Tracy J Bernardo Sacramento Web Design Group / Conman and online scam artist Will take your money and slander you for speaking out.

1 915 L Street, Suite C-325, Sacramento, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 9165728084

Tracy Bernardo of is a cheat, liar, scammer, bait and switch thief, takes contracts and does not turn over the payment on the breeder's piglet. He is filled with lies, deceits, misrepresentations. He is not a breeder. He is a broker and reseller out to make money. He does not care about the piglet, the person buying the piglet, or the breeder from whom he may or may not turn over the contract and payment. Over and over again. We have been contacted by those that were cheated by Mr. Tracy J. Bernardo. They had waited months to get a piglet from his website, he sent a completely different piglet.

He was terminated in January 2012, yet the piglet pictures on his website are the piglets produced, bred, and owned by Piggy Essence. He refuses to take down the Piggy Essence piglet pictures. He will sell the piglet in the picture, only to send weeks and sometimes months later a piglet from another unknown breeder. He does not have barns. He is not a breeder. He resells at higher prices. He has attacked long suffering and waiting buyers in emails and at their place of work. He threatens them and has called them as late as midnight to intimidate. He is vicious, rude, nasty, mean, lies, smears, and will do whatever it takes to keep selling piglets as the breeder, when he is not. Some cheated clients have hired attorneys and are pursuing this legally. Bait and switch is a criminal offense. We have also received calls and emails from cheated clients where it was clear that he is double selling piglets on his website.

Mr. Tracy Bernardo was terminated on 1-20-12 due to several of his clients realizing that he was only a broker taking their money and not contacting me with the sale or money, so they could get their piglet. He has been repeatedly asked to take down my piglet pictures. He refuses. He gets contracts and payments, then does an unethical bait and switch by trying to provide another piglet from another breeder.

If he didn't get exposed like he did he would still be out there slandering his victims, harassing them, accusing them of being his competitors, and threatening them. It's sad when you realize lunatics like him are out there doing business with people for selfish reasons. He's trying so hard to cover up his tracks by buying multiple domain names with his name on it in order for it to cover his scam reports on Google search engines when someone types his name. You reap what you sow, you cannot have over 22+ victims and think you can create a new business with a clean slate knowing damn well you make your living deceiving others with no care in the World for them only to bring them down!

He plays mind games with his victims, he lies in a snap of a finger, he says whatever it takes for you to feel comfortable so that you won't question him but all he's doing is stringing you along with his lies and deceit. This is his whole motive, he's a sociopath, he has crafted his speech and words to manipulative people because generally people are good and trusting and Tracy Bernardo knows that fact and takes advantage of it! After he lies and screws his victims over he does not care nor has a worry in the World, it takes a real nasty SOB to have over 22+ victims and have never once apologized or shown remorse for his own actions, instead he goes on the defense and attack.

He also tried to sell his broker pig website on Flippa with the following.

Basic stats:
Page views per month: 412, 101
Uniques per month: 80, 374
Gross monthly revenue (avg): 0
Net monthly profit (avg): 0
Current price: $50, 000
BIN price: $200, 000

Once again he's a liar trying to scam people, he claimed in one month he made $45k alone. That's impossible from a broker, which it was proven he was! He said his commission from each pig was $500, so let's do the math, 500x90 = 45k. He'd have to sell 90 teacup pigs to make $45k, once again this monster was caught in a lie trying to sell a tainted website that isn't worth much for $200k. Pathetic, he tried the same thing with his financial broker website. He resulted to scamming his customers because the $500 commission wasn't enough for him and he wanted the full money. Good thing no one bought the tainted website! A lot of people started to question his supposed revenue and Tracy got defensive and started deleting comments, if his statements were true he shouldn't get offensive and prove them wrong, yet he knew they were catching onto his scam so he started deleting comments, sick!

Read his auctions here.

Mar 8, 2014

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