Toyota Motor Corporation2008 rav 4

I started noticing that I was losing oil in between oil changes. There were no leaks that I could see. I took it to the dealer that I bought the car from and where I get all of my oil changes at and told them about the oil loss. It was time to change the oil also. They changed the oil and told me at check-out that they could not find any leaks. They said that Toyota had a warranty recall due to engines burning oil just like mine was doing but that I missed it by 6 weeks. I told them I had not received any notice of this warranty recall. Who was supposed to notify me, the dealer or Toyota? They said I could pay 2500.00 dollars and they could fix it. Why would I put 2500.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Fairport, NY00 in a ten year old engine.? It had less than 80, 000 miles on it. So if Toyota knows that this year model's 4 cylinder engine has an oiling burning problem then why would they have a time limit on the repair? If I have that car with that engine and I am losing oil then Toyota should repair it. The dealer told me to call Toyota and when I did they BLEW ME OFF!!! Did Toyota not make the car? I probably won't ever buy another Toyota because of the way I was treated. How the hell was I supposed to know of this problem when no one notified me and I bought the car from the very dealer that said they won't repair it unless I pay up!!! I am not happy!! What is Toyota going to do about this??? Thanks

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