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Toronto Kickboxing and Muay Thai (TKMT) Academy Inc. / Reckless Training Practices

1 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

Be careful with these guys ... (I just posted this same review on Google places - because I think people should be warned). I wanted to try the gym out so I bought a week long guest pass for $20.00. The first session was so intense, I never made it to the second. I have been hobbled with a minor back injury for the better part of 2 months (that has kept me out of my normal gym routine at times). I have been going to a regular gym for almost three years pretty consistently, so I consider myself pretty fit, but the things they had us do in the first session were so intense, and my body wasn't used to it. The trainer guy (whatever his name was) was just like "keep going.. keep going". They have you sign a waver at the beginning that basically clears them of any liability - but they should be more responsible with people who are just starting out. They should do a proper assessment of people before they put them through a bunch of exercises they haven't done in a while. I wouldn't recommend this place for this reason.

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      6th of Jul, 2011
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    I have been training with TKMT (Uptown) for the past 8 months, and I would completely disagree with this review.

    Sorry Michael, but I am a 5'9" 245lb man and I would not consider myself to be a "fit" individual at all. I find the Toronto Muay Thai and Kickboxing Acadamy to be a welcoming, non judgemental and friendly work out that is not like conventional Martial Arts gyms where they yell and scream at you. They give you an intense work out and they don't push you do to things that you're just not capable of. In fact, most of the instructors, for example Robert, is consitantly saying througout his workouts to "Do what you can", and "at your own pace" or "if you need a break, take a break and join back in". But, like in all group work out situations or even one on one's for that matter, they give you an intense work out to do, they push you to work to your limits and expect you to regulate yourself and do what you can. You are the only person who can control your body, so to say that this place injured you by "making" you work out so hard is not a fair accessment.

    I think it would be better to say that this is an intence workout that will kick your butt if you're up to it. I certainly would not say "reckless training practices". I have a friend who is an amature body builder, and he came to the first class with me 8 months ago. Obviously he is a regular "gym rat" but even he was blown away by the intensity of this work out. But after a few classes he was able to keep up and push himself to his limits without any injury. You have to remember that this is NOT a conventional gym, and these guys are not personal trainers. They are teaching you how to if you're not up for a hard work out, then I don't think you should come to Muay Thai training. It's probably a good thing you only bought a 1 week pass.

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      21st of Oct, 2011
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    I definitely have to disagree with Michael on this one. I've been working around a bad back for 17 years now and after 2 months at TKMT, I'm feeling great. As anyone should do, I stay within myself but am still motivated by the challenges put forth by the instructors. I feel like no matter how long I do this for, I will never run out of goals to achieve. The instructors encourage you to work hard but allow myself and everyone else to take it wasy when needed. Another big motivator are the other members. Everyone is encouraging and friendly. I was even partnered up with one of their semi competitive members during only my 6th class and he was very good at helping with technique. I reccomend this gym for anyone who wants to walk the walk.

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