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After finding out about a death in the family, had to make reservations through Travel, when I went online to make the reservations, I paid with my credit card, and I didn't receive a confirmation number from them, went on to another site as no confirmation number means no actual reservation, boked my room at another and got billed from them both, was told later you had to get your confirmation number online, sorry had a death in the family and left for my 400 mile drive down south right after placing my room reservation, they kept my full amount of $ 100.39 and refussed to credit my account back even thgough I never even saw the place.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Victorville, CAShoppers beware of Travel they are only a third party company that will take your money and make it impossible to get reimbursed for their mistakes, try calling travel and you'll find they have two services, complaints and extreme complaints from consumers, so as a consumer don't use Travel their customer service is just what it is a BIG RIPOFF for the consumer, deal direct with hotels cut these leeches out of your travel plans or thay will do to you as they did to all of us complaining here, and just to be aware is sistered up with and Choice before you reserve anywhere, avoid these names if you'd like to have a good vacation.

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  •   Aug 15, 2008

    My Mother-in-law passed away and we needed to go home to attend the funeral. I went to yellow pages and got the phone number to The Country Hearth Inn in Toccoa, Georgia. It was a 1-877 number. My daughter called because her husband is a deputy sheriff and gets discounts when traveling. Once she found out she was talking to someone other than the motel she told them not to bother and hung up. She called directly to the motel.

    My wife and I arrived that day, and obtained a room for $74.00 which included the tax. The next day my daughter and her husband arrived. Travel web had sent the reservation anyway. The motel had no choice but to honor the reservation due to a corporate agreement. I paid $86.00 for the same exact room as we had. Then I found a $12.00 charge on my Visa card. There was also a $1.00 charge which was removed after I contacted travel web, which is a.k.a.

    I explained to them what had taken place. I requested my money be returned. I could have contacted the Visa company but wanted them to do this on their own. I explained that if they refused to return my funds I would put the story on [redacted] They refused stating they had made the reservation.

    These people use the Internet to route business to them. Then they do whatever they need to do to get your money. The website advertised 70% off on rooms which is impossible when they charge more for a room than the motel itself, then they stick a charge on it for their 'trouble'! I gave them plenty of opportunity to correct their error but it appears they value the $12.00 more than their reputation.

    So to re-cap, I paid $74.00 for a room on Monday night in a small north Georgia town which I walked in and rented. Next evening I paid $86.00 for a room travelweb reserved when they were instructed not to. And they charged $12.00 for this 'service'. I paid $98.00 for the room my daughter and her husband got. I paid $74.00 for a room I got. And they advertised 70% savings. I don't see it. (It has been a long time since I was in school but I don't think math has changed that much)!

    Beware, if you need accommodations DO NOT use these thieves. They mislead you and then take your money. I suppose they don't mind ripping people off. If they get everyone in the U.S. alone for $12.00, they will make a great deal of money. It appears to me they don't care about customer satisfaction.

    My father taught me years ago that if you do someone right they may not tell anyone. But if you do someone wrong they will tell everyone. I passed this on to them and they obviously don't care. So here it is. I hope they will address this and respond to it. I hope everyone that is traveling sees this and is made aware of what these people will do to them. BEWARE!!!

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  • Dl
      Jul 10, 2009

    Their mistake? No YOU made two reservations. This is your problem.

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  • Wr
      Sep 17, 2010

    My husband and I booked 2 different hotels in the same town - Not knowing what the other was doing. My husband clicked on Hampton Inn, and under this hotel listing was a telephone number to call. So, he called it and was connected to TravelWeb. Did you know this is a website out of India?? My husband could barely understand the man on the other end of the phone. Booked a hotel for us at Hampton Inn through this "so called" agency. Without OUR knowledge...TravelWeb then charged our account for the FULL amount of the bill. NO SERVICES WERE REDERED!!!
    After realizing that we both booked rooms for the same weekend/night at 2 different hotels. We decided to call and cancel the most EXPENSIVE reservation made through TravelWeb. We then were DENIED a cancellation! Or should I say...A refund of OUR money! Did I mention to you that we were BILLED for a service that wasn't rendered??? The FULL amount of this room was $124.32 We basically are out this money unless we go and stay at the Hampton Inn for the night. Did I even mention that I found a Nicer hotel for $30 cheaper in the same town right down the road?? Yes, people please be careful! By the way, the Hampton Inn refused to help us either claiming they had NO control of the reservation made through

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  • Jr
      Sep 22, 2015

    Travel Web is a scam you get no confirmation email they booked the room charged my account as a prepay and will not refund the night. I needed to cancel and I gave 72 hours notice but their policy does not say no refunds.

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  • Ke
      Jul 22, 2017

    I needed a room for two nights and googled Sheraton, the first website to pop up alluded to it being the Sheraton's reservation site, so I went there. It even said Sheraton on the site and I proceeded to book my dates. A confirmation of my dates along with "best deal" came up in Canadian dollars for $612. It said: 2 nights, two guests, premium room with King size bed, and breakfast. No where on the page did it say anything about "per night" or extra fees may apply. So I thought, oh good deal, and booked it, still thinking it was on the Sheraton site. I submit and go to next page and fill out everything, name, address, visa etc, expecting a summary page showing charges, so that I could confirm or decline based on final figure. Nope. It just confirmed my room, and gave me the non-refundable charge of $1708. Which apparently was two nights at $612. + taxes = $1708. I called within seconds of completing the transaction and was told it was nonrefundable and noncancellable. I called Sheraton to see if they could at least book me a cheaper room and credit me back, because I felt duped and misled. Nope. Sheraton basically told me they are not responsible and said that I had been booked by TravelWeb which is formally Priceline supported by GetARoom and I would have to try and get my money back from them. They gave me two numbers to call, one rang ten times then went straight to a busy signal. The other number was dispatched through India and of course they basically gave me the run around and ended with a "sorry, nonrefundable." Even my own credit card company could not reverse the charge. I also blame Sheraton for allowing their trademarked name to be used on a site like this and the devious way the "best deal" price was displayed making it seem it was all-inclusive. This is a very sketchy way of doing business and I will not Ever book with Sheraton Hotels at all, and I will be very wary never to accidentally get transported onto TravelWeb/Get A Room site EVER AGAIN!!! 100% BULLSTU[censored]

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