Tommee Tippeeelectric sterilizer

R Nov 27, 2017

Hi Tommee Tippee,

I was bought an electric tommee tippee sterilizer and bottles, from mothercare, before the birth of my first son who is now 9 weeks old.

I read the instructions before use and followed your care guidelines exactly, as a first time mother. I bought descaling sachets from boots as you recommended regular descaling.

I have found the sterilizer to build limescale very rapidly and nothing has worked to prevent or clear it! I am very disappointed with this result. I have used descaling sachets, Milton, vinegar and lemon, but to no avail. Since using the machine it has now destroyed nearly all the tommee tippee bottles and soothers for my baby resulting in me having to buy new equipment for my baby for fear of him getting sick.

This, of course, is not the result one would expect and I am extremely frustrated by this matter! Children have high demands and high costs without the added burden of this.

Please can you come back to me as soon as possible with a solution and your thoughts.

Thank you,
Rachelle Power

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