Toyota Universe, Little Falls NJfraudulent practice

On Monday November 26th 2018, I received a call from Toyota Financial Services asking for a payment for a 2019 Toyota Corolla purchased on September 17, 2018. I was told that I was the co-signer for this loan. I informed the worker that I did not co-sign for any car at any point in my life. I was then told that they had my social security number and other information and once again I told them that I did not co-sign for any car. I was then told to file a police report. At this point I was furious and started to think that it had to be someone at the dealership because I purchased a car several years from this dealership. So I decided to call the dealership to find out how this could happen and was treated very badly and like I was at fault. So after a few minutes speaking to the manager and asking questions, it was discovered that a lot of information that they had for the purchase did not match the information they had for me on file. I was told to come to the dealership where we can sort this out.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Little Falls, NJ I told them I was an hour and 20 minutes away but I will be there after I get off of work. When I arrived at Toyota Universe in Little Falls, NJ, I met with the Manager Tyrone Teel who was so disrespectful and didn't have any empathy for the fact my identity was stolen, I was surprised, angry and hurt. I gave that dealership my business a few years back and this is the way they would treat me was shameful and unprofessional. As I explained to him that I was told to come here and things would be taken care of, he just said, "We can't check everyone who comes in here to purchase a car to see if their credentials matches up". I thought that was the most unprofessional thing a manager could say. As I was asking to see the paperwork they had and was willing to show them whatever I had, I was told that they weren't going to do that and I needed to leave . At this point I still couldn't understand why I was being treated like the criminal when my whole life could change with someone walking around with my information. So I left the dealership hurt and confused and went to the Little Falls police department to file a report. I am now waiting to see what I'm supposed to do next.

Nov 29, 2018

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