Topix LLC / delphi - person responsible for double homicide (forum)

Review updated:

This forum needs to be deleted. Or at least the user: Bird of Paradice.

My concern is that my personal information was accessed & published?
I will also be contacting DMCA & escalating a complaint.

I believe the person Bird of Paradice has access to this information as an admin or mod.

This person deletes & creates chaos as well as stating disturbing comments on the murder of two young girls.

This forum requires an admin to review form the start given the sensitive nature of the crime.

Feb 03, 2018
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  •   Feb 03, 2018

    Contact DMCA? It's a law, dummy. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act I fought against legally. It protects website owners when people steal our images and use them for profit. I've had dozens of sites closed down and received thousands of dollars in copyright infringement cases. If you don't like a post, email the site admin. Read their legal statement on user submitted complaints. You might learn something

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      Feb 04, 2018

    Wow! great professionalism!
    The HR department is doing a great job of retaining true "talent".
    For the record, did you call me a "Dummy"? Outstanding! great customer service!
    My complaint was related to: DMCA - Copyright Infringement of Your Photos.
    Specifically, a photo altered & posted.
    I would assume as the host of this forum you would respect my rights and delete the poster? Or at least delete the image?
    I would hate to think you would diminish the integrity of users & show bad faith when moderating these forums?
    However, given your response - I'm not surprised.
    Obviously, TOPIX is not following the "Good faith" rule.
    I do however love the response. Chris Tolles must be quite proud!
    I think this might go viral...haha
    "Customer service complaint - Dummy"

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  •   Mar 04, 2018

    @Bird of paradice So you posted the complaint against yourself? Real bright. DMCA is not about altering images. It’s called the COPYRIGHT act for a reason.

    And, reposting comments made here is copyright infringement. Same thing you complained about.

    I’m not an employee or affiliated with this site. Just a consumer who notices things like people who post under one name and respond with another.

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