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[Resolved] Todd M.Ash / owes me $3500 .00

5 Tucson, AZ, United States Review updated:

On the advice of Todd M .Ash's live in wife and her mother, telling me he would pay me back around Christmas of 2010, I loaned him this money.Christmas came and there were lie's about why he couldn't repay me at that time..
I contacted him several times and always got some kind of lies..He still hasn't paid and I have track of him..
Anyone knowing where he is.Please post it here...W.G. Hames In my opinion he is a smooth talking con man.. Can't get pictures of him, and front and back of my check will email it wherever it's necessary..Thank You

  • Resolution statement

    Ash Strategic Investments customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the client have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where company image and it's services are concerned.

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  • Od
      29th of May, 2014

    I know his address and will get it to you immediately...I can't wait. He is a sick and immoral man.

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  • Tr
      9th of Jun, 2014

    I will only tell you this once. You are nothing and if you find Todd I would be extremely careful . He has friends in VERY HIGH PLACES everywhere .Knowing what I now about him your $3, 500.00 is like hat money for him. He will come to you when you least expect it if he feels threatened or one of his team players will find you and you will not like the outcome .

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  • Ch
      23rd of Feb, 2019

    @Trident I should point out that Trident IS Todd Ash, small time internet crook and nutter. This post is typical of the way he carries on.

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  • Ar
      24th of Sep, 2014

    Todd Ash owed me $10, 000 and he payed me according to our initial agreement. Mr. Ash made me over $35, 000 in 3.5 months. For an alleged thief, he certainly has lived up to his promises not only to myself but several of my friends. In total, the 5 of us have made $100, 000 with Mr. Ash and would swear in a court of law as to the character of this man as being honest, and completely truthful in his description of the expected profits and the inherit risk involved in our investments made with him and or presented by him.
    I and my friends will definitely be continuing our business with Mr. Ash.

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  • Od
      5th of Apr, 2015

    Lies!!! Todd Ash is a thief and a LIAR! ASH STRATEGIC INVESTMENTS IS ANOTHER SCAM!! I suggest anyone who wants to invest in anything with this guy's name attached look up the name Todd Ash on this website or Ripp Off report. He also goes by the name Billionaire and Trident. Look up TODD ASH of Tucson az who pretends to be a marketing genius! This guy has borrowed money from friends with no intention of paying it back! He lives in a run down apartment on Tucson's eastside with his drug addicted girlfriend Misty Clarke! She has been convicted of shoplifting 3 times since 11-2013. From Dillard's, Sears and Walmart! Look it up!! ..some expert in making money! She usually works as a maid but was fired from her last job working for an elderly couple for stealing from them! She usually trolls for her victims on Craig's list. Don't invest, ASH STRATEGIC INVESTMENTS is a scam! TODD ASH is all over the internet taking money out of the pockets of well intentioned people with a Bogus HYDROGEN OPERATED car scam ( look that up too!!) and fake . Or This guy is nothing but a professional thief. A man reached out to me last year after seeing a bogus complaint about a business in town that he had been trying to I investigated this guy I realized quickly that he is nothing nut a SCAM ARTIST!! Don't invest in anything connected to the name ASH STRATEGIC INVESTMENTS it will do you no good. It will just go toward his cigarette habit and paying off all his court fines. YES HE EVEN HAS AN ARREST RECORD! Look it up !!!

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  • Od
      9th of Nov, 2015

    OK man. You win Todd!
    I have been a real ### for bothering Todd Ash. I am sorry sir. Please call off your attorneys and let me be. I cannot afford to do this with you and that's why I am apologizing publicly. You are not a liar or a thief. My friend is crazy, you were right. She was blasted on Meth the other day and I know you were not lying. Your kids are Saints please forgive me for calling them criminals. I want to end this. You must leave me alone before I go broke... I sorry for dragging your mother into this and please ask her to call off her lawyers. She had every right to have me arrested and humiliated at my job. Please ask your brother to stop with his lawyers as well you guys are stacking a huge pile on my shoulders and I cannot take it any more. OK. There you go just as your attorneys and court order have told me to due. Please let your attorneys now I have apologized, pleeeaaase. You have to let me go, OK you win.. I am a dumb ###.

    Odin Law

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  • Ch
      23rd of Feb, 2019

    @odinslaww You're not dumb at all. Todd Ash is a long-term crook who has run various scams over the years.

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