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Tower Of Power Sales, Inc


Fraudulant Company

Complaint Rating:  81 % with 16 votes
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Contact information:
Fremont, California
United States
Man at door asks to come in and subscribe for magazines, takes payment by check, has access to bank account number.
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A  24th of Jan, 2009 by    +2 Votes
I live in Ft Knox, KY. These two girls showed up late one night peddling magazines. It was damn cold and they were on foot so I let them in. Nevermind that soliciting is outlawed on military bases, I figured that they were some fellow serviceman's kids so I decided to buy some crap from them. This was in early december and I haven't received anything and yet my check has already been clear for over 6 weeks. Yeah I think I got hosed and have had zero luck in getting ahold of the company. Be warned, Tower of Power is bunk.
A  6th of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
Same thing just happened to me. I was lucky enough to find out they were a scam within 24 hours and called my bank to cancel the check. That kid won't be getting squat from me. Ticked me off royally because the "subscription" was supposed to be for my kid.
A  18th of Feb, 2009 by    +1 Votes
~My husband brought magazines back in Nov 2008 for
a 3 yr subscription from this company ~Tower of Power
sales~ We have never received any magazines and the
check has already cleared our bank account!!

~ I think it is a shame that this company is allowed to
continue in it's fradulant activity and to have young
children to come to your door with a LIE~ What
A  19th of Feb, 2009 by    -1 Votes
I just had two young males come to my door, and asked to buy magazine subscriptions. I purchased two magazine subscriptions for two guys who were supposed to be struggling for thier college education.

I felt funny when I got their reciept which shows two company names on a one sheet. There are companies use two or more names, but usually those are big corporates. Small company like this using two names??? I felt fishy, and checked online right away, then found this company is SCAM.

I was lucky that these guys are still in my apartment and asking other tenants for subscription. I got my check back, and right away I called police to dispatch officers.
A  19th of Feb, 2009 by    -1 Votes
This company is using these names:

Tower of Power Sales Inc,
Topline Marketing
Pacific Coast Clearing Services Inc, or PCCS

Seems always two young partners traveling from Seattle, and collecting checks and bank account information. One of them is acting as a trainee.
D  10th of Mar, 2009 by    +2 Votes
i just gotta say something to all of you, tower of power is not a scam. i worked for them for almost a year and hated when people accused me of trying to scam them! im not a liar or a cheater! all of this ### im reading about you people is what you think is just you being smart so you dont get ripped off. i think its plain stupidity, i mean your getting freaked out by two different company names!?? i thought i had heard just about everything, just think for a second, or ask questions before you hand over your money. just to clear this up, pacific coast clearing services (A.K.A. PCCS) that is the office that handles the orders and makes sure you get your mags OK! tower of power is one of MANY companies that deals with the sales of the subscriptions. (which is the best, and if you do decide to buy from any company, buy from TOP) think of them as different teams, if youve been solicitted for mags before im sure they told you about a contest. ITS A REAL CONTEST! just cuz it sounds corney doesnt mean its not real, of course we do make money of the sales we make as well, WE GOTTA EAT RIGHT? im not saying you should trust every solicitor that comes to your door, not all people are good people and if you give em cash they might just try to pocket the order, ive met a few kids like that but they will get fired when they are found out. there are scam crews out there, ive ran into a few of them, i do know tho, that if the receipt says PCCS you can trust that company (and tower of power of corse.) and for the people that called their bank and cancelled theyre check or found the kid/s and got their check back, what makes you think you wouldnt have got your magazine?? oh and when they say they want to use their winnings for college whos to say they dont, its slim chances of winning anyway, there is anywhere from 250 to 500 people in the contest. and if you happen to see some mag kids talking to cops, dont just assume theyre bad, soliciting is illegal in some places, ya but dont hate on these kids because theyre tring to do something positive with their lives, try to make a living, or just get by. ill never regret joining TOP its helped me to be a better person in many ways, and was a great learning experience for me. any questions just email me bunny_bunny247@yahoo.com
N  18th of Mar, 2009 by    -1 Votes
ok so i've been surfing the web and looking at all these forums about magazine kids.my name is "WEEZY" and i have to say that people do get their magazines and as much as people don't wanna acknowledge it PCCS is a real company and they do reputable business.I worked for PCCS and Jaguar sales for 5 years of my life. not only was i an agent but i was also on the other side of the fence as a manager too! and i always hated when people said we were scamming them cause it's not the company that does u wrong it the kid u gave ur money to.i loved traveling and meeting cool people and yea we told some lies but everyody lies and if u can sit here and tell ur self u've never lied ur worse than me cause atleast i can own up to my mistakes! i made friends who i will keep for the rest of my life. and i lost relationships that i could spend the rest of my life tryin to get back. i'm not proud of all the things i did while on the road cause some of u people complaining prob met me once or twice. but just because u got hit by the wrong kid doesn't mean we're all bad. think of where u might b today if somebody would have not given u an opportunity and just wrote u off as a dishonest liar. alot of those kids work hard as hell and are honest and all they want u to do is order some ### so they can get payed at night for goin door to door all f'n day sweatin their ### off talkin to a bunch of skeptical ### non believers.
A  30th of Mar, 2009 by    0 Votes
I work for tower of power sales and i only get 15 to 20 dollars per day. for about a month and still broke. this company scams not only u but us .sorry if i knocked ur door i just realize . and two of my buddies have to. they promised legit jobs that we were going to make mad money and travel the us. so far we have been put down and stressed out and pressured to the point of break!!!
All of the bosses are drugies!!! Matt Parker (our boss that lives in White Bluff, Tn) is Very wealthy, and flaunts his money in front of us while we struggle just to eat. every body is just getting brain washed daily and they dont even no this but a few have realize and leaving the next few days. people get left behind in cities and get put in jail for soliciting and tickits out the ###. which they promise to pay. We are like slaves should i just turn this fraud ### company in the grave well help
A  29th of Apr, 2009 by    +1 Votes
Everyones needs to report this company to officials to start a case before someone gets hurts. To everyone do not buy Magazines, if you want a Magazine then go to a store and buy one. Hell go to thier website and get their great offers. If they came to your door tyring to sell you, close the door in their face, if they are crying to get away call the authorities as they are bad people who run this fake business trying to profit from suckers.
A  2nd of May, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I just got scammed not 1 hour ago in North Carolina, They a 18 guy came to my door. I would consider myself a pretty smart person, I run quite a large family buiss. well i would normally close the door on solicitors but I have four small kids and my daughter opened the door to him. He gave me the rundown on the competition, I thought i could help someone get through college great, what a sucker an I.!!! But I called the company to verify who they were, I got an automated voice message. So although i hesitated i handed over the check. He ran out the door and i watched him all the way down the street, Thats when it hit me your an idiot??? So i went online to this site, The pccs had no contact information, Hell anyone can set up a site nowadays right. After checking this site, I called my bank to cancell the check, They advised me to clos e the account as they have my details on the check, now i have to go to my bank Monday and open a new account, Like I have nothing else to do,
called the cops the had stopped the same guy in Moore county, Now their in Harnett county North Carolina.I'm pissed..., The cops could do nothing as the check was not yet cashed and no proof for weeks to weather or not I would in fact recieve the Mags?????
N  20th of May, 2009 by    0 Votes
ok your all dumb as hell look I AM CINDY TOMPKINS. i work for TOP right now and have been for two years. sorry for the kid who worked for Matt and is complaining that you didnt understand the way a job works. We are indipendent contracters that means if we dont sell ### we dont make ###, so really you have the choice to go to work or not but when your boss is paying for you to live on the road and your not making any money your gonna get FIRED. And no i have never seen someone get just get left in the middle of no where with no ticket back to where they came from.
And to the guy that got all weird because me and shelly work for two different companys, your just silly cuz you should have just asked more questions, and if you felt the need to check us to make sure we are who we are then why not call the company, the number is on the recept for a reason GOT QUESTIONS??????
N  7th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
Whats Good To All I Sold Mags For Over Two Years For Marco Sams And Tower Of Power #5 I Travel The USA Had Fun Made Good Money And Met Alot Of Cool People I Have Stayed In Contact With 85% Of The People That Have Bought A Mag To See Me Win No I Did Not Win But I Have Placed In Two Of The Four Contest I Was In And If I Did Not Lose My Boys To Gun Play Back Home I Would Still Be Out There With Marco Selling Mags Door To Door Save Your Reciepts Cause If You Ever Have A Problem The PCCS Witch Handles The Order Once We Are Gone Will Be Glad To Help You Out Any Way Possible. Even Thou I Am No Longer On The Road You Can Call Me And I Would Be Glad To Help You My Little Brother Still Recieves His Mags I Bought From David Smith Over Two Years Ago.. Make sure you buy mags only from kids from top5 they are the reallest kids out there and the will put the money to good use.. Weezie (203)5375207
N  30th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
I was a mag kid for many years...I will tell the truth about matt parker and tower of power sales...Pccs is the clearing house...get it clearing house what do they do, the clear all the orders for many sales orginizations including top aka tower of power sales...I keep reading all these post from wabs as we call them in mag land...weak... a*s...b*t*Hes its an acronym...Here is the truth about matt parker and tower of power sales...I have worked for matt off and on since I was 23...He is my only friend...they do not brain wash anyone...they motivate people...they inspire strength, positive mental attitude and a strong work ethic...They do not tolerate, theifs, liars, or any criminal activity...Just as any other employer from schools to churches and even our government, u will find bad employees doing wrong...eventually these people are caught and sent packing...so here is the truth...matt began knocking doors for interstate subscription services as a 19 year old tall lanky morman from nashville tenessee...he answered the same add we all do...matt worked hard and sold tons of magazines to get where he is...and he gives opportunities to anyone with strength and balls...I was so close many times to being one of the top dogs but I was a weak azz beach...and i kept giving up instead of staying strong...U do get ur mags, they will not take more than they are supposed to and when my three year old daughter gets old enough I hope she has since enough to join a crew and learn some real true work ethic...basically if i were matt i would sue all u dumn nuts...for libel...blatant lies that hurt a business are very easily faught and when taken to court are usually heavily admonished...matt could own everything u have if he wanted but u pieces of fecies are lucky hes a better man than that...If anyone has any right to say anything bad about him...I assure u it would be me, but i appreciate him and the things hes taught me...i honestly can say I owe matt more than i will ever be able to repay...I no longer work for matt, , but i know hes fair and just...I took many 200 300 400 500 and even 1000 weekly draws... matt has spent thousands on my medication when i was sick, bus tickets to family functions and funerals, dinners, birthdays and vacations...You people know nothing about matt...He is a great guy and i will tell you...I have an iq off the charts and could never be brainwashed...Matt is a playboy...without a doubt who does not try to hide his promiscuous nature, but a thief or liar or criminal, no not no but hell no...yes he lives in white bluff and yes he flaunts his wealth...he also freely shares it...if u took only 15 dollar draws u were not making enough to cover em anyway...If u were any kind of sales agent u would have taken 30 or more nightly...and the 400 on ur books is less than what he starts u with anyway...the day u get off the bus he puts 500 on ur books...if ur going to tell a story tell all the angles...look people in closing...these men make money by motiviating youth to live positive crime free lives...yes tehre are bad eggs but like grandma used to say u cant let one bad egg spoil a bunch...these kids are out working hard twelve hours a day to feel validated and useful when most would otherwise be on the streets or in jail...cant u be happy that they are not selling and doing drugs in ur neighborhoods? I mean seriousily...help them out...I mean seriousily...a sixty dollar subscription, will it kill u? NO...and so what if u dont get it which u do...i buy everytime they come by...just cuz i was them...but even if i didnt get my subscriptions id still buy...cuz id rather see a kid knock on my door for something he believes in and enjoys than on my corner sellin drugs to my kid or on the playground shooting up...come on people...stop being ignorant...get educated before making assumptions...
N  30th of Sep, 2009 by    -1 Votes
sorry bout the misspelling in my last post its not my day today...im a lil desheveled
D  30th of Sep, 2009 by    -1 Votes
Tower of Power is Gold. I worked for the sales company from october 99' to july 04', when i started my own franchise, and ran my company for a year before leaving the road to start a family in 05'. Matt Parker is a good man who has done great things. I was kind of a loner 21 year old kid, when i started, who loved to get drunk and smoke weed everyday, as I was merely a restaurant cook. What I learned first is that to be successful in life, you have to put those habits to side and work and EARN what you want. From these sites that ex employees degrade the company, I read "the company ONLY gave me this and ONLY gave me that." I agree. In my 7 years combined working for the company, the company gave me minimal, I EARNED THE REST, AND IT WAS GREAT. So many younger adults out there right now feel the world "Owes Them"...I ask the question...Why? In my life I've learned that u Earn what you earn and there are no freebies except at the supermarket on weekends. I traveled the country for 7 amazing years, seeing things that 99.9% of the people in our country never will. I look forward to stepping into politics one day, because I have sat in the livingrooms of thousands of people across the country who I have always described as "America's Finest" and I've met them on their best days and their worst days, and even if they didn't buy from me, they still remain great in my mind because THEY OWE ME NOTHING. During the hiring process, it is made clear that it is a COMPLETELY COMMISSION BASED JOB. When new people start, It is pounded into them to not get swept into the drama, etc in an atmosphere of 20-30 20-somethings, it is pounded into them to LEARN THE JOB. When those agents don't follow that advice, they ordinarily fail in the business. But some listen, as i did, and the got to travel to 47 states including Hawaii and met amazing people with amazing backgrounds and met amazing people without amzing backgrounds. I watched my manager change the lives of drug addict teens, by teaching them ethics and giving them self-confidence that they take with them for the rest of their lives, and most importantly, taking the pipe out of their hands. THE CONTEST IS REAL, AND THESE KIDS GET TO GO TO AMAZING PLACES AND LEARN SPECTACULAR THINGS BY MERELY SELLING SLIGHTLY OVER PRICED MAGAZINES. AND YES SOMETIMES THE MAGS TAKE A COUPLE OF MONTHS TO GET THERE, BUT I ASSURE YOU THEY DO! Buying a magazine from one these kids, and yes, 20-somethings ARE KIDS, IS NOT ONLY GIVING YOURSELF, A FRIEND, OR FAMILY MEMBER A GIFT, BUT COULD BE GIVING THAT "KID" A SECOND LEASE ON LIFE!
N  12th of Oct, 2009 by    -1 Votes
They want me to work for them idk if i should some are telling me its a pyrimid scam wherei will get screwed over others are telling me to do it idk they are only in my town for a week
D  3rd of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
Ya know i am not going to lie T.O.P is a real magazine crew i worked for pccs for about 6 months each time i went out. I had a blast yeah you had to learn a first 5 and a rip but what the hell did you expect you were going to go out there and just know what the hell you were doing nope i don t think so. LMAO wow some people but yeah i did i worked for Matt He is the ### BTW and i am thinking about going back out on the road again because it was cool goin diff places seeing new things cause for me to be in new england all the time ill tell you it suxx but yeah i will admit it sucked if you were neg all thee hell you going to make a sale if your neg your not thats how. but yeah hit me up people if you are thinkin about going to a real crew, i am prob going to be back out there. my names Traci
N  3rd of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
978*552*9229 hit me up if you got any questions
N  4th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
my name is mike carter i worked for matt parker for 3 to 4 years.is was allways a great friend just like many of you on here dont let 1 bad apple ruin a bunch. if you worked for matt i would like to hear from you my email is calcat76yahoo.com. mike carter
D  18th of Dec, 2009 by    -1 Votes
my name is emerson some people out there may know me as the other half to cookies and cream. lol ya but TOP is a real company any one who says its not is an idiot. as for the kids that worked for top that say it is fake are even more dumb, in my opinion they deserve to be slapped around a bit. i worked for this company for a year and i also keep in touch with alot of the people that tried to help me win this contest. alot of them say everytime they get the mag they think of me and how i made there day better or i made them smile. also matt parker isa pretty cool in my mind me and some close friends got a chance to travel accross the country and do some crazy things, got to go to vegas. ive down and learned alot more than most people my age. yes you have the kids with messed up minds who do stupid stuff...really stupid stuff but you just gotta use your own judgement and ween out the bad from the good. think of it this way, if you pick an apple from a tree and it has a worm in it, does that mean they all have worms? does it mean the trees bad? or does it simply just mean the apple was bad.

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