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Toyota Motor Sales / I will never buy another toyota

1 19001 South Western Ave.Torrance, CA, United States Review updated:
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I sent this letter to the president of toyota, usa. but, they dont feel any responsibility.

Michael e gillum

155 circle tree drive

Beckley, wv 25801

(304) xxx-xxxx

January 7, 2009

Office of the president

Toyota motor sales, usa., inc.

19001 south western ave.

Torrance, ca 90501

Re: vin 2t1kr32e83c074706 � case #�s [protected], [protected], etc..

On november 29, 2008 I bought a 2003 toyota matrix with 44, 598 miles on it. after about 500 miles (about a week after buying the car) the check engine light came on, it was over a quart low on oil and had a engine code p0420. a couple of days later I checked the oil again and it had used over another quart. I was told the pcv valve could be bad so I had it replaced and the oil topped off. after this, I drove the car 50 miles and it used around 2/3 a quart of oil. I called the toyota experience center and told them the problems I was having and they told me to take it to the local dealer to have it checked. the person I talked to, looked up the vin # and told me that the engine on this car had been rebuilt at 41, 459 miles, in november 2007 at headquarters toyota, in miami, florida. he also told me that toyota would probably pick up the repair since it had less than 4, 000 miles on a rebuilt engine (currently the car has 45, 398 mile on it).

I took the car to my local dealer l&s toyota, in beckley, wv on december 23, 2008 and told them that the toyota experience center asked me to bring the car to them. l&s toyota did a compression test on the engine and it failed. the service manager at l&s toyota told me the engine block should have been replaced when headquarters toyota rebuilt the engine, but hadn�t been.

After about 10 calls to toyota corporate and numerous case numbers the verdict was in. terri allen, the service manager at l&s toyota of beckley said they will not fix the engine unless I pay for the repair myself. furthermore, terri told me I would be responsible for the cost of the compression test and putting the valve cover back on, which cost $180.00. john lino from headquarters toyota, miami told me they would take care of the repair but I would have to bring the car there, which is 950 miles away and I would have to have the car shipped since its not drivable using that much oil. also, I would have to fly down to drive the car back. john lino from headquarters toyota said he didn�t understand why that l&s toyota of beckley would not take care of the repair but, every car dealership is independently owned.

Both of these dealerships are governed by toyota motor sales, usa, so how can the one get authorization to do the repair but the other one can�t? the 2003 matrix that I am referring to is the 8th toyota that I have owned, because of their reliability. I assure you if this car is not fixed, I will never buy another addition, I plan on having this letter translated to japanese and sending it to your corporate headquarters in japan.

I am sitting here wondering what happened to the honor and values that toyota was built on, which is the reason I have bought your automobiles since I was in high school. the first toyota I had was a 1976 corolla, which I sold with 278, 000 miles on it, and it was still running well. out of the 7 other toyotas I have owned I have never had a major problem with any of them. so how can a toyota engine blow up twice within 45, 398 miles and you don�t take responsibility for it?

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  • Ch
      13th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Well I tried to buy a Toyota and am glad I didn't. Had a horrible exeperience at the ERIN PARK Toyota Dealership in Mississauga, Ontario Canada on August 11th, 2009. My husband and I were racial discriminated against because it appears that as caucasions we are visible minorities in our area and apparantly whites are not allowed to test drive a Toyota let alone own one. NEVER GO TO ERIN PARK TOYOTA.

  • Cj
      28th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    My 09 Corolla has lots of problems, such as the car cant start, water pump leaks, rattles all around the car. 4 of the dealerships in my area just pretended they didnt hear the rattles. I called Toyota Corp. and they just wont care about customer. They told me Corolla is a cheap car and the rattles are totally normal. Sent a letter to Japan. And the case pass back the Toyota Executive office, the guy there told me again that rattles are just normal. See, that is how they treat customer. Toyota is just equal poor quality nowadays.
    The best thing to do is avoid any Toyota, and your life would be much better!

  • Ji
      11th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    FIrst of all, a little research would tell you that Toyota Motor Sales DOES NOT "govern" these dealerships. the one in Florida gets it's cars from an independent distributor in the South East, who buys cars from Toyota. the other dealer is part of what I believe another independent distributor. All toyota corporate does to my understanding in each case is wholesale NEW cars to the dealers. YOU BOUGHT A USED CAR from IT SOUNDS LIKE SOME OTHER PERSON, not even a dealership. (And it sounds like the guy swindled you - you should be complaining about the re-built engine TO HIM).

    Also, EVERY DEALER is his own independent businessman. Toyota cannot be held for their practices in their service department. If they get enough complaints like this engine-re-build, I would assume Toyota could pull their dealer license, but that would involve a big lawsuit from the dealership. So the dealer in Florida did NOT rebuild your engine correctly. They need to fix it. THEY shouldn't require you to drive it there. THEY should pay your local dealer to do the service if necessary.

    Basically, I am saying your anger with Toyota corporate is very unfounded. You bought a USED car. Toyota couldn't control the yahoo that drove it for 40K miles before you. No engine is completely indestructable. The driver before you could have done many things to damage the engine. NOT TOYOTA'S FAULT.

    If you have purchased a NEW Toyota from a dealer, still in warranty, or even a certified pre-owned Toyota from a dealership - THAT WOULD BE DIFFERENT. They have programs to support that. How can they possibly guarantee free engine replacements to people that bought a USED car that unknowingly had a dealer-re-built engine.

    This issue is between you and the dealer in Florida. That's it. If I were you I'd focus your anger where it belongs.

    I myself and VERY upset with a Toyota dealer...but since it was explained taht Toyota is not allowed BY LAW to "own" or even "directly influence" the dealers, I focused on having a lawyer contact the dealership - and I (eventually) got my situation taken care of (new axle due to bad wheel mount/balance - they left the lug nuts loose!).

    Good Luck!

  • Am
      20th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    Same attitude here, Forget about used cars even while buying brand new car.
    It seems the Toyota & its dealers both show this attitude to customers.

  • Be
      11th of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes

    Toyota CA Corp totally ineffective. Trying to get resolution to front bumper detaching and trunk not closing on 2014 Camry SE. Will never purchase another Toyota

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