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i requested to change of account manager due to unethical behaviour of him ( mr. T.Suneel ) with mail and attached letter 4 days back to the head of the department. I did not receive at least
reply to my mail. Hence i called to land line number of company, somebody replied that sunil is not sufficient for you, and he said that he would be called me back, there is no calls till now.Today even they did not lift the phone at least. Account is not attending any body as that seeing positions of currencies.Also it is difficult to look after my account as i am attending my duties, hence i request to allot a responsible person to look after my account
yours faithfully
a/c no. [protected]
traders tfx, ttfx
house, global gateway 8,
rue la de perie
providence, mahe, seychelles, mumbai, india

Sep 04, 2017

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