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Toshiba America Consumer Products / bad service

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February 4, 2006 my husband and I went to the Best Buy store in Sherman, Texas, and purchased a 62 Toshiba television. We had never owned Toshiba, but we liked the one on display, so we paid cash for it; so he could watch the 2006 super bowl football game.

Needless to say the set gave problems from the very start. We had cable, which had HDTV but was told by Best Buy that we would need to get dish or Direct, so we could get a HD box to get the picture like we had seen on the display. They sold us an antenna that would bring the picture in better until we could get a HD box.

We went to Dish TV on 3/2/2006; still the set after it had been on for a while seemed like the color would start to get distorted. On March 30, 2006 it made a popping sound when turned on and was total black. I called the Best Buy Store, and I was told to call Toshiba. I called Toshiba who told me that they had, had problems with that bulb, but had a new improved bulb that they would send me.

We replaced the bulb, since the set had been purchased mainly to watch football and football season was over, the set mainly set unused until about September 2006, because we take trips in the summer with our grandchildren while they are out of school. It seemed we had the same problem after we started watching it again; so on October 21, 2006 the same thing happened again it popped and went black. I called Toshiba, who gave me the name and phone number of Toshiba repair dealers who would check the set out.

We live in Pottsboro, Texas; the nearest repair service center was in Lewisville Texas, which was about 90 miles one-way. In-Tex- Lab and Tish T.V. in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, which is about 70 miles one-way. I was told by both places that it was to far for them to come out; that Toshiba did not pay them to come that far.

Ok, Toshiba sent out another bulb, we replaced it again, sent back the bad one. Then on December 12, 2006, the same thing happened once again, the TV popped and was black, and bulb was gone again. We called again to Toshiba. [protected], same problem, they agree there was a problem, but we had to get one of their authorized repair service dealers to check it out. I called and talked back and forth to repair dealers and Toshiba, the repair service would not come this far, and Toshiba wanted to get it checked out. What Do I Do?

Finally on December 20, 2006 I talked with Katrina at Toshiba who seemed to be the only one who tried to really help me. She Called In-Tex-Lab in Lewisville and they agreed to come out and check the set out. The next day all is good except the next morning In-Tex-Lab called back and cancelled saying it was just to far, and they wouldn�t have the part to fix it anyways. Needless to say Toshiba agreed to send yet another bulb. We received the forth bulb on January 15, 2007.

Still no one would come out to see why the set was burning so many bulbs; with football season being mainly over again summer coming up the TV mainly set again unused until end of summer and we started watching it again. Fall, October 15. 2007 the color started to get very distorted, it seemed to be getting over heated. We started calling and calling and calling.

Warranty was out! But if we could find someone that was an Authorized Dealer for Toshiba, They may could extend the warranty, if it was something, in the set from the start, but we still had the same problem, no one would come this far out.

In November 2007, my husband who has had several heart attacks, rented a trailer, got a friend to help him load the set and took it himself to the Toshiba repair dealer in Tishomingo, Oklahoma (Tish TV [protected]). That�s where it still is today 1/4/07, waiting for Toshiba to get back with them on what they can do to fix the problem.

I am not trying to get something for free or something we are not entitled to; but you have to admit we have been threw a little much with this 62Toshiba Television set that we paid almost $4, 000.00 with stand and all; we have tried to do everything on our end Toshiba has done nothing, except replace bulbs until warranty ran out. Surely this is not your everyday thing to do, sell a product that gives so many problems, or you would not be in business.

I would surely appreciate a response from someone at your head office. Thank you in advance for your time in this matter.


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