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I feel it is my moral duty to warn others about this company. I also recently spent over $100.00 on Toyglobe for a present for this coming Xmas. It is a very hard to find item so I sent for it straight away when i found it on their site I paid and waited for the promised tracking number by email. I posted an inquiry on the site asking about my delivery and asking for a tracking number as promised. I had no response until after the 3rd message I had sent using the online form.

Eventually I received a response and they apologized and said they would send a tracking number, they had posted it and I should received it in 14 days.Still no tracking number. I found a similar toy on Amazon and sent of another $100 and received it within 2 weeks no problem. Shame because it wasn't exactly the one I wanted.

I have contacted Toyglobe again, still no response. As I live in Europe, phoning them is not an option for me. After reading these articles after a Google search I have given up on the idea of ever getting the goods I paid for.

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  • Ro
      Jan 12, 2009

    I too have had problems with Toy Globe, firstly it makes me laugh that their warehouse is in Quebec & I get charged international shipping & I live in Ontario & yes my last item was mailed from Quebec. That order was a small figurine for my son, it took over a month, several snotty emails & phone calls before it turned up. That was October 2007. Silly me bought a couple of items from online websites for my sons birthday, Toy Globe & Toywiz. This December I ordered a Curious George toy for my daughter for Christmas, I could not remember which one was the one that was slow to ship & had very bad customer service. In both cases I did receive confirmation of order & confirmation of complaint from them, obviously just an auto response. Although when I did eventually get through to them in 2007 & spoke to someone I did get my order within days after that, they fed me some ### & ball story that it was out of stock at the time of order. All I can say is that the only repeat business they get are from woman who were pregnant & only functioning on limited braincells & whose memory as to where she ordered the first shipment from was less then clear. My advice is to never ever buy from them, if you want to throw your money away then throw it my way!

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  • No
      Sep 02, 2009

    "All shipments are insured and trackable."

    That's a lie. Jun 16? Almost 3 months?

    Let me tell you: I'm buying things about all arround the world. Even from China, the things NEVER takes longer than 2 months.

    This is my 4th e-mail. No tracking code. What this mean? I've been stolen!

    So, lets do this. You could at least send the tracking code (so I'll kknow that the product exists), or you admit that the product have not been sent yet, and GIVE BACK MY MONEY!

    Just to let you know: I have 4 free hours a day. If I have not a answer until today, I'll begin a crusade on all foruns and complains, and blogs about toys all over the internet, in 5 languages I know. No, its not a great work, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V is very fast for a message with this truth.

    And more. I have family and friends in USA and Canada, and they will look forward your company.


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  • Wi
      Feb 20, 2010

    Was ROBBED by same website 01/28/2010 for $92.50 for order #292480. EVERYTHING about this company is BOGUS and a SCAM. I was on and found pages of complaints from customers who was ROBBED of their money and NEVER recieved any item at all. has had this website since 2002 and is still using it currently. Investigating further I found this address of 1176 Main Street, Champlain, New York, 12919 is also used for other shipping entities with different names. The phone number [protected] is a Montreal, Canada number which has a recording to leave you number and message and they will get back with you, NEVER. This adress and all the occupants related to this address need to be arrested for ongoing FRAUD!

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  • Se
      Mar 30, 2010

    Hi i just in shock the same story is happening to me i bought products in like $200 i never receive my items, i called hundred times not by phone i used my pc to make this calls i got the same voicemail i should had read the reviews before buy at this store TOYGLOBE.COM i always check my account statement and found there were some weird transaction purchases from nigeria and other web pages costed me like $500 wich i never did before so this start after buying from this company i dont know if they sell the credit card information to other people or the used for their own benefits after this i tried to find more, so when i checked the history from calls that i made from my pc i found the phone numbers go directly to other countries for example togo or saint kitts and nevis wich the last one the code area is 1 (869)means TOY i never have made any calls to these countries but i think was when i tried to reach this people, i just read your complaint its like they just copy and paste the messages to all the people about the delay, are on backordered, be patience and blah blah blah, even if they send u part of the purchase cause there some people recieved the items but probably incompleted they already have all your information so im warning to all the people who have been cheated from this scam store TOYGLOBE.COM
    by the way the items the said are in BO there still on the web page like are on stock WT[censored] BEWARE...

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  • Ih
      Apr 04, 2010

    I totally agree. I have bought 90$ worth of items 2 times. And both times I have received nothing. Not even an E mail responding to the ones I sent. Action needs to be taken. They are robbing us and getting away with our money.

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  • Mi
      Sep 23, 2010

    Ordered toys for my son for xmas 2009 and never received them...paid by credit card and when company looked into they couldn't resolve it...sent many e-mails of complaint with NO REPLY...Some months later my credit card was blocked due to abnormal AMERICA...The only ones that had my details was TOY GLOBE.COM...buyers beware !!!

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  • An
      Oct 16, 2010

    yes i have recently placed an order with for a star wars boba fett 12" figure for my 6year old son and was becoming suspicious at the length of time for the order and after numerous e-mails regarding the tracking number decided to google the company and realised its a scam so have cancelled my card details and my bank is looking into the company but in future i will check companys out before i get excited thinking ive found the perfect toy my little boy and now try and explain to him why he wont be getting it . SO DO NOT ORDER FROM TOYGLOBE.COM and why hasnt this web site been shut down!

    an angry mum in the UK

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