Transfer America / My complaint comes from their phone call tactics

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I was contacted to go to a meeting regarding my time share property. I went and was shown videos indicating how bad it is to get into time share in any way or form. They lead you to the place where it is a liability instead of a property of any worth. This may be true.

My complaint comes from their phone call tactics that when I asked them specifically what they will do for me they would not answer and of course lead you on to go to the waste of time meeting where at the end they want you to pay them $3500 to get rid of the timeshare you have. It was a complete waste of my time and gas to go to this meeting. It is again questionable if all the letters they showed me that people wrote thanking them for their service- it could be written by anyone. If you get contacted by these people my advice is not to waste your time. They should have JUST said that is what they were doing up front!


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