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On Monday I had my tires rotated, balanced and alignment performed. They did not have the oil filter so I waited until today, before Thanksgiving, to have the oil change completed.

As I was about to leave the manager, Lee, indicated that the air filter was "very dirty" and that, while it did not need to be replaced today, it should be replaced soon and asked if I wanted it replaced right then and there.

I replied that, no, I'll wait until early 2010 and then have it replaced. He warned me that a dirty air filter may cause the auto to over heat.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Indian Harbour Beach, FL

When I got home I pulled the air filter and it was completely white, as it should have been since it was replaced when I bought the car a few months back. I called back and got hold of "Jeremy." Jeremy apologized for the manager, Lee, and said that "he'd told the shop guys to actually inspect the filters instead of guessing that they were dirty by the number of miles." Can you believe this stuff?

When I asked him how could I ever return and how could I guarantee that my tires were rotated and balanced he replied, "yes, I can understand your question!"

Do not trust this shop!

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  • Ja
      Nov 30, 2009

    I find it strange that someone would tell you that you do not need to replace the air filter right now but soon and then tell you that it could cause your car to overheat. That really doesn't make any sense. That was probably some misunderstanding. Managers at any tire store will have worked in the industry long enough to know that is not going to happen. Your fuel mileage may drop as the air flow will be restricted. I do believe he told you it is not necessary to replace it immediately.

    Actually I can believe this stuff! Most automotive parts are recommended replaced on a mileage interval. Check your service manual and there should be a mileage checklist which every automotive repair shop including Tire Kingdom will adhere to as much as possible. The air filter should be in that list. If the service center didn't recommend the replacement of parts and services based on mileage then they would be doing you a disservice. Of course, ultimately it is up to you to keep track of what you have and have not had done.

    I would be suspect of someone requiring the replacement of an air filter after a visual inspection. I do not know what type of vehicle you drive but some filters are very hard to remove. Since the inspection is usually free, they may not spend the extra time to visually check, and just recommend based on mileage instead. It is not a safety related item so it does not get prime billing on the list of "need to check" items.

    A simple visit back to the place of business and a request for an explanation would be sufficient. That way the manager and the technician can also verify the condition of the Air Filter. Sometimes messages get mixed from the technician to the sales associate. It does not sound like the manager was trying to defraud you in any way since the cost to install most air filters is only $25. It is hardly worth the time to install and is only offered as a convenience to the customer. If they were trying to defraud you I would expect a recommendation of something more important such as brakes or tires or some other safety related item.

    Complaining about something so frivolous does not solve much but possibly deters other people from taking their business to a place that doesn't deserve the insult. If it was found that someone was trying to defraud you then taking the above step would insure that the person responsible would be disciplined. This would result in other non suspecting customers being treated correctly in the future.

    There is no reason to believe that your tires were not balanced or rotated. It is also very easy to determine. A simple mark on your tires would indicate if they were rotated and if your tires do not vibrate at highway speeds (45mph and more) then they are in balance. If they do vibrate simply bring it back and they should balance the tires at no charge. It is very common to have a weight fall off during normal driving.

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  • Na
      Feb 08, 2012

    These people at Tire Kingdom in Indian Harbor are total con men. I went in for the advertised 2 for 1 tire deal. I wanted 2 front tires, 1 of which is $170. The total came out to $480!!! They force you to buy an alignment package. He then said that I need to put the new tires on the back and my old worn out ones on the front because, "You want the good ones on the front." The only reason he said that is so that they wouldn't have to do the alignment! These people are ### and will rip you off any chance they get.

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