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Received a puppy from this kennel about 3 years ago. When I picked up puppy from airport, she was limping. Thought it might be from a rough flight went to vet was given anti inflammatory meds and told if she continued to limp X-rays would be needed. She kept limping and was found out she had severe Elbow dysplasia in both elbows. Contacted breeder and I was blamed for the problem. I gave that puppy away because we bought it for agility and breeding. This was not possible so we kept discussing with breeder the situation and she finally honored her contract a year later. Sent us a new puppy and we never thought the 2nd puppy had the same condition as the first pup. X-rays confirmed the issue. So after all is said and done, we have sent her 2800.00 and we received 2 pups with disabilities that will ultimately shorten their life span and later in life, pain and medication needs This was a 5000.00 mistake that After all vet bills that I hope to keep others from making. The breeder has already told me multiple times she will not cooperate with me anymore. A true breeder backs their product. I am also suspect that even though she told me my pups had different parents, the pups looked so similar so I called the new owner and asked if she would let me get DNA from the pup I gave her so I can check it with my pup to see if they are siblings. The registration show different parents but what's the chance the pups I received both had the exact same medical issues

Jan 21, 2016

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      Mar 08, 2016

    This purchaser is full of lies! I backed my contract 100% and they didn't even let me know the pup was limping until months later?! Why would you wait that long! These people met the pup in person and she was fine. Also they were required to spay her when they found she had an elbow issue and they kept promising they would and so on and they never did and never could send me proof that they did. However in good faith I still sent them their replacement girl. I have still not received proof that the first female was spayed which is a major breach of contract. These people also tried claiming the pups I sent were related and I lied about the parents... I have never seen more lies come out of one persons mouth! I told them never to contact me again because of how much they disrespected me at the end and how they treated me as well as posting the same complaint multiple places even after I honored my contract as I promised and they continued to breach it!!! I have plenty of proof of emails between myself and this person!! I would also like to say the last sentence in this complaint is a compete lie yet again!! She never once asked for DNA to check pups parentage. However I offered it gladly because she claimed this is another complaint on BBB!! I have all
    My dogs DNA profiled as it is a requirement when you have imports. I also produced the DNA profiles for these dogs in repose to her compaint at BBB. I also provided proof that the sire of the first pup was neutered after he sired that litter he was bred once and only once. The depth this person is going to discredit me is disgusting!

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  • Tr
      Mar 08, 2016

    I would also like to point out I honored My contract as soon as they were ready for the other pup! I again have emails backing me!!!

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