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Traffic Police, Pune / Corrupt word is too small for Pune's Trafic Police

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Subject: Corrupt word is too small for Pune's Trafic Police

On 21st October 2007, I halt my car at kalyani nagar area near Mariplex and standing outside of my car as waiting for someone.

In few minutes one towing vehicle arrived near to my car, I got conscious and found that I am at “No Parking location”- No Parking Board was hardly visible.

Traffic Constable (Mr. Santosh Mahtre, shastri Nagar Choky) jumped out of Towing truck (MH 12 BB 9331) and was keen to settle case without paper, As a responsible citizen I refused and as I was ready to pay fine, I asked him to write receipt. He wrote 2 receipt of Rs 100/- (No Parking fine), Rs 200/- Towing charges. Same he did for another car owner nearby who got jammer at his car and was ready to pay fine.

We both victims realized and raised concern that without physical towing how can they charged with Towing charges. Now the driver of towing vehicle became leader of all, said “Let me show you what is called towing” and put anchors at my front bumper fiber fins (not at regular towing points) and rapidly raised towing m/c, resulting good damage to my car. Till this point we were surrounded by huge public, everyone supported us as towing receipt was fraud (no signature/ no printed serial numbers), no towing was done, no parking challan also has signature of some other officer. The moment we demanded to call senior officer to complain about and resolve the matter, constable and driver became too polite and returned money immediately. We received a huge applaud by crowd. Feeling embarrassed towing team flew away from spot with no delay.

In a second I realized that officer didn’t gave me my driving license back, I followed truck in my car but knowingly they were not stopping truck not even giving me side to overtake them. Truck was driven horribly, resulting striking out 2 bike riders on road and damaging divider. Finally after following them for 5 KM (with full dipper and continuous horn), one 2 wheeler came in middle at crossing forcing them to stop their truck, officer immediately thrown my lic. When I was picking my Lic. from road, they vanished from Spot.

I manage to capture photographs of whole event and showed them to PSI Mr. Thorat (Shastri Nagar Choky). He shown no interest in this matter and just ask me to forget it (When I keep on visiting him around 4/5 times).

Not sure what should I do and where should I put my complaint.


I have all proofs & photos with me if required. Let me know when would I expect this matter to be published. This will help me putting pressure over senior officers and teaching them a lesson.

Thanks and Regards,
Sandeep Jain
[protected] (Pune)

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  • Gu
      17th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    You are absolutely right.. I live in aundh and faced a similar problem. I had a Royal enfield and I was in bank, I came to know they are towing all bikes outside I rushed and saw that they picked all bikes except enfield may be it was too heavy for them. I was ready to pay fine but he was charging 100 for fine and 50 for lifting it...

    I said if you havent lifted why should I pay after a little reluctancy that guy returned 50 bucks.. It seems they have made a bussiness out of this.

  • De
      25th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    Congrats Sandeep for taking the stand against corruption.

    I suggest you follow up with the following. Meet with the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) with a letter outlining what happened with the names of the constable, and the PSI that you followed up with. Let the DCP know that you expect to get a resolution else you will be filing a Right To Information (RTI) as to what is being done about this. Ask the DCP for his business card/phone no. Also send a copy of the letter by Registered Post to the Commissioner of Police and let the DCP know this.

    Give them 30 days to resolve this and if you do not hear from the DCP, phone the office and find out. Should you be stonewalled (ignored), file a RTI application with the Public Information Officer of the Police and watch them beg for your mercy.

  • Fa
      13th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes


    Corruption is killing India.
    Join the drive to weed out the mostly corrupt lot of administration in India which is more than 98%.

  • Ma
      9th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    no comments for the ### they are not from onr father they can sell their mother u were lucky to get out

  • Su
      23rd of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    You are correct. But you can't fight alone. Goverement does not take care of the same. We pay taxes. Even PM admits... out of 1 ruppee... 10 paisa goes to proper reason. Now i am capturing snaps to put everyting on blogs. Same will be shared with news channel. Hope somebody will be there who does not believe in Khabugiri.

  • Ni
      29th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hello Sandeep jain,

    you are hero, people avoid wasting their time on such matters due to important office works, but please follow up the matter with higher authorities till you get justice plus publish this matters in pune newspapers, dont get afraid with police rude behaviour, people should come forward with such corrupt and trouble making practices with us public, may organisations are with you.please fight till you get apologies plus suspension of towing officers, please follow up with mr. manoj patil, pune 's traffic commissioner, thanks.
    -niranjan inamdar

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