he lied and defrauded the IRS and SEC or the fiancee and the courts? Something tells me either way Vest is going to having more and bigger legal fees. I also suspect by the end of the year Vest will be in prison. He has to decide if it will be Federal or State prison now.

    Vest’s two sons loaned Vest 7.5 million when he was in financial trouble. Now Vest has disowned his sons and refused to repay. Vest has even gone as far as telling them to “prove it” and “sue me” Vest was the trustee on his oldest son’s account and without permission or knowledge that account was cleaned out by Vest. Vest’s own mother accused him of fraud and forgery by signing her name to a note issued to her when she helped her son start his business. More tax fraud on a publicly traded company?

    If Vest does this to the people that love him and he claimed to love. Is it that hard to believe that he would lie and deceive his customers and affiliates?

    Vest is living large in Dallas with a new 300K+ Maybanc car and new home in the works of millions. He hasn't paid a dime to his sons and in fact left one holding the bag for his current home. They are broke and he is riding around in a 300K car. I wonder if the car is titled to or Vest

    There is a class action lawsuit against filed in Dallas. If you have been ripped off by contact: filed by Washington D.C. based Tycko & Zavareei LLP along with Dallas, Texas based Crews, Shepherd & McCarty LLP. District Court of Dallas County, Texas, and is titled “Wong v. True Beginnings, LLC.” True Beginnings, LLC. Vest also goes by HDVE.

    It is time for the FBI, IRS, SEC, DTP, Dallas DA and Texas DA to investigate Mr. Vest.

  • Ja
      12th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    oh my god! they some how got my credit card info after riding in a cab in orange county ca. and paid 50 bucks to taxi with card that didnt post until months later but a 50 charge from true .com showed up the next day so i thought it was the taxi until i got a charge from them months later for the 50. every month they charged my car between 50 and some times as petty as 1.00 they started doing it to my boyfriends card a few months ago out of nowhere and it happened to him a year and a half ago as well. we canceled our cards thats all we can do to stop! the card company just says contact true about canceling membership and we never had any kind of membership! never! how are they getting peoples card numbers is the question.

  • Al
      2nd of Jul, 2008
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    In the last 3 months I've had over $800 in overdraft charges due to I've cancelled twice I am still getting charged. I am right now another $300 in the hole for my account on June 30 they took out 59.97 twice plus took another 49.99 out. I have had them blocked on my account which cost me $20 then I changed my account number and got a new card with a different numer and they were still able to take money out. How I'm not sure my bank is checking into it.

  • Ph
      13th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    ok, has diligently ignored giving me my refund. they scam over thousands of people a day and i believe the best thing to take this company down is to report it to your attorney general, they have the power to close it with enough complaints and suets (law suets) they agreed( i didn't agreed) giving me a partial refund of 1/3's of what i was charged for and i was persistent in getting to speak with a supervisor and they denied me of the demand. i have just now filled against them with the BBB and this time tomorrow i will be going in my attorney generals office and will be making a verbal complaint with this soul called place. also everyone check out the /link removed/ and your local attorney generals office. ... here is my email i have sent them

    Dear i have spoken to your customer service and they have adv me that i DID cancel back in April and since then i have been charged 3 months later, one charge for 9.98 at the beginning of the month and 49.99 at the end of the month the rep adv they will refund me 59, 97 trans # cas-3940585 and denied me of my full refund because he had stated that my account was re-opened. if you guys do not remove all charges for the past 3 months i will have no regret taking this to my ATTORNEY GENERAL and have them shut down your office, you guys scam people and have a negative report with the BBB along with the ROR ([redacted]) i didn't agree to taking the 59.97 the rep was persistent in giving me the 59.97 charges back but that isn't what i was charged for.. i was charged over 169.93 dollars since 4-20-08 again if this doesn't get refunded i will speak with my attorney general and shut you guys down this money you guys have taken from me was food/ gas for my kids and you guys diligently took it after i have canceled and better yet never disabled the account that was canceled.

  • To
      22nd of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    Yeah. I'm inclined to believe all this. I got the basic membership but did not get the premium plan. I knew something was up because I kept getting messages from these really hot girls and I don't even have a photo up! I don't even say anything about myself on there. I was suspicious and now my thoughts have been proven accurate. Thanks!

  • Ra
      17th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I never dared join! But they keep Emailing me every day! I've sent them pictures of my butt and told them what to kiss! LOL
    When I go to Yahoo... they pop up on the side and my Spyware Terminator turns RED and Blocks them! They are Evil!
    One Day, there will be Laws on the Internet... until then, you are fair game!

  • Ja
      5th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes - billed for something I didnt order
    United States

    I just put 200 on my card. then today my account balance was 140. I was billed from I looked it up on net, its a dating service. I do not use and dating service. they are ripping me off. I dont know where they got my card #. Any way I complained to them that I want my money back immediatly. I have purchased no service from them. thats 60 bucks. I got bills to pay. I am angry. please help and get my money back.

  • Er
      5th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Please call toll free 1.866.212.8198 and this complaint will be resolved immediately.

  • Lu
      25th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes - $.i want my money back
    United States

    the company take money and i never talk to the company to take my money and i want my money backand i dont want excuse because i never talk to take noting $49.99-$4.99-$9.98 and never talk to take no money

  • Lu
      25th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    because i never talk to company to take my money and that suck

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