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My friend and I placed an order at our local Tim Hortons drive thru. We were two minutes away when we realized our coffee's were not right. We returned to the store and I went inside to speak with the lady who made our coffee. She thought she mixed up the lids, but I asked for two new ones. I wanted to make sure we got the right order because only one of them was decaffeinated. She tossed the coffee's in a sink and said it would be a few minutes to brew the decaffeinated coffee. Her tone and demeanor was very rude. While waiting for the coffee to brew, she complained to her co-worker in front of me about the situation. She thought I was being unreasonable. Her demeanor and attitude was very unprofessional. When the coffee's were ready, she slammed them down on the counter and stormed away to the back kitchen. I know we all have bad days at work, but this was unbelievable. After all, I was the one inconvenienced.

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  • Ma
      8th of Feb, 2010

    I agree the service it is terrible in any store that I visited

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  • Je
      8th of Feb, 2010

    I'm sorry but I have to laugh at this one...
    I used to work for the Hilton in Phoenix Arizona, Every day just about the same time of the day we used to get a bunch of Senior citizens, All of the them wanted DECAF we would run out and they were RUDE about having their decaf NOW!!! to satisfy the customer and give them coffee NOW we served what was available Regular Coffee... Talk about “Crack Heads they would be chattering a
    mile-a- minute sometimes barley keeping their teeth in their heads...some of them were allergic they would be passing gas and OH LORD !!! We always put the new guy to attend to old Mrs. Sanchez, she always insisted on fresh veggies and coffee it's a wonder she never left a stain on the couch.

    So just because you see coffee in the orange pot doesn't mean it was decaf and I'm sure you didn't get it the second time around either.

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  • Je
      17th of Feb, 2010

    The World's worst coffee service belongs to Tim Horton!
    Here's my experience:
    I went to the Tim Horton store which is located on Front Street and close to Spadina Ave. Sunday morning (Feb 14, 2010) at 10:30. This was also the Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day morning. I went to the store with a very delightful mood, because my family and I had a good plan for the whole day of celebration. I was going to buy a large coffee with couple pastries as my breakfast. The cashier who helped me just happened to be the assis. manager whose name was Syed. But it's just this man who made my day felt like hell after wards!!!

    I asked for some room for milk in my coffee to Syed. He didn't quite get my request, so I asked again. He began to act gloomily. I asked for a cup of fresh milk with my large coffee. I don't usually like those little individual packed milk. Syed said rudely to me that he would not offer me a cup of milk unless I pay for the milk as the same price of a cup of coffee. I said to him that didn't make any sense to charge me on milk. I had the milk at the other Tim Horton stores all the time and it had never happened before I went to the same store. I didn't understand why Syed gave me a hard time that particular morning!? My husband then did the purchasing instead. I was very disappointed. At this time, a short fat woman whose age was about 50, who was working in the kitchen walked toward me, looked like she's concerning about my unhappiness. I told her that this didn't make any sense. Shockingly, she said:"Because you are sick!" to me. I didn't expect I would be thus treated by one of a co-workers in the store! (I would just like to describe her figures, because she didn't wear any name tag on her at that time. She was the short fat woman who looked was working in the back room.) I was very angry by the offensive action. I said to the short fat woman: "I beg your pardon!" "Can you say that again, aloud?" The short fat woman then walked back to me and said:"You shut up!" to me. I told her: "How dare you talk to your customer like this?" Syed then came along and said:"You get out of my store!" I asked him:"What did I do wrong?" He was immediately speechless.

    This experience was clearly very unpleasant! I would never compare Tim Horton with any other coffee shop, but as a customer I surely would give some expectations to the shops I choose. Cheap price doesn't mean cheap service or low quality. I believe Tim Horton would treasure its brand and try very hard not to ruin its reputations!

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  • Ge
      12th of Dec, 2010

    you ere being unreasonable. life goes oooon.

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  • Em
      12th of Dec, 2010

    gesserfan... didn't call this guy an ageist???? HUGE crime in a socialistic country... Surprised you didn't have him in front of the Crown Ageist Tribunal, to be lynched! How did this one get by you?

    And no, he is not being unreasonable. Capitolist companies often do what customers need... it's called customer service. vIt's how to get more and retain customers.

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