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On 1/19/14 I saw and internet ad on regarding AKC white pug puppies for sale $2, 000. Puppies had AKC registered parents. I called breeder, Michelle Horvath. She explained that, just like the ad said, the sire and dam were AKC registered, and she had AKC white pug puppies for sale, shots to be up to date, health guarantee, pedigree. She told me I could pay $2, 000 and had full rights. Basing my decision on the Tipping Point Farm advertisement and the breeder's telephone conversation on this date, I paid in three separate payments in the amount of $2, 230 ($230 shipping).

On 2/22/14, received the white pug puppy via airline shipping without AKC registration paper, health guarantee, health record, no sire or dam AKC registration nos. on the shipping form or veterinarian exam certificate. I left her a message that I hadn't received the AKC papers, etc, she told me she didn't want them to get lost on puppy's crate, she'd mail in couple of days.

Breeder was very difficult to contact by phone and email, and when I did get hold of her all excuses why no papers mailed to me.

It's been 64 days now, I'm still waiting for my important AKC paper and health record. She told me via phone and email on 3/19/14 they would be mailed within two weeks.

Called AKC and the dam was not registered nor was this litter. I contacted the Cleveland BBB and Ohio State Attorney Office who got in touch with this breeder. Tipping Point Farm had a claim against them in April 2014. Finally, breeder contacted me after these agencies approached her, and she said I'd be receiving the papers shortly.

This breeder has been very rude, very condescending and very unprofessional in dealing with a customer who was entitled to these AKC registration and health documents.

If she had told me upfront that her dam and litter were not AKC registered and the litter was not AKC registered at that time, I would have probably not entered into this business transaction with this breeder. She withheld facts, misrepresented the facts so that she could make a $2, 000 sale. She eagerly took my money by check and two Paypal payments, but as far as satisfying her legal obligation to me, as a customer, she has entirely been negligent.

It's been two months since the sale and receipt of this white pug puppy. Should I really have to wait two months to receive proper AKC registration for this puppy and for her to register her dam with the AKC at the same time (about 1 1/2 weeks ago)? This is not a professional and reputable way to treat customers.

Future customers, beware of this internet breeder.

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    THE PAPERS WERE MAILED TO THE MAIN POST OFFICE, SCANNED 2 TIMES THERE. MICHELLE HORVATH EMAILED ME THAT IT WAS DELIVERED TO ME TWO TIMES (SHE DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO READ THE POST OFFICE TRACK INFO), AND IF I DID MISS GETTING IT I WOULD HAVE TO COME UP TO OHIO TO GET THE CERTIFIED MAIL OF IMPORTANT DOCS. Can you believe that ? She blamed me for not receiving this mail, and in reality, it had not even left the main post office. MICHELLE HORVATH PUT THE WRONG NAME AND WRONG ADDRESS on the certified mail envelope. I HAD TO GO TO THE POST OFFICE TO INTERCEPT THE MAIL SO IT WOULD NOT GO TO THE PERSON/ADDRESS ON THE ENVELOPE. The mail office personnel told me if she did that again, I would not be able to get the envelope. I finally received the AKC registration and health record on 4/30/14. It took OVER 2 MONTHS TO GET THESE IMPORTANT PAPERS which I should have received on 2/22/14! This is the kind of treatment I've had to endure since 2/22/14. In dealing with this breeder, I find her very disorganized, not very detailed oriented, full of lies/fraud in order to get customers to buy her puppies; and HAS EXTREMELY RUDE customer service. How can you breed/raise dogs/puppies if you are not organized & detailed oriented? She states that she is a small home based licensed breeder. HOW CAN YOU HAVE AT LEAST 6 BREEDING FEMALES and still be small home raised? Last time I checked with the USDA, she is not, nor is Tipping Point Farm licensed to breed dogs. The State of Ohio USDA requires licensing for that many females. IT SEEMS THERE ARE A LOT OF PUPPIES FOR SALE ON THE INTERNET FROM THIS BREEDER. I do question how well the dogs/puppies are taken care of. It appears they are a cash crop. A lot of money made from these puppies, that is for sure. Her female Tojas and her litter were not even registered until mid-April 2014. THEY WERE NOT EVEN AKC REGISTERED AT THE TIME OF SALE. SHE REFUSED TO TELL ME THIS IN ORDER TO GET BIG BUCKS $2, 000 FROM THIS PUPPY SALE. Tipping Point Farm's Better Business Bureau's rating has now been lowered to a C+ because OF COMPLAINTS FILED. There is another complaint against this breeder of the same litter that I got my puppy from! Check it out at the Ohio BBB Cleveland site. THIS BREEDER HAS CONTINUOUSLY IN HER COMMUNICATIONS WITH ME BEEN VERY RUDE, ARGUMENTATIVE, ERRATIC BEHAVIOR ON PHONE/EMAILS, RETALIATIVE AND EXTREMELY VINDICTIVE TOWARDS ME. MICHELLE HORVATH is now being responsive by lying that I am a puppy mill breeder and get rid of my breeding dogs after. I only breed 2 litters a year, and I don't "get rid of " the dogs. I don't really make a profit at all. Like I stated, she is very vindictive and has been full of misrepresentations and mistruths. She stated to "not let this old lady fool you." I am not old, and what if I was? Should this make a difference? IN DEALING WITH MICHELLE HORVATH FOR THE LAST 3 MONTHS, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO BUY A PUPPY FROM HER. I speak this from my own experience as I did buy a puppy from her, and those are the facts as stated above; and I have documented very rude emails/phone messages and texts to prove these facts. P.S. I DO HOPE THE CALIFORNIA LADY WHO BOUGHT THE OTHER WHITE PUPPY DOES GET WHAT SHE NEEDS FROM THIS BREEDER TO FULFILL HER OBLIGATION TO YOU. YOU CAN FILE A OHIO STATE ATTY GEN COMPLAINT TO HELP YOU.

Apr 26, 2014
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  • Sl
      1st of May, 2014

    Be happy your puppy is healthy, note the other complaints of expensive or fatal health problems some have experienced.

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  • Ti
      25th of May, 2014

    This is a very inpatient and misleading lady I have been breeding for 12 years healthy puppy Dorothy Webb is in it just for profit she sell her dogs when she can no longer make money on them..she deceived me and told me after I sold her this puppy, how she sell them when she can't breed not let this little old lady fool you. .BEWARE IF YOU ARE A BREEDER OR A BUYER...PLEASE DO Not by buy puppies from these types of puppy peddlers

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  • As
      25th of May, 2014

    Author of original report, Astronomy Buff, stating that A CUSTOMER SHOULD NOT HAVE TO WAIT FOR OVER TWO MONTHS TO GET IMPORTANT AKC PUPPY PAPERS & HEALTH RECORDS FROM A GOOD BREEDER. A customer should not have to put up with all the LIES, STORIES, EXCUSES, UNPROFESSIONALISM, DECEIT AND PURE NEGLECT of a dog breeder to follow through with what was offered for sale for $2000 (with papers) for a puppy in the first place.

    This is the type of unprofessionalism, crudeness, rudeness & mistreatment I've had to put up with MICHELLE HORVATH OF TIPPING POINT FARM for over 3 months now.

    It was very difficult to even receive my certified mail of these papers on 4/30/14 because MICHELLE HORVATH OF TIPPING POINT FARM had the INCORRECT ADDRESS AND MY LAST NAME WAS MISSPELLED, so I had to hurry to intercept the mail at the post office so it would not go to the incorrect address she had on the envelope!

    SHE DIDN'T EVEN CHECK TO SEE IF THE ADDRESS WAS CORRECT OR THE LAST NAME WAS CORRECT! She was sending me emails that were condemning me for not being at home to accept delivery, and telling me I would have to come up to OHIO to get these papers! CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? Michelle Horvath of Tipping Point Farm appears to be very disorganized and not very detail oriented when it comes to this. How can you be a good dog breeder if you are not organized and detail oriented? She said there would be a two pedigree certificates in the package as stated in the advertisement that I would receive with all these papers. THERE WERE NO PEDIGREE PAPERS of THE SIRE & DAM LIKE SHE SAID SHE HAD SENT ME. So she had to scan the two docs and email them to me.

    BE AWARE THAT THIS BREEDER OF TIPPING POINT FARM has at least six breeding females and almost continuously has puppies for sale on the internet for big bucks (white pugs $1500-$2000). Now, on Tipping Point Farm's website there are only five females' pictures, but her Tojas white pug dam was registered in April 2014 (I had to wait for Michelle Horvath to finally register Tojas so I could receive AKC papers on the white puppy I purchased for $2, 000 in February 2014). THAT MAKES SIX FEMALES! SIX FEMALES = MANY, MANY LITTERS = BIG BUCKS/A LOT OF MONEY. NOW, WHO DO YOU THINK IS MAKING A PROFIT OF BIG BUCKS REALLY? (I wonder if the USDA knows about the amount of females because the USDA requires a license if you do). We only have 2 females and we don't really make a profit. We do this because we love the breed. We are a very small time dog breeder.

    TIPPING POINT FARM IS A HIGH VOLUME DOG BREEDING BUSINESS and makes big bucks from these females producing their litters.

    In conclusion, I was trying to give this breeder a positive note in my earlier updated posting and kind of thanking her because she did the right thing and got her female Tojas registered, got the litter registered and sent the AKC papers to the customers who were waiting for them from Michelle Horvath. Now, people who buy AKC white pug puppies next time from Tipping Point Farm don't have to get the authorities after Michelle Horvath TO DO THE RIGHT THING.

    I STRONGLY FEEL THAT WITHOUT THE HELP OF THE OHIO BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU AND OHIO STATE ATTORNEY'S OFFICE, I WOULD NOT HAVE RECEIVED MY IMPORTANT PAPERS FROM THIS BREEDER. (There are 2 previously filed BBB and Ohio Attorney General Complaints filed by other people last year against Tipping Point Farm, just check the Ohio BBB and the Ohio Atty General Office).

    Although I initially wrote a positive update to my initial review as an act of goodwill, her subsequent communications with me have led me to give a more honest assessment:


    Oh yeah, she calls me an old lady. I am far from being old. And if I was, should that make a difference?



    Astronomy Buff

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  • Ti
      27th of May, 2014

    Another One Who’s flew over the Coo Coo’s nest from Dorothy Webb, Pretty Pugs of Mesquite Texas.

    First off, we don’t have 5 or 6 breeding females like you have been stating. Did you by chance take time to look at their ages? My oldest female, “Cheese” whom is my very first pug, is 11 years old and hasn’t been breeding for years, even though she is unable to breed she still has a well-deserved spot of our website. In addition to that, Moon is 8 years old and lives with my daughter and granddaughter. She is also retired from breeding due to her age, but does this mean I am unable to post pictures of my dogs on my website? Where are your Shih Tzu’s DOROTHY? You had me fly your puppy, you did not come pick up your puppy by choice. We welcome anybody to come out to our home and visit and see the dogs. I only fly my pugs through United Pet Safe and only places in the inland United States. There is nothing wrong with that. She calls me a bad breeder, but she will be using the dog that I bred and Sold to her as her stud. And if you look her rebuttal and I am quoting Dorothy Webb:

    “I received all the papers that Michelle Horvath said she advertised on her 1/19/14 white puppy advertisement. I am so pleased, a little late, but end result the same. Received the necessary AKC registration for this beautiful white pug and other said documents from Michelle Horvath via certified mail in the morning, and now I am very well satisfied. She helped me track the package down because it was MIA for a few days. Thank you Michelle Horvath...Now, I am a satisfied customer, and we can put everything behind us. Thank you very much!”

    – Dorothy Webb (Pretty Pugs of Texas)

    Visit: /link removed/ to see the updated report at bottom of page.

    Dorothy Webb... So what is it? Am I a good breeder or bad breeder… Send the puppy back if I am such a bad breeder… The puppy that I sold you has an outstanding pedigree and DNA TESTING throughout, micro chipping, and a health guarantee. Again, where are those Shih Tzu’s that you use to have Dorothy? How many stories are going to come out of your mouth before you shut it? And how many different names and emails do you have? Dorothy Webb, Dott Smith, Concerned, Diamond, etc. I find that highly suspicious that you have some many different names and emails. Go tend to you puppies and figure out where your Shih Tzu’s are.


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  • Co
      14th of Sep, 2014

    My experience with Michelle was very positive. I purchased a silver male and he arrived happy and healthy - the most important issues in my book. I could care less about registration. My experience with Tipping Point Farms was very positive and I look forward to buying a white female when one is produced. Michelle breeds and raises happy pugs and that is indicative of a caring breeder in my book.

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  • Lo
      11th of Nov, 2014

    Why would ANYONE buy a puppy without ever meeting it? So many breeders out there breeding needlessly just to make a buck while MILLIONS of dogs are on death row in human societies. Makes me SICK.

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