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Travel Exclusive / Scam and cheating

1 1746 E. Silver Star Road -Suite 226Ocoee, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 407-375 6536

This is a new scheme/scam that preys on people trying to sell their timeshares. I received a postcard that Travel Exclusive was going to be in my area and was contacting people who wanted to have an offer made oon their timeshare. We had to call the company to be sure our Timeshare unit was of value to the company before they would set up an appointment for the meeting. It was.

My wife and I got to the hotel conference room for the meeting. There were about ten people sitting at large round tables, with a presenter telling everyone how bad time shares are. How people are tired of paying annual fees that escalate, and how it is impossible to sell time shares.

However Travel Exclusive was willing to make an offer and then transfer your time share to another company that rented out vacation properties.

The bottom line offer is: Travel Exclusive wanted you to GIVE THEM the time share for nothing -- and then PAY THEM as much as $3, 000 for closing costs, transfer fees and other bogus expenses. That's their offer. 'YOU PAY US TO TAKE YOUR TIME SHARE OFF YOUR HANDS.'

At least one other couple walked out during the presentation. My wife and I met for five minutes with one of their consultants to be sure we understood the offer correctly and we then walked out. There is nothing illegal about what these people are doing. But it is underhanded that people waste several hours going to this meeting -- hoping for an offer -- and that offer is truly bogus.

Just a word of caution -- in my opinion, any mailing from Travel Exclusive should be looked at very carefully. Read between the lines and then trash it.


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  • Al
      2nd of Nov, 2008
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    My parents just fell prey to this scheme. they paid $3495 to "unload" their timeshare. They paid by credit card about a week ago. Any suggestions on how to get their money back and get out of this"deal"?

  • Fu
      27th of Mar, 2009
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    I do not fully agree with this complaint.. i met with travel exclusive back in October of 2008 and i am very satisfied with them.
    Their title company called me within days of meeting with them and deciding that it was something i would be interested in doing. Their title company was very helpful and didnt hesitate to give me their lisence, bond, and insurance information and helped me out every step of the way.
    my timeshare is now out of my name and i will never have to worry about paying another dime for maintenance fees. i paid many companies $500 listing fees to try to sell my property, THOSE ARE SCAMS. at least with this, it was actually taken out of my name and they did what they said they were going to do, not just take the money and run!
    i dont think it is something that will work for everyone. but you cant even sell your timeshare on ebay for 1 penny, let alone get what you paid for it back!
    this company, in my opinion, is a very good company and does what they say they are going to do and i am happy with my decision to go with them!

  • Tr
      31st of Mar, 2010
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    and this ^ of course is another "employee" of the company trying in thier best effort to sound like a satisfied customer. What their reply doesnt state is any FEES they had to pay, they even go as far as to spill some of the sales pitch they use at their meetings by saying, "you cant sell your timeshare on ebay for a penny". The truth of this company is that YOU WILL PAY 3, 495, giving THEM your timeshare. And depending on how naive, old, and gullible you look they will try to get you to pay even more. YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE A CHECK, or money at all. THEN, they will turn around and sell your property on ebay for 1$. IF YOU TRULY WANT TO GET OUT OF YOUR TIMESHARE. CALL YOUR RESORT and ask them HOW MUCH thier transfer fee is (usually anywhere from $50-$200) andjust do it yourself.

  • Sh
      6th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    As a former client of Travel Exclusive, I will say that yes you will be charged a couple thousand dollars to give them your property, and you wont see a penny except maintenance fees, late maintenance fees and whatever else from your resort. I paid 5.795 for them to transfer 2 of my timeshares... that was over a year ago. They are EXTREMELY rude, in fact, the nicest they've ever sounded was when they scheduled my appointment, as soon as they got my money and I called them for a status update their whole tone had changed. I ended up filing a dispute against them, and when I had done so, they called me very upset asking why I filed a dispute I told them that my credit score had been lowered becuase of thier refusal to pay my maintenance fees like they had promised...THEY HUNG UP ON ME!!! I filed a complaint with the BBB and Attorney Generals offfice after I ended up finding out they have a history of doing this to so many people...I don't wish anybody go through what I went through.

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