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Ji Jan 23, 2019 Review updated:

On Wednesday JAN 16, 2019, I visited Tire Kingdom on Clark Rd in Sarasota Fl for an oil change. The day after the change, I noticed oil spots on my garage floor. I called the manager and he had the car towed back to the shop. Later in the day, they called to say that the car was ready and that the issue was spilled oil on the drip pan during the change. They further said that it was cleaned.

Yesterday Jan 22, I noticed additional oil spots on the garage floor and after checking the oil, noted that it was down by 1 quart. This morning, I brought the car back to Tire Kingdom and asked for the manager. One of the service managers said that he was not in. After checking the car, the mechanic said that he replaced the gasket around the drain plug and cleaned the drip pan and surrounding area.

When I returned home, I checked under the car and guess what, there was oil dripping still!!

Not sure where to go from here, other than bring the car to a Hyundai dealer.

James A Roberson

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      Apr 15, 2019

    that has happened to me twice. both times I went to get an oil change (NO LEAKS PRIOR) and then I get it home and it leaks oil. When I went back on both occasions they said it was not there and they didn't have anything to do with it. If the leak was there when they changed the oil why didn't they say anything?? I think they do it on purpose so you bring it back and they tell you its something expensive to fix. they are crooks!!

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